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OMEN by HP 27inch 1440p Display Monitor G-Sync 1MS 165hz $488 Delivered @ HP


I saw this in my Email saying its on sale and I was looking for some Monitors and this caught my eyes.
Don't think its $1400 monitor but a $488 for 165hz G-sync Monitor is good deal in my opinion.
Also don't forget the shopback 2.5% cashback~!

There are also OMEN Sequencer Keyboard for $100 to grab and some more but I don't find them to be of a good deal.


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  • +5

    Are HP monitors any more reliable than their computer counterparts?

    • As most monitor manufactures generally use very similar monitor panels as other manufactures especially gaming monitors with only minor differences in software and minor hardware components between different brands due to limited amount of panel manufacturers, HP's monitors should have similar level of reliability as other manufacturers. The only real difference is that HP has a garbage manufacture warranty on most of their monitors being only 1 year compared to the industry standard of 3 years so be prepared to have to argue with HP that their monitors should last 3 years or more under consumer law if you get a problem that happens after 1 year.

    • +8

      Last HP monitor I bought broke after 10 months… replaced under warranty… still working fine 12 years on.

      • bitter sweet

      • -1

        HP was a very different company 12+ years ago and the products being made were also pretty different.. so perhaps not comparable to the current company or product..

  • +11

    damn i was ready to dunk on its 1080p res but it is indeed 1440p. TN tho

    • +1

      There isn't anything wrong with 1080p. In fact its much easier to maintain higher fps.

      • +15

        Nothing wrong with 1080p, it's the perfect resolution for a 24" screen. When you step up to 27"+ 1080p is too low resolution and is blurry, not enough DPI for the panel size.

        • +1

          Do you know if 1440p native monitor scales down to 1080p well?

          I'd like to game in 1080 but then watch media in 1440.

        • Agreed. But I'd say PPI in that instance, DPI is for printed works.

  • +5

    I have a bad feeling about this..

    • +13

      … An omen?

      • +7


      • +2

        Is replying to your own comment ominous?

        • i think @Datascientist1 is crazy

    • +1

      I don't sense anything

    • +1

      Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

  • +29

    TN panel :/

    • +28

      Once you've tried IPS you can't go back to TN

      • -1

        I went back to TN for the response time and have never gone back to IPS

        • +13

          Might wanna go back to IPS since there's 1ms models now.

          • +8

            @Jenny Death: Ordered the LG GL850 from the deal a few days ago. IPS FTW!

            • +1

              @karankadam: Don't let any of these comments bother you. That monitor is amazing. I can't believe the difference it made for me when I upgraded.

          • -7

            @Jenny Death: TN is still better

          • @Jenny Death: LOL Might wanna check reviews and see that your are wrong before making such claims. In testing the monitors look terrible with heaps of errors and overshoot at even 2ms. In fact it's over 70% errors on the best ips around (LG gl850). Watch the review on Hardware unboxed and you'll see running this monitor at medium overdrive settings at around 4ms is best. What's the point in 1ms if you get a terrible looking picture with ghosting or overshoot? Even at max overdrive it is closer to 2ms than 1ms anyway. 1ms claims are just marketing BS on ips panels.
            Here I even linked it by time for you: https://youtu.be/T5Loh7vOcVM?t=279

          • +1

            @Jenny Death: Just gonna mention here that response time and refresh rate on monitors are two things and MEGASERVE probably confused the two. A IPS monitor with 60hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, for example, would mean that the monitor can only update/refresh every 16.7ms. Generally, low refresh rate means laggy images, and slow response time means blurry images.

          • @Jenny Death: 1ms peak, best panels are still 4ms g2g.

            Not that 4ms isnt also bloody amazing.

      • +1

        Then I shouldn't try ips yet then XD

      • Yup, I just sold my perfectly fine 4K TN 28" because I hated looking at it next to my IPS

        • People don't seem to understand that the only reason to get TN panels is their superior motion clarity for gaming, can't blame them tho with all the marketing bs

          • @abctoz: Yeah, it's good for that - but I stopped PC gaming and it was used then mainly for productivity.

            • @giventofly: yeh there is no reason to go tn for productivity ;)

  • So… Tempted… Especially in the current economy. Should wait for the LG price to become sensible though…

    • +3

      I know right! I've been on the lookout for a monitor for my wife for ages. I know she wouldn't notice the TN panel… but I would know… I would know. But that discount. Ugh.

  • omen = more like AMEN. never ever again, poor quality, no customer support.

    • That's generally HP all of HP Australia.

      • Nah, their server support is AMAZING.

        once had a replacement HDD to my data center before I was off the phone. Less than 5 minute delivery.
        Ol, he was driving past :p but the fact its even possible is impressive. Job makes it from callcentre to courier in under 5 Mins.

        • +1

          HP and HPE (the server side) are completely different companies now.

  • So not worth it?

    • +5

      From specs 165Hz, 1440p, G-Sync, TN for $488 I'd say it's still a deal.

  • $1399 RRP for a 27" QHD TN Panel?

    Bad Omen!

  • +1

    This is a really good price for a 27" 1440p display at 165hz, and it has G-Sync too!

  • Monitor is showing as $447.68 in checkout.

  • +3

    done, just paid $447.68

    not a IPS pannel, but this price is too tempting,

  • Why don't gamers like ultrawide? Discuss.

    • +3

      Not all games support it.
      eg. SC2 doesn't support it naively.

      • +1

        Dang that would mess with your zergling horde.

      • +1

        Basically Blizzard are the only games developer without ultrawide support in their games. They are whinging that it would be unfair to other players without ultrawide. Let's forget that some players are playing with entry level graphics cards that lag like hell while some people play at 144+ hz using a 2080ti which is arguably a way bigger advantage if your aim is smooth and consistent at high frame rate compared to choppy as hell at 30fps.

        • +1

          Only Blizzard? Do other games with a pro scene support widescreen?

          CS:GO, LoL, DotA2, etc? Being able to see more is definitely an advantage so if it does truly support it (black vertical bars don't count), then I'd imagine the pro scene has shifted all their gear to widescreens.

          Edit: quick google shows that CS:GO does indeed support it. Wow. And the Blizzard hate is real. No sympathy after their WC3 reforged money grab. https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/comments/94bkkv...

          • @quanticism: The ultrawide in games like CS:GO isn't as useful as you think. The edges of the screen are too far out of your eyeline for it to be useful. Stick to faster 16:9 panels for best CS:GO performance.

          • @quanticism: Ultrawide owner here. I've found almost all games released in the last few years support it well, and a lot of older ones too. Almost all of the few that don't natively support it can be coaxed into working with a few tweaks.

          • @quanticism: Dota does not, for the same reasons.

            Though there has always been a bug where people with 16x10 monitors see a little more than 16x9.

            Otherwise, equal.

        • In RTS, the advantage of ultrawide would actually be quite unfair whereas having a 2080ti with 144Hz screen won't (shouldn't) make any difference to your game.

          • @boretentsu: Agreed, a human can somewhat compensate for slow response, if you remember CRT days, not every pro cs player was in agreement over 800x600 100hz, a lot were happier at 1024x768 at 72hz.

            So long as the response is greater than 60hz, a human can at least somewhat learn to play around refresh lag.

            there's no way to play around "being blind " because the items physically are not on your screen at all.

    • People who have actually tried it, love it.

      IMO it's simply because of cost. UW price barrier for "gamer" specs (1440p, >100Hz) is still crazy expensive compared to a regular 27".

  • Pity it’s only 27 inch.

    • +9

      That. Is. What. She. Said.

    • +19

      Lol what r u on about

      • -3

        The monitor at $488 is not an attractive price for a gaming monitor dude?
        'RIP OFF' is an understatement! I was being nice lol.
        -5 votes? I see the sock puppets are coming out of the cracks like cockroaches (NSW)

        • πŸ˜‚ Man are you high or something.

          What is an attractive pricing for a gaming monitor then? This one is $447 post discount plus another $40 bucks post cashback. Some people may have offer from 28 degrees card which takes it down another $20. Personally I purchased this for $380 for what would have been a $1,400 monitor.

          You could argue $1,400 is a rip off and I actually agree with you but at $380 it sure is a bloody good deal haha..

          Also your whole sentence doesn't make sense you vented the rip off then provided some irrelevant info like the Ram and SSD hahaha

  • -1

    Only one year warranty for 1400 monitor?

    • +1

      One can easily go to ACCC and complain that a $1400 rrp monitor should not last one year.

  • +1

    Dont forget 2.5% cashback


    My bad, already mentioned, didnt read properly

  • FML just bought alienware 2720hf for 599

    seems this one has much better specs

    • +1

      Totally different monitors, the AW is 240hz at 1080p, this is 165hz at 1440p, depends how you want to game.

      I personally have an AW 240hz 1080p 24" monitor, love it and wouldn't trade it. But a lot of my friends game on 1440p 144hz.

      • I cant tell the difference between 240hz and 60hz refresh rate when I am playing LOL, so I guess its my problem?

        • +1

          LOL… is not a game you need high refresh rate for. That is is really for FPS and other games with fast moving objects.

          • +1

            @ATangk: 75+ helps in dota, makes names and health bars readable while scrollong.

            Dota is often faster than LoL I guess.

        • As ATangk said, LoL isn't a game where you need a high refresh rate. If you play those types of games you most likely don't need a 240hz monitor.

          If you play games like Fortnite, CoD, CS:GO, etc, then I'd recommend a high refresh rate.

          In saying that, 240hz is also over the top still, most people see a huge difference going from 60hz to 144hz but only a small difference going from 144hz to 240hz. I personally went from PS4 to building a PC for FPS games and just decided to go all out.

  • +1

    So from the comments if I want a second display for my MacBook Pro, I should be getting IPS screen with at least 75hz and around 27". Does such a monitor exist that's around $400 that people recommend?

    • +4

      Could give the Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD a look. IPS, WQHD, 27", 144hz and 95% DCI-P3 for the 400-500 mark.

      • I have one, it's awesome so I can back you up on that.

        I got it for $409 a couple months back but current prices look about $500.

        • Looks good. Is it good for gaming?

          • @sauce2k: Yep, it's excellent if you've got enough graphics card to back it up. Low input lag, very little ghosting, good refresh rate and great colors and viewing angles.

            Only drawback is the stand doesn't have height adjust but I've put mine on an arm anyway.

    • They can be suuuuper cheap, if youre OK with 1080p.

      If you want 1440p, and you don't game much, VA is also a panel type worth looking into.

      Better blacks than all, still above TN colours, and cheaper.

  • OOS

  • +1

    and its out of stock now,

  • Damn it OOS now

  • Had it in my cart, and it let me purchase it. Wonder if they will actually have one to send to me.

    • did you pay for it and did you receive an email with order number?

      • +1

        did the postman deliver it to your door?

      • Yeah paid and got an order number.

  • It had only got 1 stock

  • +2

    If people want to know the keyboard has no home key.

    • -1


      • +1

        The key on your keyboard that says home. Is not there.
        If you type a lot and want to jump line lengths of text, that would be brutal.

  • Trying to watch twitch has made me want to smash an omen device with a hammer and then throw it off a bridge!

    Haunts me in my dreams and now it's here too!

    Save me jebus

  • +1

    Refreshed the page and it was back in stock so I impulse purchased.
    Ordered it 447.68 with 9% cashback from ShopBack.
    Haven't used a TN panel but if I don't like it I guess I'll just sell and hop onto a IPS monitor.

    • Did you just order it? Still showing oos for me

      • Yep, ordered around 7:45.
        It went oos a couple times last night as well, probably have to check back once in a while.

  • It's back in stock!!!!
    [UPDATE] gone again. My suggestion, check daily.

  • Lol u know HP is bs even though out of stock the numbers of people purchased this keeps going up as per their website.

  • When Plasma monitors?

  • Back in stock now

  • k just got it :) cant call it impulse purchase when it was oss yesterday

  • +1

    Back in stock

  • +1

    Back in stock now… Bought 2 for $448 each through CEPP

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