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[Refurb] HP Prodesk 600 G3 Mini Desktop i5-7500T, 8GB RAM, 256GB NVMe, Wi-Fi+BT, Win10Pro, 3yr Warranty - $395.40 Delivered @ HP


Seems like a good deal on this HP refurbished unit, especially given the 3 year warranty

I found this while digging around for a low power always on plex server, with enough processing grunt to do some transcoding.

Hope it's a good fit for someone!

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    Code doesn't work for the SFF models :(

  • Can the ram be upgraded? If so, what’s the max?

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      Memory 8 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (1 x 8 GB)
      Memory Slots 2 SODIMM
      Standard memory note Transfer rates up to 2400 MT/s
      Memory and storage 8 GB memory
      256 GB SSD storage

      Suspect 32GB max.

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      up to 32 GB of DDR4 memory

      • +1

        Dont think it should be paired with more than 16GB for spec.

        SODIMM btw. Slightly more expansive than desktop rams.

        • +2

          I think less expansive, but more expensive

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    Excellent deal.

    Makes the used SFF ones redundant for every day use.

    • Are you saying these are better than the dell refurbs we see pop up? Looking for a replacement for my parents. Mostly web browsing / word processing

      • +10

        I would say yes, as long as no intention of adding a GPU for light gaming.

        The 3 years warranty is pretty much worth it alone.

        Major drawback on these is the limitation for upgrade/expansion. Just think of these as laptops without the screen.

        • Thanks for the insight. They wouldn’t be doing any gaming or adding upgrades. Would be an extra hundred on the refurb dells. Do these have wifi built in?

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            @Bargearse: Has wifi built-in - Wireless Intel® 8265 802.11ac (2x2) wireless with Bluetooth® M.2 combo card non-vPro™

            If they dont already have a monitor, look at the Grade A refurbs on eBay. This + a $100 24" IPS monitor will get you a solid system for $500.

            I would save the extra few hundred dollars. (well, it is almost 100% more than this). Share the link on which refurb dell you are referring to? Unless there is a good reason for the Dell, otherwise this will likely suffice.

      • +2

        Also these units have very good idle power consumption level compared to the SFF desktop boxes.

        • What's the idle power consumption for the 7500T?

  • Would these make decent media players?

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      Yes, but an Nvidia Shield will do the job better. The main advantage of this unit is if you wanted to use it for home server duties.

      • Can a Shield stream videos via VLC from a home server running Windows 10?

        • Seems like a very cumbersome way of doing it :s

          • @dheywood: Lol, I'm old fashioned and used a refurbished Dell Core 2 Quad running Win 7 all the way until this year. Used Windoes Explorer to browse media and play back via VLC.

        • +1

          But using Kodi is even better/nicer.

          • @C-Nut: I'll have a check if it's for me. Thanks.

        • Yes as others have stated, but Plex media server would be a better use. 7th Gen Intel and above can handle HEVC 10 bit 4K transcoded via Intel quick sync video support.

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    HP Prodesk 800 for less if anyone is interested. Smaller HDD.


    (mod edit: Out of stock)

    • That link is OOS

    • Link says OOS

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    Assume you cant get a dedicated graphics card in one of these and need to go the size up?

    • +5

      No pcie16x slot to support one.

  • Ok for photoshopping photographs? I don't assume I'm gonna make a million layers. Probably add a 8gb ram stick?

    • Prob CPU as the bottleneck. This is a quad core without hyperthreading. Might look at a used gen 4/6 intel i7… will work better than this.

      • Would you be able to pop a new CPU into this?

        • +3

          Unlikely. These things are closer to a laptop than a desktop. Even use SODIMM. Upgrade is a pain on SFF, imagine these will be a nightmare…

          Maybe others with first hand experience can comment.

        • +4

          Here are the dissasembly instructions for G3.


          The CPU is socketed like a regular desktop CPU, and isn't glued down or anything.

          Bear in mind - one of the reasons this has a "T" designated Intel chip as opposed to a regular variant is because it has a wimpier cooling solution compared to a regular ATX (tower) desktop, the lowered TDP of the Core i5 7500T means the chip doesn't produce as much heat as say, a i7-7700K.

          While you can (maybe) throw in a High end desktop (HEDT) CPU into this machine it's likely that it will thermal throttle sooner and more often than it was originally designed for.

          • @scrimshaw: It has a laptop cooling fan. Normal desktop CPU fans won't fit.

            • +2

              @keyboardwarrior: the CPU chip and the cooling fan are two seperate components.

              To replace a CPU, you simply unmount the existing chip from the socket, mount the new CPU in, and then put in the stock HP heatsink.

              • +1

                @scrimshaw: M… pretty daring move… but yes, you are right in that regard.

                Just had a look Intel's spec comparison, the non T version has double the TPD and the 7600k generates 3 times the heat.

          • +1

            @scrimshaw: Just for future reference, if anyone searches for this model, HP also has an official teardown video:

          • @scrimshaw: HEDT 7th Gen uses 2066 socket. It is not compatible.

        • bios might be locked and only support/recognize limited list of cpu models

          or limited by the 65/90w power adapter, as T model is low power desktop cpu line

        • +2

          Would you be able to pop a new CPU into this?

          Certainly, but you may have trouble finding the necessary Intel CPU removal replacement tool and Intel CPU staging tool. LOL. https://youtu.be/2_YlOkA-9yo?t=739

          Where can I buy those tools?

  • These are good little units, but if you want proper desktop computing power, you can build a 12-core Intel Xeon x99 based system with 16GB RAM for about the same money. Obviously it'll be the polar opposite in terms of power consumption and ease of setup :)

  • Requires a separately purchased ($46) power adapter?

    • lol. wtf… must be joke. disgrace on HP if they do that.

      • dunno, it comes under "accessories" for the unit.

        • +4

          Click on full specifications and it shows that it comes with a PSU. It's only if you want a second one for some reason.

          • @stephendt: yeah sorry my bad, under description of the power adapter it says "Keep an extra HP Desktop Mini adapter at the ready, or take it with you if you use your HP Desktop Mini on the go with the HP Desktop 90W Mini Power Supply Kit"

        • +1

          I think that's a replacement power supply - they also list a 90Watt version under accessories.

    • No. Don't be silly. Specs say "Power 65 W 89% efficient".

  • Not sure it has 3 year warranty - even though it says so in the ad. HP usually only have 12 months on their refurbs.

    • Think you’re right, Says 12mths when you click on the refurb info

      • +4

        I'd take a screen shot of that 3 year blurb in the Advert - might come in handy later.

        • +1

          Or pay $80 for a total of 4 years onsite. :) cheaper than extended warranties provided at TGG and the like.

  • Is this one here a good deal with the 40% off code?


    • Only a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti card so not realy a gaming machine.

      • yeh I just saw that. What disgrace from HP for that price really.

        • And only a 310W PSU so not even easily upgradable!

          • @Tee34: will likely use non standard connectors aswell

  • I doubt this is an NVMe drive, but a SATA m.2 instead

    • It does have a slot for it on the motherboard so I think it is a 256 GB PCIe NVMe TLC SSD as stated - the cheaper sold out version was only a m.2 Sata SSD. It also has a 2.5 drive bay I plan to put an SSD in and make a replacement TV streaming box for my kid.

  • +2

    Hackintoshable? Looking for a project.

    • Yes, but be prepared for a bit of work

  • +1

    thanks, bought one

  • +1

    Is this worth it? Or is there anything similar under $300?

    • If you’re happy with refurb and this form factor check out Lenovo’s Tiny desktops…


      I’ve been using a machine like this for about 5 years for office, web stuff etc. I upgraded the hard drive with an SSD and it’s been fantastic.

      Hope this helps.

  • where does it say 3 year warranty? can't see it

    • +1

      under "Technical details"

  • -3

    Hp? No thanks

    • they are better than dell

      • HPE even better.

        • yes yes, I recently bought a dell vostro and I regret buying it.

        • +1

          I don't think so. I manage a fleet of 450 computers and had bought Dell for 20 years. Last batch we went with HPE including desktop, all in one, laptops and SFF. HPE are garbage compared to Dell. Including poor case design making simple maintenance like swapping out HDD more difficult, issues with drivers and BIOS, issues with laptop docking and ethernet, issues with Microsoft SCCM image deployment and worse support including poor local supply of parts for newer models by HP. So I would not encourage anyone to buy HPE over Dell. Dell are significantly better in design, issues and support. For other poster Vostro isn't Dell enterprise grade.

          • @Thommo: Only 450? I manage tens of thousands nationwide! We've experienced none of those issues and have found warranty to be even better. HP/HPE have employees (not contractors) in some of the most remote places.

      • I’ll pretend you’ve never said that 😌

        • +1

          why? did u buy one too lol

    • It's a business grade unit, they're actually decent

      • they have overheating issues.

        • +1

          Vostro isn't business class. They are consumer grade product.
          ProBook/ProDesk/EliteBook etc are business grade.

          • @dheywood: Vostro is business class it states

  • +2

    Does it come with HDMI output?

    • +1

      No 2 display ports.

      • Is there a display port to HDMI adaptor?
        The sound can pass through to TV?

        • Yes if you get a DP to HDMI adapter that supports audio.

  • +1

    Tempting to upgrade the NUCs in my homelab to this.

    • good choice.

      • +1

        Why would this be better than a nuc?

  • +1

    Thank you OP!

    Picked one up for a Home Assistant setup.

  • +1

    Bought, thank you. Great little unit if you have no gaming requirement. I use a similar elitedesk G2 mini at work, space saving and no fan noise at all. Now I can have one at home connect to work server.

  • Is this good for general computing/office use - word processing/web?

    • Yep, perfect for that.

  • Are they good as NAS?

    • +2

      I don't think there is no enough space for the S.

    • I was thinking the same thing but it only has it's own small storage drive and 1x 2.5 inch drive bay, so not much space for more drives as a NAS.

  • Is this coupon eligible for cashback?

    • try, you might get it or not, but this price is Okay enough, if there's no refund.

  • +1

    Ah a spot of late night shopping, don't mind if I do

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