PEUGEOT 508 GT Fastback @ $56,990 Driveaway (RRP $62,414) and 508 GT Sportswagon $56,990 Driveaway (RRP $64,514)


Terms and Conditions Apply

Offers available at participating PEUGEOT dealers and excludes demonstrator models, fleet, government and rental buyers. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. PEUGEOT Australia reserves the right to change, supersede or extend these offers at its discretion. 1. Drive away prices available on new PEUGEOT 508 GT Fastback and Sportwagon models, sold between 1 August 2020 and 30 September 2020 and delivered by 30 September 2020. Excludes metallic paint, which is an optional extra at additional cost. 2. 5-year warranty on all new PEUGEOT passenger vehicles. Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Visit 3. 5-year roadside assist on all new PEUGEOT vehicles. Visit

Key Specifications

165kW engine with 8 speed automatic
Nappa leather seats with driver and passenger massage
Focal 10 speaker stereo with dedicated sub woofer and amplifier
Electric tailgate opening with gesture control
Full LED headlights and tail lights with unlock animation
Adaptive suspension
Adaptive Cruise Control with Highway Positioning Assist (offers a level of autonomy when driving)
Frameless doors – to lower the roofline
10” HD centre screen with Apple CarPlay + Android Auto connectivity
Peugeot’s latest 4th generation i-Cockpit® interior philosophy with full digital instrument cluster.
Wireless charging underneath elevated centre console
5 Year unlimited km warranty
5 Year roadside assistance

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  • Anyone from Westpac? Care to comment?

  • Will be worth max $15k once the warranty ends.

    • More like $3k! Parts for French cars are notoriously expensive.

      • And they notoriously need them replaced often.

        • Just this week, I sold 10 sets of valve covers for Peugeot/Citroen. We are not talking gaskets, but actual covers because they are notorious for cracking!

        • “Notoriety wasn't as good as fame, but was heaps better than obscurity.” what's your experience with the brand? what do you drive? I drive a Peugeot and I report no issues.

          • @sim36: Mechanic for 10 years. Currently drive a Forester. My experience says don’t buy a euro of any sort, French made is at the hard end of don’t do it.
            They bought into Nissan a few years ago so might have improved, but like Ford and Mazda just because they’re designed the same the difference in quality of manufacturing is light years apart.
            I wouldnt buy anything but Japanese or Korean brands and I tell everyone I know the same.

            • @Roger Ramjet: I'm telling everyone I know Peugeot is ok , just because I have ownership experience - oh Renault too and fords and holdens and mazdas and austin and mercedes and audi's and blah blah. Owned so many cars. Serviced so many cars - tip for new players - service your cars.

              • @sim36: Meh, I’ve seen the nightmares and the other side where cars just work and last and people don’t need to sink money into them and so share my experiences too.

                Do what you want with my advice and downvote away, my only want is to save people the misery of thinking they’re buying this amazing car only to find it’s a bucket which sucks them dry.

  • Nice car. Just like Alfa, won't sell until the the resell market for this particular brand fixes itself.

    Def not a deal. Dealers been flogging these at min 10% off RRP.

    2019 for $46k with room for negotiation.

  • Hi OP, not to offend you, just wondering how is this compared to hatchback Commodore? Thanks

    • I haven't looked at Commodore as an option to be honest. I like the styling of the new Peugeot 508 and I personally believe it's the best looking sedan in the market at the moment. The interior looks very much upmarket. One of the issue I could find is the steering wheel size. It's smaller than the regular sized steering wheels that you see in other cars. Regarding the resale, I believe it's pretty much true as to what others say. You wont get much.

      • Thanks OP, I like a bigger steering wheel, all modern cars seem to have smaller size steering wheels.

      • Small steering wheel is fabulous, spend some time behind the wheel and you will realise the benefits.

        • Also stuff-all room in the back seat. I wanted one of these really bad but the kids looked at me like I was nuts. Wouldn't have been able to handle their constant complaining if I'd bought one.

      • I can't wait to buy one of the new 508 wagons in a few years.

        Those things are absolutely gorgeous

    • superior build quality, much nicer interior and interior materials/workmanship. Better engine. Pug looks better but that's my opinion - and I like the Commodore hatch. I've test driven both, the Commodore I drove was a diesel and we quite impressive - nice body style let down by an average interior..

  • Cheers OP got 3

  • Getting a bit late in the day: Drive away prices available on new PEUGEOT 508 GT Fastback and Sportwagon models, sold between 1 August 2020 and 30 September 2020 and delivered by 30 September 2020.

  • There's currently 18 on Carsales for less than this so-called bargain.

  • i30n, cerato gt or veloster n would be better options than this

    • Fine cars, but boring, with no flair and low rent (and often claustrophobic) interiors and inferior engineering. Peugeot is the oldest car manufacturer in the world, they know how to make a good car. Peugeot's are also very reliable (1st place for reliability in the UK in 2019), more so than Korean.

    • 508 isn't a small car, it's rivals would be the Stinger, Commodore etc. New Veloster is hideous inside, just thought I'd mention it and it's a small 3 door hatchback, not a family size sedan.
      508 is has a great cabin, well built and drives very well. I don't own one as is out of my budget, but I'd certainly like one…

      • Ahh fe I just saw the power output on them and if that's a sedan size I would say it's dam underpowered

        • Try a test drive, they get to 110 kmph no problems. If you wish to race between traffic lights then it probably isn't for you. I've driven one and it was quiet, refined and comfortable. I care not if someone gets to the next set of traffic lights 5 seconds before me.

    • You could almost squeeze a Stinger in at this price point…

  • I must admit, these do look good. Saw a black wagon recently and if defiantly has the wow factor (maybe due to not many on the road).

    • Yep, agree. Really nice looking car. However, like sooo many cars (Hyundai Genesis anyone) I just don't know who would buy one….? I remember reading that we are one of the most competitive markets for cars, with wayyyyy more brands available compared to other countries of a similar size. Resale, reliability and service/repair costs are just such a key factor that we really have two price points for this size car - 25-40k for a Japanese or korean car, or 60-80 for a german. Everything else just doesn't really add up, no matter how cool they look/well specd they may be

  • Please don't waste your money on this car. It will be worth 15K in 4 years, at most.
    Unfortunately they just aren't made for Australian conditions. source: I used to work for CGU insurance and we did the extended warranty claims on all makes/models. Stay away from Peugot, Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler/jeep. They are all literally junk.

    • however, most of 50k cars will be ended up at around 15k price after 5 yrs. you can see in

      • except this thing will be lucky to get your 15K.
        I've seen 5 year old Citroen's with full service history, no problems ,$48K brand new, trade in value $4 to 5K.

        Don't go through the pain.

    • What would you lean with? I like the look of VWs but unfortunately I feel I should be boring and get a Toyota or something.

      • A Peugeot is a much better choice over VW.. you don't have to be boring and buy a Toyota, you need to stop listening to idiots who've never owned one and instead go for a test drive and do your own research. Motoring journalists and owners praise Peugeot's.

        • As someone who worked on these cars for a living… you don’t know what you’re talking about. Being a journo thrashing one of these for a weekend (let’s not mention the conflict of interest in paid advertising) and long term owning one of these cars are two very different things.

          • @Roger Ramjet: Mate, I own one, and my family have had many French cars in the past. Look after them, and they will serve you well. Are you a French car specialist, or just some generalist mechanic? CURRENT Peugeot's are built to a very high standard, with a very solid fit and finish. They use Japanese Aisin transmissions exactly the same as you would find in Toyota. The engine bay is well laid out and simple enough to work on, and there are plenty of guides online. Problems with Peugeot's occur when you take it to generalist mechanics who don't have a clue what they are doing. It is critical that the correct spec oil is used and that you do not miss a service. Either service it yourself or take to a French specialist and you will have many years of reliable motoring.

            • @nubzy: Lol alright mate.

            • @nubzy: Peugeot have been using the aisin transmission for over a decade now. Their engines grace many car brands - same parts bins. These are new cars and carry the engineering level of new cars. Most workshops worth their salt can service modern Peugeots. Standard consumable parts are available at repco just like for any major car brand and at similar price points.

        • lol cmon man. A Peugot is 'a much better choice than a VW'? hahaha get your hand off it please.
          I've worked for CGU insurance and looked after dozens of dealership's around Australia that sell Swann extended warranties for literally every make and model, including these shitboxes. And that what they are -shitboxes, for the most part. They literally melt in the Australian sun. Getting parts is a nightmare because no one owns them in Australia so you get hosed too. You might get lucky and have no problems, but the chances are that you will. And that's why their resale value sucks.

          If you like burning money however, go ahead, keep buying them. Good luck to you.

          • @Maxofdad: I agree. I had a few Peugeots and Alfas in the past. Shit cars that had serious QC problems. Parts break which you would never in a million years think will break on these cars, not to mention the electrical gremlims. Even my Jaguars broke down slightly less often although they are shit too.

            • @clubhonda: "Parts break which you would never in a million years think will break on these cars, not to mention the electrical gremlims." sounds like all the cars I've owned. Fords.Mazda.Holden etc etc.

              • @sim36: @sim36 That's tough. I heard the non-rotary Mazda's are pretty reliable. I was looking at getting a Mazda6 for a while too. What sort of problems did you have with the Mazda?

      • Mazda 6?

    • So from your experience what brands would you best recommend for Australian conditions?

    • Agree to disagree. Alfa Gulia QV, 4C, anything with a Busso, c'mon, you can't say they are not a nice car. If your answer is no, then you are not a car person and just see the car as an a-b facilitator.

      • Well there is more to owning a car like this or an Alfa than just having a nice car… like paying for the servicing, repairs and depreciation.

    • Stay away from French cars, there shit and by far the ugliest cars on the road

    • Absolute rubbish. Peugeot's are perfectly suited to Australian conditions and always have been, any true car enthusiast knows this. And you are grossly exaggerating the depreciation.

  • Beautiful car and would have bought one until I sat in the back. The roofline drops so low I couldn't keep my head straight in the back seat. No go as my (tall) 14 year old will have the same problem. Same issue with that 5008 SUV they sell. No sale!

    • So many cars are like this. Test drove a Focus hatch and found this in the back seat (at 180cm). I was disheartened as it drove really nice.

  • Bought a 3008 almost 2 years ago, why? because I really liked it after driving it on a Europe trip. I had been planning a Toyota or maybe a Honda, but both felt plastically, cheap, and lacking in features after the 3008. Its a great car and I have not a complaint about it other than lack of wireless airplay. I would love the 508 and have hardly seen any in the wild. I used to hate Peugeot and would have stuck my nose up in the past but these new gen are innovative and stylish inside and out. I agree there may be a lack of resale value and therefore not so much of a deal. Again you can always bargain with the dealer for better prices on a demo. But in regards to the car, I would argue these new Peugeots make Audi/BMW look a little backwards and are well worth a test drive.

    • Yes, so much senseless hate for Peugeot. I just retired a 308 touring after 11 years and 300000km of being absolutely trashed and thrashed - needed only a few minor maintenance issues to keep it running well but decided to turn it in because of new needs requiring an upsize. I've spoken to many Peugeot (and Citroen) owners in the last 10 years and most have been super happy. The past is long gone - people realise this with Japanese and Korean cars but don't want to do the same about French cars.

  • my uncle is an auto electrician
    stay away from french cars, they haven't got a clue how to make them
    and they are a pain to service

  • lol @ the discount. aim for new car sales is to get 10-15% off the driveaway prices which these deals aren''t

  • I know it's such a trivial thing but the Peugeot logo is so pox. If they rebranded and renamed, a bit like how Volvo turned itself into a slick luxury car, they might fare better. But I see that shitty (profanity) lion thing and just associate it with every god awful fugly looking French car I've seen in the last 30 odd years.

  • 2.0L EXPERT turbo diesel van SWB on offer too, $39,990 drive away (save nearly 4k) and 3 years free servicing

  • Would be a better van than an iLoad or Chinese LDV

    • Not better than iload. Two sliding doors, choice of barn or liftback, rear windows, strong 2.5L diesel in auto option. Far more compelling than the expert for a work vehicle.