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PEUGEOT 508 GT Fastback @ $56,990 Driveaway (RRP $62,414) and 508 GT Sportswagon $56,990 Driveaway (RRP $64,514)


Terms and Conditions Apply

Offers available at participating PEUGEOT dealers and excludes demonstrator models, fleet, government and rental buyers. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. PEUGEOT Australia reserves the right to change, supersede or extend these offers at its discretion. 1. Drive away prices available on new PEUGEOT 508 GT Fastback and Sportwagon models, sold between 1 August 2020 and 30 September 2020 and delivered by 30 September 2020. Excludes metallic paint, which is an optional extra at additional cost. 2. 5-year warranty on all new PEUGEOT passenger vehicles. Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Visit peugeot.com.au/aftersales-services/warranty. 3. 5-year roadside assist on all new PEUGEOT vehicles. Visit peugeot.com.au/aftersales-services/roadside-assist.

Key Specifications

165kW engine with 8 speed automatic
Nappa leather seats with driver and passenger massage
Focal 10 speaker stereo with dedicated sub woofer and amplifier
Electric tailgate opening with gesture control
Full LED headlights and tail lights with unlock animation
Adaptive suspension
Adaptive Cruise Control with Highway Positioning Assist (offers a level of autonomy when driving)
Frameless doors – to lower the roofline
10” HD centre screen with Apple CarPlay + Android Auto connectivity
Peugeot’s latest 4th generation i-Cockpit® interior philosophy with full digital instrument cluster.
Wireless charging underneath elevated centre console
5 Year unlimited km warranty
5 Year roadside assistance

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  • At 165kW it seems slightly underpowered for such a large car, doesn't it? Thoughts?

    • Dunno - my 165kw Skoda Superb went pretty well for a big car

    • It only weighs 1400 kg. Power to weight 118kw/t. Almost the same as a VF SV6. No one considers those to be underpowered.

  • Had a Peugeot 306 GTI in the 00s. It was a great car to drive when the electrics weren't failing. The amount of times I took it to get fixed wasn't worth it. Only Peugeot worth buying are the ones made by Mitsubishi like the 3008 and 4008.

  • Not a bargain!

    Generally, car deals here aren't a great idea as IRL they always have sales and some times misleading - i.e. RRP is 70,000, street price drive away is $62,000.

    In this fantastic once in a year sale it's drive away for only $62,000!

    • I agree it is not a great deal, but anything to raise awareness for these great cars is a good thing. Negotiate and you can get a very attractive deal I am sure. I will be buying one in another year or two after depreciation has taken its toll.

  • As other said will be worthless in 4 years. At that price so many far superior options for less.

    Want a luxury sedan get a Kia Stinger for that money, 275kw, 7 year warranty. Will hold its value much better as well.

    • Agree… fastest way to turn a $45k purchase into a $15k disaster in a few years time. Depreciation on these vehicles alone make them a very poor buy. The fact that they are knocking almost 20% off is telling you something. How would you feel buying one of these a few months ago at near RRP? I would be pissed.

  • Meh pos for resell. Much like skoda, citreon etc.

    Only euro car that has half decent resell is VW, Mercedes and BMW as these are the brands people associate with Euros mostly.

    Buy if you enjoy but don’t Complain when you’re offered $10K on a trade in when warranty ends.

  • My Mrs 308 is falling to bits already, just 4 years old

    Headliner glue wearing off, electrical for the windows replaced twice already, on the third windshield washer pump and pretty sure the gearbox is ready to blow since its skipping gears during shift.

  • Would love the wagon, but cannot accept the crazy depreciation of French cars

  • Why would anyone want to buy these cars given the build quality and resale value?

    • Build quality is top notch.. resale is poor with all Euro's. People buy the cars because they like them.. duh..

  • Used to have a 2012 Peugeot 508. After 4 years, it gets so much issues that I'm bleeding money to fix. Windows regulators die one by one every 6 months till 4 of them replaced and it costs 1k to replace. French parts take forever to ships and you have to deal with hassles. Each service costs 400 bucks which not a big issue but every single time, it adds up more cause something else got issu especially transmission and electronics. In 2020, it leaked diesel and I sold it off to junk yard for 2k. There's that. 50k car became 2k junk in 8 years.

    • not directly the same but i've had honda toyota nissan suvs of the same age


      i do get people who do buy VW and others who buy french and have no issues but the outlyers…

  • Fun Fact: 6 of the top 10 cars sold in Europe were French brands (From PSA/Renault)

    • France is the China in Europe.

      It’s like MG in AU.

      Man the amount of people driving around in the new MGs makes my cry… if only people realized it’s not the English brand but cheap Chinese crap.

  • Steep prices for a crap car. They had to outsource the transmission because they suck at making them. All you did is make the yaris GT look good.

    • thing is the resale on a yaris gt will be insane and nothing will break on it

      the reality is you're better off betting on a japanese or korean suv of about the same price

      sure it wont have the designer cred of the psa cars but it'll have resale and reliability

      think about this.. a $50k+ car with a turbo 1.6 FOUR


  • Nothing to contribute here except - Zombie Lion!

  • Mechanics and panel beaters highly recommend not to get Peugeot as repairs
    And parts are expensive and difficult to get them.

    • Parts are readily available these days and easily obtained from France within 2 weeks if need be. They really aren't much more expensive than any other brand. Most are actually stocked locally. You can wait for weeks for parts for a Japanese car as well. Honestly you don't want to deal with panel beaters at all, the whole process is a nightmare if you like your car and want it back to OEM standard. You really need an independent assessor to help manage the process.