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50% off BedStory Memory Foam Mattresses: SB $110, DB $165, QB $215 + Freight @ BedStory via Amazon


50%off BedStory memory foam mattress from $110 @Amazon w/code ZU4FKVZV

Single: $110.00 was $219.99
Double: $165.00 was $329.99
Queen: $215.00 was $429.99

Single: $120.00 was $239.99
Double: $165.00 was $329.99
Queen: $200.00 was $399.99"

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  • my bed could tell a few stories….

  • Arrives: 16 - 23 Nov

    Not a bad price but that's a long time to be waiting.

    • They're likely taking a zero risk approach: Not ordering the mattress from the manufacturer until after you order it and pay for it.
      Dropshipping FTW.

    • +1 vote

      YMMV - I've recently bought the queen size mattress from the previous deal, took ~2 weeks for delivery to regional NSW,

      Ships from Melbourne via Toll.

      The mattress itself only took a few hours to inflate however we left it a full 24 hours before using it, no issues so far!

      • Fair enough though it'd give me a bit more confidence if that was stated on the product page.

      • so its an inflatable bed?

        • Think they mean "decompress" from the packed state

          • @The Hobo: Correct, the mattress comes vacuum-packed in a box. Once you cut the plastic vacuum packing bag around the mattress, air rushes in and it will begin to fill out to a normal looking mattress.

      • Could you share a review please? In particular, does it get very warm under a doona?

        • +1 vote

          Haven't used it overnight personally as it's for the spare bedroom. Initial thoughts are (31cm version); very comfortable when lying down, you do sink into it a bit being memory foam - a little bit more noticeable towards the edges but nothing to complain about.

  • aggggg, bough it from the last deal, should've waited :((

    • any good? how long did it take to arrive?

      • I got the 31 cm without lavender. I would say that it is medium firmness, can sleep hot if you wear a jacket to bed. I think it's perfect for side sleeper like me.
        Quite comfy but my mattress at both ends (just the very last bits near the edges) doesn't puff up , so if you put things at the end it might slip off the bed.
        I got my order after 5 days.

  • I bought it last month from Amazon when it was for $175 (after 50%) + $20 delivery. It got delivered in 2 weeks in Melbourne by Toll.

    Mattress feels good so far.

  • Wonder if this is good for a camper

  • Thanks ordered one

  • Anyone found (or completed) a review of the Lavender Memory Foam Mattress vs Gel Memory Foam Mattress vs Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress with Pocket Coil.

    Since Ebay ZZZ Atelier deals appear to be a thing of the past, I'm interested in trying a BedStory mattress, but can't decide between the models, not find how they rank in terms of fairness. Other comments seem to suggest they're all on the soft side and get softer over time, which leads me towards a medium/firm option.



  • +2 votes

    Not knowing about these mattresses, this post made me look up some reviews and now interested in one myself.

    Without taking away this great deal, I came across the Bedstory website and seems like cheaper from their AU website: https://au.bedstory.com/mattresses

    BedStory 31cm Lavender Memory foam Queen Mattress works out to A$202.50, free delivery, "includes taxes", PayPal (gives me some peace of mind for payment protection).

    Edit: promocode - FINALSALE