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STM 10000mAh Portable Power Bank w/ Wireless Charging $29.95 (Was $79.95) @ JB Hi-Fi


Received email from JB Hi Fi.

This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for instore* & online transactions until 11:59PM AEST 4th October 2020, offer cannot be extended. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer. Coupon valid for a STM 10K Portable Power Bank w/ Wireless Charging (608891). Offer while stocks last. Excludes delivery charges. $50 off^ will be calculated from the current ticket price. Offer can be redeemed instore or online by visiting www.jbhifi.com.au, adding the specified product to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code number in the box provided at checkout. *Valid only for online transactions for Victorian customers.

Note: Works Australia wide but is intended for Victorian customers only.

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  • Those suction cups really suck though!

  • It's only $32 odd at other stores so not sure if it was overpriced to begin with.

  • Anyone know wireless charging rating? Could be ok as a slightly more expensive wireless charger

    • I don't know about this one but I had the Aldi one and now Kogan one - it gets hot when used to wirelessly charge device for extended periods. So occasional wireless charging is ok but if you plan to keep it overnight, then it may get hot (this is for my Kogan one - hope this STM is better).

  • Looks like a soap holder

  • Borderline trypophobia inducing.

  • It's better to have a simple power bank.

  • Is this a good power bank in general for the price (given I don't require the wireless charging)? Or am I better off finding something without the wireless charging that's better bang for buck?

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      If you don't use wireless charging you can get something like this instead

      • Awesome, thanks heaps! So basically double the capacity for around the same price?

        • Yeah exactly. It's just about choosing a good quality one, the one linked above seemed pretty popular and had good reviews. If you plan to get a phone with wireless charging later though, this is pretty useful. You just stick your phone on it and use it as normal. This powerbank for this price is pretty good I think, not great.

          • @bkhm: Sweet as, cheers! I literally just got a Pixel 4a, which notably doesn't have wireless charging, so I'm in no rush for that feature anyway.

              • @bkhm: Hi again, sorry to pester but I'm clueless and you seem to know what you're talking about haha. Would you recommend these chargers? And if yes, is there a particular model that stands out? Assuming it's mostly based on the capacity you require… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570859

                • @bdo207: Nah no worries, I would not say I'm anywhere near an expert but they seem like a decent brand. The 30,000mah is really bulky and probably not very practical to carry around unless you're using it to charge laptops as well but even then, 18W for laptop is pretty slow. The main difference between the 20,000mah ones is quick charge but it says Note:not support S9, S10 fast charge.
                  If it's just for backup then the 10,000mah ones look really portable and you can still get 2-3 phone charges.

                  • @bkhm: Cheers! Yeh I was leaning towards the 20k one due to the bulkiness anyway. I just got a Pixel 4a so not sure if the fast charge will work on not but for an extra 4 bucks I'll willing to give it a shot. Thanks again :)

                    • @bdo207: It should, looking at the output it matches the pixel charger and it doesn't exclude it in the description. Enjoy!

    • I think kogan are Chinese junk merchants, so believe me if I recommend something. I've got two of the below, and they're bloody amazing.


  • Not sure what's this trend about with batteries with wireless charging. You waste 20%-50% of the stored power in charging inefficiency when you charge wireless. Might as well get a smaller battery, and charge wired.

    • I guess if you don't have/lose the cable? But yeah a bank with a little slot to store a cable would be much better!

      • They already sell them - ridiculously cheap at officeworks. Ask anyone there about a device called "rubber band". It's compatible with nearly all power banks

    • On top of it, prolonged wireless charging heats up battery on the phone…..and in this case on the charger itself. Heat is enemy No.1 to Lithium based batteries and reduces their lifetime. I prefer shorter wired charges than the longer Wireless charging. I have a Samsung Qi charger.

    • Not sure what's this trend about with batteries with wireless charging.

      It's convenient if you have to use your phone intermittently (replying to messages, etc) while charging. Just pick it up, use it, and put it back down. No need to worry about plugging/unplugging that short cable constantly and wearing either the cable or the phone port out prematurely, or having to carry a long cable around.

      You waste 20%-50% of the stored power in charging inefficiency when you charge wireless.

      Just remember to keep the coils aligned for the best efficiency.

      Might as well get a smaller battery, and charge wired.

      The dangly cable is still there though. In some use cases, I think convenience trumps power efficiency. It's the same reason why so many people are buying Bluetooth headphones. It "wastes" all its power compared to wired headphones, but in return you don't get wires running around. It's more convenient, so people are willing to put up with the wasted power.

      • Honestly, if you spend your day trying to "carefully align" your phone to that wireless battery so the battery doesn't run out of power, the freedom to do it is yours - enjoy

        • It sounds like you haven't used a wireless charger before. It's really not difficult. After a few tries you do it automatically without thinking.

  • My email said nothing about being intended for Victoria only.
    Quote from the email: “Simply present the Exclusive Coupon below at any store in Australia or buy online by visiting jbhifi.com.au…”

  • This is only for the suckers..

  • Interesting. iphone users will need to carry another type-C cable to charge this battery.. unless iphone 12 uses type-C …

  • Review from this site.

    If you’re charging a phone via wired charging off the powerbank, you’ll get a full charge in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the wireless charger is rather slow and needed a good four hours to fully charge a Galaxy Note9 on top of feeling somewhat warm afterwards. Charging the powerbank itself when it ran completely dry took a good five or so hours.

    Model No.: stm-931-2172-01
    Battery Capacity:10000mAh 15Wh
    Type-C In:5V=3A
    Type-C Out:5V=2.4A
    Micro In:5V=2A
    Output:USB1/U582 Total 5V 2.1A
    Wireless Charger Output:5V-12A

  • and its gone.. page removed and the one that was in the cart shows item as removed when trying to checkout

    update: page sometimes comes back up showing in store only but most attempts shows 404 page

  • Parramatta Westfield has got 8 of these in-stock.

  • Is this good to charge Airpods Pro and Galaxy Watch?

  • Not OOS, just placed order.

    • I am still getting 404 via link and my cart which has it in there with the promotion applied keeps going to a inventory issues page (which keeps on showing "loading").. when i go to checkout , and when i go to cart it stated is i no longer available for delivery, buy in store or click and collect.. so not sure how you got around that (well done)

    • Did you buy all 8!!

  • mine was a dud. Anyone else have issues with these?