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Lian Li PC-O11D XL ROG Edition White or Black Full Tower RGB, Tempered Glass - $316.29 Delivered @ PB Tech


I've been keeping an eye on this case for a while, this is the lowest price I've seen.

Black Version
Silver Version - still in stock
Also decent price for other O11D
PC-O11 Dynamic White - $207.41 delivered
PC-O11 Dynamic Black - $207.41 delivered
PC-O11 Dynamic Razer Edition - $270.99 delivered
PC-O11 Dynamic PCMR Edition - $270.99 delivered

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    • +65 votes

      Only if you're pronouncing it "lie and lie" instead of Lian Li.

      • yeah that's how I say it, don't get why I am getting downvoted but may seem like I am bagging the company but I am not, actually looking to buy one of their cases for a near future build. Really looking for their desk PC cases to go down in price.
        Their cases look so good compared to most others out on the market

        • Should have put trigger warning first. People are very sensitive around here to well… everything.

        • Their cases look so good compared to most others out on the market

          that's because they have been making cases for a while already (estb 1983). There's a level of expectation of quality and design already IMO. I would be surprised that their cases are not good looking, if not already decent construction.

        • Yep. I built my own PCs in my 20s and 30s. The best one had a brushed aluminium Lian Li case. They've been around a while now and are very good. (I've got older, started a family and just buy prebuilt now as I lack the time.)

          • @Morven: same, i've spent a huge part of my youth building them (not just as a job), i still build them after having a family though. It's just the intervals between each build are getting longer (from yearly to >5 years now) so i struggle to keep up on the 'new tech' each time i come around to researching my new build. instead of prebuilt, i got laptops instead, i figured they are less expensive (downtime and accident insurance) to replace when kids break them or it got obsolete.

            i'd probably get my 7 yr old interested in building his own mini ITX. since i already have all the spare parts already.

            but this lian li casing, is something else, i spied the PCMR edition of midi case … what a beaut

        • Their cases DID go down in price. They are literally half what they used to be.

  • I paid 200 for the non ROG ATX one. Best case I have ever owned. Still haven't done it justice in the build.

  • anyone familiar with tempered glass on cases, are they easy to shatter? or as a clumsy person, i should go acrylic?

    • +23 votes

      what do you do with your case? self defence?

      • i have kids. :/
        it didn't have to be in self defense, although it would be good if the case is able to defend itself from flying hot wheels, for example.

        • Hmmm. That'll be a problem. Put it on a desk or something. Its not sturdy but just like any other tempered glass. it'll explode when enough force is placed on it.

          • @LennyT: noted. my current 'shelf' flexes quite a bit so I probably should get the new build a proper desk/platform to sit it on. it's a very good point, so i should be aware on any possible flexing of the case (eg uneven weight distribution on feet) can cause explody glass.

            • @slowmo: Always recommend to put it on your workstation if you have the space. helps a lot with airflow and dust as well (pet hair if you have pets) and able to showcase your build. I'm assuming people want to if you would get a case that is clear. otherwise, just go with acrylic or a sturdier case and tuck it away.

              • @LennyT: thanks. that's where i'll have to 'extend' my workstation space, as the entire desk that i have is already taken up by a 3 x 24" setup. I'll have to figure out the cable management part (both inside case and outside), that's probably my weakest skill in everything PC.

              • @LennyT: I don't know, dog hair seems to get everywhere somehow, I used a can of compressed air on my keyboard last week and the amount of dog hair in there was insane, and they aren't even anywhere close to it (unless it's my hair?).

        • Automotive clear protective film.

          • @Richardc: how could i've missed this comment?! You just gave me a very good idea! I could apply a type of film on it that could also double as a protection that shards don't break inwards (and outwards if i cover both sides) and get into everything!

      • Kick it when GAME OVER

    • I bought a Fractal Meshify C case with a tempered glass panel a few weeks ago, and the side panel actually arrived shattered. However, the replacement has been going good. I don't think you need to be insanely careful with them.

      • out of curiousity, can you PM/dm me the seller or was it direct with the manufacturer ?

      • built my mate's PC with that case too and it came smashed too. Mwave replaced our panel within a few days no questions asked which was nice.

        • PC Byte offered to send me a replacement panel too, but stupidly I pulled my PC apart before opening the box and seeing the broken panel. So I just went and grabbed another case the next morning so I didn't have to build my PC back into my old case, just to put it back together once the replacement came.

          They were happy to refund the case once they received it back, which worked for me.

    • Depends how often you plan on throwing it across the room.

      If >= 1 time, maybe go acrylic.

    • No issues here using mainstream cases with TG.

      Have been using the PC-011 for the past ~year without issues. Excellent airflow.

    • I have this case and it seems like the glass is pretty sturdy. You'd have to hit it with something quite hard, and at the right angle to do any damage.

      Thoroughly recommend it if you like to put your PC innards on display.

    • I've had 2 tempered glass windows shatter while being delivered to me. One from Scorptec and one from PCCasegear. They both replaced the side panel without any questions asked, which makes me think this is a very very common thing

      • Rough handling of postage is very common, I wouldn't say the windows are particularly fragile.

  • Pair it with EK water cooling and you can get it looking like this!


  • Great looking case. I'm a big fan of Lian Li's designs and only recently retired a 20+ year old PC-60 and have their moving train case unopened waiting for a worthy APU system.

  • Ships in November!

    • I guess it's out of stock, I put a order half an hour ago, my estimated shipping date was 02/10

  • Why does PB Tech feel like their prices are a lot higher than other places?

  • Damn that's a sexy case - if there's one brand I know is good quality it's Lian Li

  • Does it have a slot for a DVD drive, or are they pretty much a thing of the past now? I can't see one looking at the page.

    • They're a thing of the past. You can get usb-DVD drives for about $40, or cheaper on aliexpress. Bluray drives too. Plug it in like an external hdd.

  • Just bought normal o11 dynamic case (white) for $249 delivered.
    Can't wait! moving from Corsair 280x

  • Awesome case. Got the white a few months back. Running custom water cooling loop with it.

    • I didn't down vote you and assume this is a legit question - the people who are buying this sort of case are probably putting $2000+ worth of hardware inside. Playing games on a console doesn't even begin to compare with what high end pc gaming has to offer.

  • Is PB Tech good with shipping and returns? Never heard of them before tbh

  • I really want the mini!

    • The mini looks absolutely great. I'd buy one if I didn't have a new standard size power supply

  • I know nothing about these cases. The pictures don't show where the PSU goes, is it around the back or integrated into the case?