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5m Wi-Fi LED Music Strip Lights $25.49 (Lightening Deal Price) Delivered @ JESLED via Amazon AU


This is the Lightening Deal Price promotion on Amazon, only 20 left, it will end soon ! ! !

【Intelligent Voice Strip Lights】JESLED LED strip lights are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, then you can free your hands to control lights by voice. After starting the conversation to turn your lights on or off, set the color, adjust the brightness.[ONLY SUPPORT 2.4GHz WiFi]
【RF Remote & APP Control】 This LED lights with remote can be controlled by 44 keys remote and smart APP. There are 16 millions of colors for your choice through the APP "Tuya Smart" to create romance, relaxation, party ambiance, festival atmosphere for your home. You can control the smart LED light strip just at your fingertips.
【Music Sync】Our LED strip lights sync to music, when you use the music synchronization function in “Tuya Smart” APP, it will sync with any music coming out of phone speaker or any other speakers in the room and dance along with the beats of music (or hands claps). Providing a perfect atmosphere for Christmas, Halloween.
【Easy to Install & DIY】JESLED color changing led strip lights come with a 2-in-1 adapter(Australia Standard) that includes power supply and controller which makes it easier to install. You can also cut the LED lights for bedroom decorations signs by every 5 LEDs with the cut marks. Besides, you can DIY the strip with the attached clips & gapless solderless connectors.
【Quality Guarantee】JESLED offers 24/7 after-sale support, 60 days full refund policy, and 18 months hassle-free warranty. Please directly contact us if you meet any issue.

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  • What's the IP rating? Can the led strip part be used outdoors?

  • Does this have the built in mic for music sync? Or only through the app on the phone?

    • Hi, through the app on the phone, it will be easy to set. And if you have any issue in connecting with the app, please refer to the service email on the Manual, and the service team will make it right for you. Thank you !

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      Hi, through the app on the phone, it will be easy to set. And if you have any issue in connecting with the app, please refer to the service email on the Manual, and the service team will make it right for you. Thank you !

  • Interested in outdoor waterproof version as well, if can be extended to 10m - that would be great too.

  • so can you use this with google? to say turn on lights etc?

  • Need wifi 10m :(

  • any chance this will come back up? seem to have just missed it while i was checking out… :(

  • Hi are these pre cut? If not, do these come with the connectors for when you cut them to install it neatly behind a 65inch TV? Thank you.

  • already expired….

  • Ordered one yesterday and got it delivered today, for the price, I'm quite impressed by its output and functionality. I have been looking into getting a similar light strip from Kmart(which would have cost about double of this) to match some smart bulbs scarttered across the home(both Kmart and LifX brands).

    Colours on this strip are suprisingly vivid and can get quite bright, could quite easily provide good ambient lighting for an average sized room(I put them under our bed for more subdued lighting effect). The 'white' output isn't as cool of a colour temp as I've seen in other led lights without a dedicated white LED so that's a pleasant suprise(still wouldn't buy it for functional lighting purposes).

    Connects up to my existing Tuya groups and app and can quite easily control via Google Home, the included remote, while works for basic functions, feels super cheap and hardly worth using if you can access via a home voice assistance.

    Would consider buying another at this price for use around the kitchen/living room but will wait and see the longevity of the LEDs.

    • Thanks for the review. Hows the music sync with the inbuilt mic?

      • There is no inbuilt mic on the lights- it uses the mic on your phone so you'll need to have your phone open and app running in that mode for it to work.

        As for the sync itself, it works but it's delayed by about a second or two and from my few mins playing around with it, I couldn't see an option to have it beat using just one colour-it cycles through each colour once every beat, not something I could see myself using personally.