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$30 off iMac, MacBook Pro/Air, iPad/Air | Apple 16" MacBook Pro 2019 i9 1TB Silver (MVVM2X/A) $3799 + Shipping (Free CC) @Umart


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Apple 16in MacBook Pro 2019 - 2.3GHz 9th Gen Intel i9 1TB - Silver (MVVM2X/A) - $3799 With Coupon
Apple 13in MacBook Pro 2020 - 2.0GHz 10th Gen Intel i5 1TB - Space Grey (MWP52X/A) - $2939 With Coupon
Apple MUQX2X/A 7.9in iPad Mini Wi-Fi 64GB Silver - $559 With Coupon
Apple iMac 21.5 inch 2.3GHZ DUAL CORE Intel i5 / 8GB 1TB Graphics 640 (MMQA2X/A)/ Magic Mouse 2 / Magic KeyB - $1469 With Coupon
Apple 21.5in iMac 2019 - Retina 4K 3.0GHz Six Core Intel i5 1TB (MRT42X/A) - $1969 With Coupon

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    Been thrilled with my 16-inch MBP, a significant improvement over the 15-inch it replaced. It’s a little thing, but the speakers are amazing for a laptop.

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      I know this is an old question, but I've had my 15-inch MBP for ages and now am thinking about getting a new model: is it annoying not having the old style USB ports? And HDMI?

      I mean, even if it is annoying, I'll probably still go the MBP—what else am I going to do? But just wanted to get a sense of what it's like with those ports

      • +1

        I’ve been on the current MBPs for four years and the USB-C thing just isn’t an issue for me anymore.

        At the start I bought a bunch of USB-C adaptors for a bunch of my cables, and still have most of them, though most of my cords are now USB-C.

        • +1

          Awesome, thank you.

      • +1

        Being 2020 you should start switching everything over to USB C.
        You can pick up a 2x USB to USB C pretty cheap. ( About $11 )
        HDMI to USB C are about $15
        I've also seen 32gb USB flash drives going for $11
        If you're not moving around that much then picking up a dock will provide you with all the necessary ports.

        The only device I have to use an adapter for is just my barcode scanner.

  • Is there a new one coming out soon?

    • Are you talking about the ARM version?

      • Like an intel refresh.

        • +2

          While that would be great, the "leakers" have noted that the next upgrade will be ARM processors and that is likely next year (most likely midyear). I was planning to wait but then realised the ARM processors will have some limitations also and I don't want to be a guinea pig for a new system (software/hardware) until all the bugs are worked out.

          • @soupratt: Yeah same here. I'd rather stick with Intel for the time being, regardless of whatever claims are being made about the new ARM processors.

            • @KangaDrew: Also there will be no bootcamp on the arm processor machine as there is no arm windows OS. I use ms Visio and so use bootcamp. As you said the first arm model will be a testing ground for Apple. Better to hold off. Apple have perfected the intel mbp model. Did they have a speed increase in the model earlier this year?

  • +3

    You still might be able to price match with Officeworks as I did. Got the 1Tb unit for $3695. Price match for $3799 is close to $3600

  • -1

    16 GB RAM (soldered on) == No Deal!

    • Should be fine for the most people for the next 5 years or more, esp. SSD in it is lighting fast (so any potential swap operations won't be freezing your machine).

      • -1

        Respectfully disagree. Swapping is no fun even with an SSD.
        Also, do many people buy laptops this expensive on a 5 year cycle?

        • +1

          Hard to say, I've had 2 second-hand MBPs over the last 11 years. Their total age is almost 20 now.

        • Is there any real need for 32GB of RAM? I had a quick look around and soldered on seems to be the status quo.

          • +2

            @solidice: Soldered on is definitely not the status quo. Also, it depends on use. Either way, users should have the choice of upgrading their own equipment if they want to.

          • +1

            @solidice: Software developers would love 32GB of RAM. There are plenty good Windows laptop with upgradeable RAM which I would definitely go for if I did not need a Macbook for cross-platform development.

    • +1

      What do you do with your Mac where it chokes with 16GB Ram?

  • +2

    Only $30 off? Really?

    • +2

      further $30 off

    • +2

      Nothing says bargain like a sub-1% discount

  • MacRumours says "Don't Buy" the MacBook Pro 16… so I won't.


  • +1

    might be careful buying from them. Tryna solve my PSU issue and if its hard trying for somethinng thats $100 ish imagine 1k+

  • MBP 16 is a good machine, very solid. Hell even LTT gave it a good review. I use it every day for mobile dev work and it's really solid. Moved from the previous 15inch (i7) to the 16(i9) mostly because of the keyboard upgrade and I have not regretted it.

  • -1

    Just traded my car in for it

  • +1

    OW will price-beat the published price of $3829, not including the coupon code - as per their T&C’s. Brings it down to $3637.55.

  • Just got my confirmation for Officework's price beat, total price $3,637.55!

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