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Instant Pot Duo SV $159.99 Delivered @ Costco Website (Membership Required)


Instant Pot, one of America's most loved kitchen appliance, is now available in Australia! The Instant Pot SV is a 5.7 litre, one-touch, 9-in-1 multi-use pressure cooker (functions include: pressure cooker, sauté pan, steamer, slow cooker, rice/grain cooker, food warmer, yogurt maker and Sous Vide). It's 5.7 litre pot size is perfect for potluck parties, meal preps or when cooking for a family of up to six people. The Instant Pot is designed to retain healthy nutrients and food flavours, while halving your cooking time. The complete package comes with a Getting Started Guide, User Manual, condensation collector and accessories (steam rack, soup ladle, rice paddle, measuring cup and an additional silicone ring).

Also available in-store.

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  • Come on amazon

  • Are these that good? I'm tossing up whether to buy one to replace the slow-cooker. Any recommendations on recipe websites?

    • We got one recently (a month or so ago), and my wife joined a bunch of Instant Pot facebook groups for tips/recipes.

    • Way better than a slow cooker (it also has a slow cooker function).

      By increasing the pressure it changes the boiling point of liquids inside and allows you to cook things in an insanely quick time. Unlike a slow cooker you loose little to no liquid content meaning all of the flavour remains in the dish, not being lost to steam etc. leaving the vessle.

      For recipes, you can just tack on 'instant pot' or 'pressure cooker' to any of your normal cuisines and you'll find a bunch of good sites.

      Plus look up double boiler methods for doing oats, cakes, etc. You can also do jams, yoghurt.

      • It's not way better than a slow cooker, unless you get the glass lid for the instant pot, it doesn't slow cook very well. It's an amazing machine, but if you want to slow cook properly, get the glass lid

        $19 slow cooker from Kmart works really well

        As for their pressure cookers, they get good reviews, but I like my instant pots stainless steel pot and it gets hot enough to brown food.

        • The Instantpot is great for making soups, stews etc. I bought the glass lid and I use it when making Yogurt. I’m a tad impatient so I haven’t tried it in slow mode yet. The real issue I have is getting the smell out of the Instantpot, particularly, the rubber ring but I’ve found using vinegar, bicarbonate and then pressurising seems to help. I also put the rubber ring in the dishwasher to clean it off.

        • My old school stove top Fissler pressure cooker beats the slow cooker any day. My slow cooker has been shelved for years.

        • For any shortcomings it has in specifically slow cooking it makes up in spades in every other department, rather than the unitasker that a slow cooker is.

    • instant pot the actual company have a facebook group and the group has 2.8 MILLION members. That should tell you that if you have any questions they are going to be answered pretty quick. You can use the search function and there is a wealth of information. I also suggest watching some getting started youtube clips https://www.facebook.com/groups/InstantPotCommunity I love mine. I got an 8 quart from Amazon.

  • This or duo nova?

  • But if your store in within 5k range, you can combine $15 voucher and set up auto renew and get $10 voucher, then use it with this purchase.

  • I suggest people try making risotto in these, much easier than the traditional method and comes out pretty good if you get the arborio rice / liquid (stock) ratio correct

  • I have one and it's great (especially at the price point). I was tossing up getting the Breville Fast Slow Pro but this is half the price.

    The only draw back is that the silicone seal tends to absorb the smells of the food, so would recommend to give that a thorough clean before each use (it is removable).

    • Yep pretty much it's only "flaw". Can't really do much except maybe buy extra silicon rings and use some of them for certain things only. Cleaning is a must, but doesn't get out the smell unfortunately.

      • Yea different colour rings for different types of food

      • You can lessen it with vinegar and bicarbonate with pressurising, then put the ring in the dishwasher; but, yeah, you can’t get it out completely. However, I’ve yet to see any detectable taint of the food being cooked even if the ring is a tad woofy. Having additional rings does give you the option of using one for smelly and one for mild.

    • shouldn't it be a thorough clean after each use?

  • This is an incredible price point. I just bought one of these last week for $220 from Kitchen Warehouse (as I particularly wanted the Instant Pot brand) and had given up on Costco getting more stock in (sigh).

    Edit - Silicone seals/rings are cheaply available on ali express. I am not using mine for curries until until my extra silicone ring comes. I also ordered a cheap steamer basket from ali express too.

    • I agree this is a good deal especially having the SV component which mine doesn't. I don;t know if this model has the automatic sealing and safe venting of the duo nova or not because I would want that.

    • Do you have links for the seals and steamer basket that you’d recommend?

      • I just searched "instant pot seal" and "instant pot steamer" basket on a ali express and just picked ones with good reviews and a good price. No idea if the ones I picked are any good yet (LOL).

    • Can you please share some links?

  • :-( gave up the membership and Mrs says we need this