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Samsung CRG90 49" Dual QHD 120hz $1699 + Free Delivery @ Samsung EPP Stores (Government Portal)


Shout out to my govie gamer bretheren,

To give proper credit, this was brought to my attention by @Polandball on 20/07 but there was no stock available. Since then I have been madly refreshing the page and its finally in stock again!

Display Specs:

Active Display Size (HxV) (mm): 1193.472(H)*335.664(V)
Adobe RGB Coverage: 92%(Typ.)
Aspect Ratio: 32:9
Brightness (Min): 600cd/m2
Brightness (Typical): 600cd/m2
Color Gamut (DCI Coverage): 0.95
Color Gamut (NTSC 1976): 88%(Typ.)
Color Support: 1.07B
Contrast Ratio Static: 3,000:1(Typ)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega DCR
Flat / Curved: Curved
HDR(High Dynamic Range): Yes
Panel Type: VA
Peak Brightness (Typical): 1000cd/m2cd/㎡
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
Resolution: 5,120 x 1,440
Response Time: 4(GTG)
Screen Curvature: 1800R
Screen Size (Class): 49
Screen Size (cm): 123.9
Screen Size (Inch): 48.8
sRGB Coverage: 125%(Typ.)
Viewing Angle (H/V): 178°(H)/178°(V)

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  • Thanks O.P, just bought 1.

    Edit: Coincidentally, does anyone know of a good divorce lawyer?

  • The thing that put me off was the response time and no built in KVM.

    Ended up with the 49" AOC. Another perk was the AOC had a remote control, so changing inputs/modes is super easy to do.

    In saying that though - this thing is great and has pretty solid reviews.

    It's rarely in-stock on Samsung so get it while it's hot!

  • wonder if they have Samsung Odyssey G9 49" available @ EPP store?

  • Any offers on 32 inch 4k model? Could you please check the price of it?

  • Excellent screen, unbelievable quality.

  • damn it doesn't have usb c

  • Using the same screen, highly recommend been great for productivity and gaming just need a new graphics card to get the most out of it now.

    Keep in mind if you can't access this BS Samsung EPP club (yes salty af) , JB and Office works sell this for $1999 so discounted gift cards can be an option to reduce the retail price..

    • If you PM me we could maybe work out a way I could order one for you?
      [edit] nvm, you already have one xD

    • Does it report in windows as 2 separate screens to manage, or just as one screen?

      I'm really curious because if it's 2 screen than really easy to snap 4 windows on Win10 and have a game + something else on the other half, but if one it could be bit of a PITA (that and it feels hard enough sometimes for some games not having UW suport let alone UUW!)

  • I bought this through the EPP for "work purposes" absolutely love it could never go back to dual 27" monitors :D


    Isn't the Dell 49" IPS version better suited for professional work if you have no intention for gaming ?

    • Yes LG and Dell are IPS panels which are traditionally favoured by designers/content creators but there's a mix of people doing both from reviews/reddit. Chances are if you need colour critical accuracy you are not considering these style monitors though.

      The only downside about the Dell is there was a deal earlier this year/late last year that let people pick one up for like $1200 makes it hard to consider buying it for much more than that >.<

    • Productivity-wise I have a U4919DW. I would never consider it for gaming, but I would never consider my gaming monitor for productivity work. Something about the Dell enterprise range that is just so crisp and vibrant. I guess that's why they call it "UltraSharp".

  • What's a 'govie'?

    • Maybe it should be spelt 'Govvie' (Government Employee). I thought people would get it but maybe only people in Brisbane use the term :D

      • From Brisbane and I don't get it lmao

        • Yeah I would say “Guvvie”.

          And it isn’t just a brisbane thing. For example, there a still a lot of Guvvie housing in Canberra from the Whitlam expansion. Cheap three bedroom brick homes full of asbestos that came with an absolutely awesome and never to be repeated mortgage. People would do anything rather than pay it off.

        • Lol. Have worked in government since jesus was a kid and have never heard that term.

      • Down 'ere in Victoria we's call it the gummint!

        But seriously that's the first time I've ever heard this term.

        I never thought OzBargain would be where I came to learn <3

  • It's a really good monitor but costs a hell lot of money too… 🤘

  • Upgraded from the original ASUS PG348Q 100hz IPS 34", Absolutely love it.

    HDR is a big fat meh though….. seems to wash it out instantly.

  • Bought one from the EPP store for the same price about 2 months ago and it took a week and a bit to get delivered.

    Not sure if its something specific to this model but mine would "time-out" during boot as the BIOS screen appears on another monitor and the Samsung wont wake up until a power cycle.

    Otherwise no complaint, this has been the best thing I've bought for WFH purposes

  • i really need this for fs2020 but need to fork out $1200 over my existing 34” 144hz…


  • Any other monitor sub 49" good quality monitor with built in kvm? I think without KVM it defeats the purpose for working from home.

    • Can you please explain this to me? Is this to have multiple inputs displayed on the one screen? Like have a Nintendo Swtich and PC plugged into the monitor and having split screen?

      • No, this is to have one keyboard and mouse connected and switch between whichever displays you work on.

        • I have a UGreen switcher from Amazon which works a treat. Yes it's a little bit of clutter but works flawlessly.

    • I've got a cheapie USB 2.0 hub switch costs 10 bucks hooked up to mine… Works a treat :)

  • Which I was able to grab one. I have been looking at the G9 but would rather save $1k

  • Waiting for g9

  • Hmm. Showing $1,899.05 on Education portal. :-(

    Ahh, easy - just log into the Gov portal instead. Great to have access to both! :-)

  • Snapped one up, too. Thanks OP. This'll be fantastic for MSFS 2020 - now just need to track down a new RTX 3080 to drive it…

  • Even cheaper at Bing Lee today