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[Humm] Hisense 50S8 50" UHD TV $695 ($595 after Cashback), GoPro HERO9 Black $599 ($499 after Cashback) @ Bing Lee (Instore)



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  • Don't know, 50" is bit too small for my living room.

  • Hisense (and TCL) are Chinese state owned enterprises.

    Not saying that it's not a deal or anything, just something people might want to consider.

    • I'll risk getting negged too and suggest that is something that people might want to consider. It's a little different to something like ByteDance (TikTok) or DJI which are just Chinese companies. In this case, you're actually paying money directly to the Chinese government. They are doing shitty things to Tibetans and Uighurs right now as well as building a huge military capability. Korean and Japanese companies aren't doing that. I'm a bit conflicted because the Q8 series looks really good (not the S8 in this bargain)…

      • Yeah I think some people would prefer to just stick their heads in the sand and just get the best price or product with little care or thought for how or who manufactured it.

        I was pretty keen on a TCL until I read about this, but will happily pay a couple hundred more to buy from a private enterprise without ongoing human rights issues.. Of course there is no perfect company out there but the point is you can do better than buying from the CCP.

      • Come here for deals not for political feeds.

      • Muricans are doing the same / have done similar stuff, so why aren't you complaining about American companies? The USA have military bases in foreign lands including in Japan, Middle-Eastern countries, etc. Did you forget about the killing of Native-Americans, Guantanamo Bay, mass surveillance too?

        • The comments posted here relate to a product made by the Chinese government - a State Owned Enterprise, not just a Chinese company - and whether giving money directly to that government is something that people might want to consider when making a purchasing decision. What the US government does is completely irrelevant to this discussion. The main competitors to Hisense in the TV market are Japanese and South Korean companies - not owned by those governments - so discussion of those companies is relevant. Which part of this is confusing you?

          • @dazweeja: Nothing is confusing me or should I say your conveniently inconsistent statements are confusing me? Just find it ridiculously hypocritical to see American cronies acting like saints and picking on any country (apparently China is the current trend) these days as if their country has never done anything just as shitty in the past. It's also very careless to say that American companies are not working with the US government whatsoever. At some levels US government agencies still have control over private American companies (government laws exist in the US just like they exist in Australia as we can see very clearly these days) and are also benefitting from them. Is the US government's (Trump's) ban on Huawei not benefitting / completely irrelevant to American companies?

            It's not completely irrelevant or are you saying the US government has absolutely zero influence and control over every private American company? Who owns the US military and government agencies? Who enforces the laws in the USA? Are the US government and the US citizens completely separate 'entities'? I don't think so, it's a democratic country isn't it? So the US government is not completely irrelevant. You also stated the bad things CCP are doing so I mentioned the bad things US government have done to make it less hypocritical. I'm not worried about your so-called CCP's 'huge' military capability because I know the US military, (intelligence) agencies and allies are much more advanced and powerful.

            • @El Psy Kongroo:

              conveniently inconsistent statements

              Not inconsistent. I'm not talking about the US government or companies at all. I'm only discussing entities relevant to this product.

              ridiculously hypocritical to see American cronies

              I have ventured no opinion on the US government so there is no basis for implying that I'm a crony or that I'm not also critical of the US.

              apparently China is the current trend

              This product is made by a Chinse SEO which is why it's being discussed here. Nothing to do with trends.

              It's also very careless to say that American companies are not working with the US government whatsoever.

              No-one said nor implied that. In fact, no-one besides yourself has ventured any opinions of the US government, either complimentary or critical.

              It's not completely irrelevant or are you saying the US government has absolutely zero influence and control over every private American company?

              I'm not saying anything about the influence of the US government. It's irrelevant because this deal has nothing whatsoever to do with the US. It's not a US product, US companies are not competitors in this market and what the US government has or has not done is completely irrelevant. Your inability to grasp this simple fact is quite breathtaking.

              • @dazweeja: You keep going on about 'relevance', I just find the hypocrisies this world is built on mind-boggling. War victors and their partners-in-crime get to act like saints, point fingers and judge other countries (Vietnam, Iraq, now China) even though they did just as horrible things or worse in the past. They'll probably try to rewrite history or brainwash if they can too.

                • @El Psy Kongroo:

                  You keep going on about 'relevance'

                  Let's assume that you are correct and the US is as bad as China, or even much worse.

                  Does that mean that we buy a Hisense instead of a Samsung, Sony or LG TV?

                  What are the consequences of your money going directly to the Chinese government in comparison to going to a Japanese or South Korean private company?

                  How does the actions of the US government affect whether someone chooses to buy this TV or not?

  • Is refresh rate 50hz?

    I see only motion rate 100, which I think is market gimmick to trick consumers.