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JBL Arena 180 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Pair for $799 Delivered @ Digital Cinema


Decent price and same but black colour listed for $1799 at other store in eBay

Key Features

Signature JBL loudspeaker performance
Understated, contemporary look and feel
An audio powerhouse at an affordable price
Just one part of an even more powerful system
Inspired by JBL’s legendary M2 Master Reference Monitor

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Digital Cinema

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    RMS power?

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      Probably the most pointless of all speaker measurements, but the specs say 225W.

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        laughs in PMPO


        I disgree to your assessment of "pointless". 225W looks like the peak power not RMS.


          How do you measure root mean square of a speaker?


            @9839002: You don't measure RMS of a speaker, you measure RMS of the signal driving the speaker, while the speaker is able to successfully dissipate the power (mostly heat, also a tiny bit of audio energy). Measure RMS of the that signal is pretty easy (though speakers are reactive, not purely resistive, so you're measuring both the voltage and the current of the signal), but of course depends on lots of factors (eg is the signal a pure sinewave, at what frequency, white or pink noise, "music" etc). Anyway, JBL has not specified anything for these speakers.


              @pcolby78: Exactly my point.
              Quick google indicates these have a Max input of 225w.
              not that it even matters. You're more likely to damage a speaker by over driving a weak amp into clipping and cooking the voice coil.


      JBL doesn't specify RMS power for these speakers, they only recommend pairing with an amplifier rated between 20 and 225W - which is pretty meaningless, of course.


    Perfect match for Xbox Series X/S


    Makes you wonder what the cost to produce


    88db is a pretty low sensitivity, you're going to need a pretty serious amplifier to run this.