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Google Pixel 4 128GB/6GB SD855 (Clearly White / Just Black / Oh So Orange (64GB)) $699 + Delivery (Free C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Down from $1099. Seems like a pretty decent deal. Officeworks has them on clearance for $999 and Hardly Normal has them for $1099. Comes with 2 Years local warranty

Clearly White
Just Black
Oh So Orange 64GB only

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    Pixel 5 launching in few hours…

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      29 hours to be precise

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    Isn't 4a cheaper?

    • Im bloody confused which one to buy.

      • Im bloody confused which one to buy.

        I will go for 4a although only 734G processor but review so far very positive.

        • Got my 4a the other day. Great phone battery lasts all day with about 30-40% spare at bedtime including using for work calls etc.

          If you downgraded like me from a flagship you will notice the weight and cheaper feeling but I'll get over it eventually.

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    Not worth it, given the shoddy battery life.

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    NO wideview camera !!! What were Google thinking, Only perves care about the zoom

    NO SD card and tiny 2800mAh battery for $700?

    No way Jose

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    Thanks for posting this deal!

  • Orange is only 64Gb, not 128Gb

    • Cheers for that. Have updates

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    My "opinion" on the subjects.

    The Google Pixel 5 won't be like the Pixel 4.
    The Pixel 5 will be made to be a well balanced software phone, going in a completely different direction of it's successor, without standing out in anything besides Google's software.

    When it comes to the Google Pixel 4, the phone is definitely usable with it's small battery, but you won't be able to keep those appealing display elements turned up to the cap, unique gestures or having your phone's sensors enhance your overall experience, that is if you need your phone to last a day without charge.

    The memory won't be a problem as your phone regularly syncs and sometimes sends data to your Google Drive, which has unlimited space for video and photos if you don't mind uploading those pictures in mid quality, as opposed to high. Medium quality is still much higher than Facebook or Snapchats automatic compression.

    If you drive a car when you travel, or don't mind carrying a powerbank or battery case when you're on foot, the battery won't be a problem at all, and you'll be able to utilize the device to its potential.

    If you're worried about not having enough space, and the Google drive isn't your thing, well, I've never used one, but don't type c usbs allow you to move data back and fourth from your device? Solves that problem.

    A micro sd card would be nice, but users would probably have to get high-end micro sd cards to record without being held back, and they'd still potentially get a buffer after every video so Google's software can do it's thing to each and every video.

    Happy to have an open discussion on this, I just don't think people should avoid this phone if they've had their eye on it for it's unique features because a few people weren't able to fit the battery into their accustomed lifestyle.

    Apologies in advance for the potential grammar and sentence structure issues, I've stopped and started writing this message a few times whilst on my phone.

    Message sent from my Pixel 4.

    • The Pixel 5 will be made to be a well balanced software phone, going in a completely different direction of it's successor


      • Different direction, as in, they don't plan to improve on any of their new features but plan to remove them to be able to make the phone cheaper. The dual camera is remaining a dual camera but swapping the zoom lens for a wide-angle one.

        Quite a bit of the hardware itself is getting a downgrade just so they can release the phone at a more consumer-friendly price.

        The 4 XL is going for $700 quite a bit on the Facebook markets due to the new one coming out, but the 4's hardware will remain to be the best of the line-up for some time.

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      I wouldn't touch the phone again and would not recommend it over the 4a if your for some reason need a pixel over the many other phones. The battery life is the worst of any phone I've owned on the last 5 years at least. It kills apps in the background all the time, constantly reloading apps. You telling people to carry a charger and power bank is crazy, especially for a phone at this price. Your whole post is trying to rationalise all of the crippling features of this phone.
      Message sent from my S10e I bought at launch for $720 just over a year ago.

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        I'm guessing you didn't modify your settings from the beginning to work with battery life? You can't expect to have a feature-full device running for a long time if you're going out without something to bring it back up.

        Also, I said "powerbank or battery case", battery case wouldn't be inconvenient at all. Also, I'd like to think people who are on foot without any form of carrying device wouldn't be dumb enough to bring their Romoss with them and pick out a bank that is smaller than the phone itself.

        Rationlize? I don't think you know what that word means sir. I was giving realistic solutions which may or may not suit another individual's current arrangements. You not recommending the phone purely based on a single reason makes you narrow-minded.

        I couldn't have cared less for this phone when I first got it, and infact it p*ssed me off that some of the digital and physical buttons were completely back to front. Now, I love this phone, and that was even after turning some of the features off (after briefly enjoying them).

        I think you need to read my prior message again you obviously missed two key sentences.

        • I turned off soli gestures as they were terrible. That's mostly all I did. I'm not going to turn other things off as I use them. I paid a lot of money for the flagship phone, would be stupid to turn stuff off.

          A powerbank or battery case goes against the whole purchase of the pixel 4, I got it as it was small. If I was going to carry around powerbanks and cases I would have bought a bigger phone.

          Realistic solutions for you for a severely compromised phone. In no way should you recommend it though. Not enough space, not enough storage, but more products to deal with the limitations.

          Read your messages, it's what I replied to.

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      my better half is on pixel 4 and i took the hand me down pixel 3xl (which seems to be ok with battery/power use). i habitually charge the 3xl at work and on the road even though it's not necessary. if i had the 4 and needed to charge that often, i feel it's a piss poor workaround to a problem that should've been dealt with by google engineers before releasing to market.

      beaut phones aside from that

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    Holy f*** that's a long message, I probably would have saved myself 30 minutes if I had just walk ten metres over to the keyboard.

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    Moving from Samsung to pixel for my next device as long as the battery isn't shit.

    • Wait for the 5, although will probably be a downgrade.

  • Hearing there is no 5XL only pixel 5

  • Really good 4a review here for those that want to compare with the 4.


  • Google are now doing what apple did, not the latest and greatest but stable specs with great software updates. Actually Google might be doing Apple better than Apple cause it better value for money, at least if the $999.00 AUD price tag is correct for the Pixel 5.

    • I hope its $999
      and if it came with the buds, im sold. otherwise might consider S20 FE 5G

      • I'm going S20 FE 5g with buds ;-)

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      Honestly I don't feel like $999 is very good value considering the specs. You're saving $100-$200 over what the previous flagship cost for a slower processor and practically the same camera. It's unfortunate that the Pixel 4 had so many issues like the battery life, and that in some regards the 5 will actually be an upgrade over the 4. When I heard Google were going back to a better value proposition and downgrading the processor I was expecting something more around the $800 mark.

      • In countries where they bundle preorder with Bose QC 35 II then if you sell the Bose you get close to $800 for Pixel 5. Unfortunately we got a tad lower RRP but no bonus. IMO they should have bundle the new Pixel Buds with preorder.