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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild The Complete Official Guide Expanded Ed - $16.98 + $3.90 Delivery @ Amazon US via AU


Retails for around $55 AUD, so this is a great price. 512 pages and hardback. First post, so if I've forgotten anything please comment.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Nice, I've got all the shrines, but basically bought to flick through & maybe hang the map in my nerd den.

    I'm an adult.

  • I get the collectors thing. But there's a companion app that you can download that would be 100x easier to use as a guide

  • Is this the same size and weight as the collectors one?

    • Hardcover : 512 pages
      ISBN-10 : 1911015494
      ISBN-13 : 978-1911015499
      Product Dimensions : 21 x 3.7 x 28 cm
      Publisher : Piggyback (21 February 2018)
      Language: : English

      • Smaller format but more pages.
        The one I have (original Deluxe one) was

        Format Hardback | 384 pages
        ISBN10 1911015249
        ISBN13 9781911015246
        Dimensions 288 x 380 x 32mm | 390g
        Publication date 11 Apr 2017
        Language English
        Publisher Piggyback

        • The other difference to the original Deluxe Edition is this version of the guide also expanded with guides for the DLC.

    • ds dude beat me !

  • Nice. Something for the Zelda collector who hasn't yet got everything.

  • Cheers, OP. Added it to my Zelda collection.

  • Thanks OP! Good excuse to pick up the game again to finish all the side quests

  • interesting… if you go to the Amazon US store its $50 AUD plus shipping.

    • I had something in my watchlist from Amazon US which I was looking at and it had the guide in the "What other items do customers buy after viewing this item" section of the page for $16.98. I also noticed that it doesn't come up at that price when you search for it.

    • Must be different item - if I search on Amazon AU I can find two guides with different ISBN which looks very similar. The second on is $64 AUD - must be the one you are finding via Amazon US.

  • Thanks OP, this compliment my BotW limited edition box

  • Thanks - Grabbed one! Great coffee table art book for me.

  • The official guide book rrrt

  • I read the entire book here


    No need to buy. Money saved!

  • Didn't need it but I bought it! It'll make a cool coffee table book… Now I just need a good deal on a coffee table! Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing op! My friend will like this as a bday gift.

  • I see the words "zelda" "official" and "great price" I buy

  • thanks for sharing! bought a copy

  • cool. I can't have too many shrines left, but this looks like a nice book for the shelf.

  • Do these have any collectors value?

  • I made the mistake of start over the game, i think this will be usefull to complete all over again

  • Is the concept art in this book also in the "Creating a Champion" artbook?

  • It’s coming up as $7.90 delivery for me?

  • Had no idea I was going to buy this book when I woke up today. The joys of OzBargain. Thanks OP

  • Awesome, couldn't resist!

  • Ordered :)

  • WOW, amazing!! Thanks!!!

  • Cheers Bretwalda and Amazon. Booyah!!!

  • $4.07 per 100 sheets, in case anyone is wondering.

  • Time to find all the yahaha korok seeds

  • Thanks for this - It will go nicely with my new switch on pre-order. I lowered the delivery price by about $3 as I can wait a bit longer -> the true ozbargainer way.

  • Maybe this will finally make me finish the game I have on my Wii U lol.

  • Bought it…though I have not started my Zelda game yet…still finishing The Witcher and Mario odyssey!

  • This is my most impulse buy ever.

  • Careful! Price has gone up about $1.30 - tread carefully if you’re yet to purchase! ;)

  • Damnit, looks like it’s out of stock now.

    Lol, I swear I check ozbargain regularly and it’ll be tools or takeaway food I don’t need, but the times I don’t check it’s stuff like this that I’d buy.

  • Got this 2 weeks ago at $24.75 shipped when price was starting to drop. Did a live chat with Amazon CSO a few days after order as I saw the price drop a fair bit. Got $5 credit to my acc. so I actually ended up getting it for a buck cheaper.

    This chunky book has some heft to it. It contains some very nice artwork. An awesome collectors piece for any Zelda fan IMHO!

  • Crap! I didn't check ozbargain this arvo and missed out… every damn time! Nice deal anyways :(

  • The 2 seconds I wasn't looking at my phone.

  • Anyone stuck at “preparing for shipment”? I have a feeling they didnt have enough stock at the first place

  • Mine arrived today with the cover corner heavily wrinkled.

    Although the Amazon cs rep nicely provided refund without having to return the book. Gotta say I am still a bit disappointed as this is an collector item.

    • mine too, all banged up in the corners. Not happy about that.


      I also got a refund and get to keep the item but still would of preferred it to be in new condition.

      This isn't the first time i had someone delicate sent in poor packaging.

      I am wondering if my Game and Watch Mario Bros. I pre ordered will come banged up.

      • It's the first time I encountered this issue with Amazon.

        I hope this is a one-off incident.

        Also seller is Amazon US not Amazon AU, the rep said otherwise she could have sent me a replacement.

        Hopefully your Game and Watch is safe.

      • My book is still on the way still, but I've noted shipping from Amazon overseas isn't always up to scratch.

        Amazon Aus is almost always in a box, so you should be fine for your Game and Watch if you ordered locally. I used EB Games to be safe, as the box will be cool to retain.

    • Mine was damaged, too. The box was barely even a box anymore.

      I was told I could return it for a full refund or keep it for a partial. So I kept it and got a partial refund.

      Guess it depends who you talk to.

      • You are right about the part that the ease of refund will depend on the person you are speaking to. I think they should see a pattern with this order as it seems everyone who have received this arrived with corners and seems damaged/squished in.
        I called in support and initially I was offered to return for a refund but I complained that I do not want to wait for a birthday present and also that the price of the book has now gone up. After a brief chit chat with the manager got the full refund.

      • You shoudl of told them that you had a few friends that all got refunds and got to keep the item, thats what i did.

      • So did people call Amazon up about the issue? I normally just email them…mine was the same

        • Mine is arriving tomorrow and reading the above comments has me expecting to receive a damaged book. Hopefully it's okay but, if not, I'll hit up Amazon for online chat. That's usually the most efficient way of doing it. I've rarely had to contact an Amazon rep, but that has always been helpful.

        • I just used the online chat on the contact us page.

        • Side note - how amazing is the book! I would buy so many more of these if they were reasonably priced - especially a Mario odyssey one

        • Yeah I called them due to damaged corner too (it is ripping apart, sad). The guy did mention that this will be one off refund, was easier for my case as there are no drop point for returning item, so they were happy to refund.

          Anyways it is little bit worry for me now as I discovered there are no drop and return point in Hobart, it makes me not to rely buying on Amazon as potentially return would be actually a tedious task where I live.

  • I bought this book, THEN I bought a Switch on Prime day. Thanks OP! Arrived today with damaged corners as everyone else.

  • Minr was marked deliveted by Fastway at 7.22am this morning.

    At 7.30am i looked around and i couldnt see anything. Great.

    This happens alot with fastway.. Theres always some sort of issue with their deliveries.

  • Mine arrived yesterday - also came with the obligatory damaged corners. I don't know why Amazon would ship a heavy book and have it in a box that lets it move around - even with some minor padding attempts. Will hit up Amazon chat if I can be bothered - if anything just to make it known I wasn't happy with the condition it arrived in.

  • My order of the book hasn't arrived yet. Was meant to be delivered on 31st October. Might be lost in the post :(

    Is anyone else still waiting for it?