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EVGA SuperNOVA 850 GA 80 Plus Gold 850W Fully Modular Power Supply $189 + Del @ Shopping Express


Looks like a decent price considering the amazon deal is out if stock, looks like they are getting hard to find.

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  • Waiting for them to start printing RTX 3000 ready on the boxes

  • How would this compare to the rm850?

    • Would like to know as well bc dam corsair psu prices are jacked near $200+.

    • Prefer RM (or better yet RMx) over this tbh.

      Excellent PSU tier list found here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1116640-psucultists-psu...

      • I find that list a bit incomprehensible. So many psu models vary by one letter (EVGA G5/GS/GD/GQ) and the list doesn't really specify the model they are recommending (what does this mean for example "EVGA | Supernova G2(L) / GS =>850W / P2 / PS / T2 (<=1200W/1600W)") so you may choose a model you think is A tier but its really B tier or worse.

        • Its a very hard list to read

        • Each of the different series are separated by a '/'
          Where its only a particular unit of the series e.g. the 850W unit - it has an arrow that points to it.
          I agree, not the easiest to read, but once you understand the formula its not too bad.

        • EVGA changes the suffix when they change the OEM for the PSU and also when they revise a product line. They were originally partnered with Superflower which produced their well reviewed G2/G3 series and Seasonic which produced the GS series. Now they are mainly partnered with FSP and Andyson which aren't as well regarded as Superflower or Seasonic.

          EVGA does not manufacture or design PSU's, they just work with an OEM and then rebrand them. So what happens is that one EVGA PSU could be excellent and another average. In general though EVGA is going to get better OEM models and backs them with a strong warranty.

          The other thing that tier list is pointing out is that models vary in quality based on wattage. So lower wattage PSU's from the G2 line are not as good as the higher wattage versions. This may be due to the cost savings needed to compete at lower wattages where the market is more crowded. There may be a few less features or some components are downgraded to cheaper alternatives for example.

      • It does say the GA is recommended at B tier (mid-range systems) but at the same time it's under low priority (they haven't properly reviewed the unit yet, they've made the assumption of the tier based on other factors)

  • Wanted to post this but was not sure if this psu is any good.

  • It says it's on sale for $209.00 + postage. still cheaper than most other places but not as cheap as OP post