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Krazy Mixed-Up Salt 200g $7.95 (Save $1), KRAZY Chefs Kosher Flake Salt 480g $7.95 + Shipping @ Brunt


KRAZY October Gluten Free Month $1 off

Australia's favourite seasoning, KRAZY Mixed-Up Salt 200g, was $8.95 now $7.95

Best Kosher, Flake Salt, KRAZY Chefs Kosher Flake Salt 480g, was $8.95 now $7.95

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Arthur Brunt Quality Grocer Pty Ltd

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  • If you're selling salt in Australia, you have to make a chicken salt.

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      That would be Krazy Khicken Kzalt :)

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      hear you, it's in R & D as we speak :-)

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    Krazy might be a bit much for my tastes — do you have merely konfused salt?

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    Not much of a deal. Can get a 3kg bag of Misty Gully kosher salt for $23 from Smoked&Cured.

    Or you could just grab a bag of ‘flossy salt’ (name for kosher salt in Aus), here you can get 1kg for $1.80


    • yes, "flossy salt" is a coarser salt and the closest thing that the big salt processors in Australia make to what the US calls "Kosher Salt". It's not as coarse as US kosher salt.

      Our KRAZY Chefs Kosher Flake Salt is considerably coarser with big flat flakes that add crunch to any dish. They are slow/resistant to dissolving making them great for finishing a steak.

      The team at Smoked & Cured have a fine selection of salts

      • Lol kosher salt isnt big flat flakes you dummy

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    Gluten free? Kosher? Is it also fat-free? Sugar-free? Keto?

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      it's also vegan, halal and endorsed by the freemasons.

    • Yes, salt is always Gluten Free (and intrinsically Halal, Kosher,…). That's why we've included our salts in our Gluten Free specials this month along with our other Gluten Free products (GF bread mixes, GF cake mixes). We know how everyone likes a discount :-)

      Our KRAZY Mixed-Up Salt which is a salt herb blend is gluten free, endorsed GF by Coeliac Australia. Often seasonings have fillers that contain gluten KRAZY Mixed-Up Salt is pure flavour only salt and herbs, no fillers, additives, flow agents,…

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