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Bonus Monthly Data for Existing $10 / $20 / $30 Unlim. Mobile Plan Subscribers @ amaysim


Check your Amaysim accounts. My data usage has been increased. An extra 21 GB has been added to my 10 GB plan, for this month.

It was 5 GB at the beginning of the month. It was then increased to 10 GB. Now it is 31 GB.

I never received any notification.

Not sure if it is targeted.

The internet is a magical place at the best of times, however with the current climate, staying connected on your mobile so you can stream, browse and contact loved ones is obviously very important.

Many of our mobile customers already have access to unlimited mobile data, however for our customers using $10, $20 or $30 UNLIMITED mobile plans, we’ll be providing extra data at no extra cost to help you stay connected during this time of change. It's honestly the least we could do.

If you're a customer using one of these plans, keep your eyes out for an email to advise you on the details of your extra data.

  • I received an email about extra data, is it legit?
    > Yep you betcha.

We understand the importance of staying connected on your mobile phone during this period and want to ensure our customers have plenty of data to stay connected with friends, family and of course your favourite content.

If you've received an email and want to check your most up to date data balance, log on to My amaysim, or head to the main screen of the amaysim app.

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  • +1

    i receive a 20gb bonus 2 months ago. it is a once off, not recurring.

    • what did you do with it?

      • +7

        I spent it on cat videos and hookers

        • Videos of cat hookers ftw

    • last month Optus offered me extra 20gb/mth for 12 months…i haven't touched my standard allowance let alone dig into the extra 20 so i just donate it to that donate data scheme that i don't fully understand or trust but do it anyway…im sure its just another Toms or Oscar Wylee scheme.

      • what's you standard allowance

    • It is recurring though. I just received an email telling me it's their 10th birthday and my plan has increased by 10Gb every month as long as I stay on the plan

  • Just checked, on the $10 plan and got 10gb extra. They do this from time to time. Earlier in the year I got a few months of extra data and a one off of a 100gb.

    Shame they don't allow you to data bank. I very rarely use more than a few 0.2- 0.3gb anyway.

  • +2

    Expires in 5 days need serious redtube watching 🤪

    • This was last given during the Easter Weekend as well. Come long weekend and amaysim doles out free data. I think works well for them as it builds up their brand image and people end up using Home WiFi.

      However, I also think an equal number of people would (now) be out for the weekend and may be able to actually use the extra free data. Cheers amaysim.

  • +1

    By golly your right, received bonus data on 2/3 plans.

  • Expires tomorrow and got 25G extra data:)

  • Did the amaysim account login page get OzBargained? Unable to view account details, as it says 'Info Unavailable' on login.
    Also, the homepage displays a floating notification at the top:

    We've identified an issue which means you might have some issues managing your account online or via our app. You might have some trouble activating, modifying, cancelling or suspending your mobile account. We're working on the fix and we'll keep you updated

  • I never received any notification.

    Amaysim's emails regarding the bonus data being offered are generally delayed by a day and come around 5PM / 6PM AEST one day after the data has been credited to your account(s).

  • 5GB upgraded to 15GB "forever (as long as you stay on this plan)", plus:-

    We're also gifting you 20GB bonus data in addition to your plan upgrade so you can make the most of your long weekend. Expires 11:59pm 5 Oct.

  • +1

    got an extra 10gb on my unlimited 1.5gb plan

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