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Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $499 @ JB Hi-Fi


I needed to replace a broken tablet and was going to pay full price. Was pleasantly surprised to find this guy is on sale again. Not as good as the previous deal and might be instore only. The guy in store says the sale officially starts tomorrow.

10.1" Full HD (1920 x 1080) touch display
MediaTek Helio P60T Octa-Core Processor
128GB SSD Storage
Detachable Keyboard included
Up to 10 Hours Battery Life
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac
Bluetooth v4.2
Chrome OS Operating system
Includes a full-sized, comfortable, and responsive keyboard, or detach it for use as a 10.1" tablet

update: now available online https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lenovo-duet-chromebook-12... thnx @raistlin

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  • +47 votes

    was going to pay full price.

    Hand in your ozbargain badge at the front desk

    • What I don't get is why the last deal at $479 got fewer +votes than this one at $499.

      • Timing? Better copy? I do t get it either, seems some people are better at getting the up votes. My posts always flop ☺️

      • Have to admit I also noticed that anomaly… but hey it's OzBargain.

  • at 699, its like okay…
    but at 499 It's a GOOD DEAL to enter the chromebook ecosystem. Not to mention tablet-like experience with keyboard.
    shame i sitll have my s5e which is only a few months old.
    here is a review of it:

    • damn same like me, just got s5e

      • hahaha it was a tough choice at the time, but i kinda decided that multimedia consumption was a bigger deal.
        Thus the S5e; and if required add on a bluetooth mouse+keyboard then DEX for the extra productivity.

        so if i didn't buy the S5e, i would have bought this now (especially now the Duet is cheaper); but never really regretted buying the s5e :D
        its just so good…… minus the WIFI 5Ghz but after changed to 2.5 its all GOOD.

        • "minus the WIFI 5Ghz but after changed to 2.5 its all GOOD."

          what is that? you mean samsung ui 2.5? i didnt realise the old ui cannot connnect to 5ghz?

          • @ChiMot: the contrary;
            the recent 10.0 update (aug?)
            it kinda broke the wifi connectivity to modems of WIFI 5Ghz band, you gotta play with the restart and then turn wifi off and on again on the tablet (hit and miss).
            But after enabling a seperate 2.4Ghz mode on WIFI modem router, and connecting to 2.4Ghz on the modem; internet connectivity is all good again.
            its this topic, https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/tablets/samsung-s5e-wifi...
            the irony is…. if you can't connect to the modem… how are you gonna receive the update LOL

            • @Tohnio: Ok. I have 2.4 and 5 both turned on from modem routers so didn't notice which device connected to which

              • @ChiMot: apparently its an android 10 system bug, if it doesn't affect u its a good sign :)
                i'm just happy currently theres a fix just gotta wait for rollout.

                • @Tohnio: oh you mistype 2.4ghz as 2.5… hahah i wondering what is 2.5 i thought samsung one ui version but i checked mine latest is 2.1

                  • @ChiMot: yes, i did sorry to mislead you due to typo. Silly me.
                    i'm using the 64gb 4G ver. and yes my One UI is 2.1; although 2.5 is currently rolling out in the US.

    • I ike my S5e better. I found the Duet is extremely buggy. The DEX desktop is much more stable than the Duet (desktop and android apps)

      • Duet updates till 2028 though.
        however, am not too sure about how it will hold up in 4 years time.

          • @ozhunter68: yep
            numerous wear and tear factors: battery, cooling and others.
            but buy when you need it.

            • @Tohnio: I would think many people will drop this rendering the screen or speakers damaged, and also power button often

              fails on phones and tablets too. I ordered one yesterday from ebay good guys for great price, so will use this

              sparodicly and carefully and hopefully get a few good years out of it ( if I don't drop it badly lol ).

    • Where did you get the S5e? I had been looking a while back but could never find any.

      • i got it on ebay; before it was all dried up.
        note: mines not from any official store so it aint really got a warranty.
        there may be some store e.g. TGG that may have display units left.

  • how's the tablet experience of a chromebook? currently have an iPad.

    • This is a bit slower in tablet mode compared to iPad mini gen-whatever-is-current.
      Still goes along well though, I use it to stream Kayo on Chrome.

    • I guess a chromebook would have more functions and having play store as well is excellent. However having said that, I have an Ipad too and so so so glad I picked it over any Samsung tablet out there. My Ipad 5th gen is still to this day supported with brand new released. In fact, the model before it, the 2014 Air 2 is still supported somehow…

      If I didn't already have Ipad, I would get a Chromebook.

    • Unless you need Chrome/full desktop browser with extensions, I don't see a major benefit of buying one of these (depending how old your iPad is). It's snappy enough but not as fast as iOS in my opinion, and whilst Android apps/games work there are often little hoops/issues with things which should just work.

    • The major advantage I see is not having to deal with rubbish mobile browsers.

    • Chromebook tablet apps (web, pwa, Chrome and android) are generations behind iPads.

      • Man. People love negging.

        I love my chromebook. It is just not a good tablet due to the apps.

  • Ooooh good timing, will go to store and check it out. Android Tablet broke.

    This vs Alldocube iplay20 pro? Big difference in price but I'm wondering if Chrome OS is worth extra. Anyone know if the Mediatek Helio P60T is better / worse than the Cortex A55 in the Alldocube iPlay20 Pro? Wow I know nothing about mobile cpus/gpus…wasn't even comparing apples zzzz

    • I much prefer Chrome OS as I find that work accounts (e.g. teams, meet, etc.) can be accessed via Chrome browser, whereas in Android you are forced to configure a work account and use the app.

      • I think it depends on what your employer/enterprise supports… even though my employer is a Google shop, it was no go.

    • It depends on what you are going to use it for. I've ordered the Alldocube as I'm going to be using it mainly to browse the web, watch YouTube and read eBooks which the specs are great for. If you want to work on documents or watch HD Netflix go for the Duet.

    • In terms of the SoC, this seems to be more powerful

  • The original $599 was a rip off.
    $499 is what it should have been at RRP.

  • if you have a Suncorp account you can also get JB Hi Fi gift vouchers for 5% discount

  • On sale on the website now at this price.

  • Can you code python, javascript or vba on this? Why not just but a laptop at this price?

    • Because a $500 laptop would be way heavier, worse battery life and shittier screen. They are different product classes.

    • If you are doing fornt end development mainly with JavaScript frameworks, you should be all set with this, but for any other learning of coding and dvelopment you maybe better off with a conventional laptop running windows.

    • I use my chromebook to ssh into Amazon EC2 to maintain my servers/code. You could easily sign up for a free ec2 tier and have access to a linux environment to code in python, rails, react.js, …

  • Decent price but you may still be able to haggle given JB Hifi have had it cheaper before.

    I'm happy with mine but there are a few minor gripes which are often called out by reviewers and honestly are pretty accurate.

    • How cheap has it been in the past?

      • On OzBargain in top right you can click on the product name and it'll show you previous deals. eg. recently it was $479 at JB Hifi.

        • Ah cool, thanks. It would indeed be interesting to see if someone can get it for that price again.
          Officeworks price match will bring it down to $474 at least.

          • @alberto2345: I'm pretty sure if you really haggled you could probably get it in the $420-ish range, and then you could use 5% off gift cards to make it $400 flat. This is just speculation though ;)

  • Hi guys, How is the performance compared to Surface go 2

    • If you rely on Windows-based applications, then Surface Go 2 is a must.
      If you only need it for web browsing and some other basic tasks, then both will do these tasks fine.
      I can't comment on exact performance differences, but I reckon you should check out both in-store and see which one you like.
      I'd also do some research on ChromeOS and see if it does everything you need.

    • The base model or the high end model? I'd say even though the base model has in theory a better processor (not that you can really compare the different architectures), the end user experience is probably quite similar in terms of it works, it's not going to blow you away with speed/performance, etc..

      .. buf it's no contest if you're comparing to the higher end m3 model.

  • The drive is eMMC from what I can see. Why are these places advertising it with SSD?

  • looks good. seems like Officeworks has some stock, price beat will give some extra discount.


  • Are there coding applications I can use for practice? Can I connect my Samsung phone to this to use Dex?

  • I got the price beat at Office Works.
    Thank you guys!

  • I got the previous deal of 599 + smart clock. I love the device although I find most android apps are slower than their web counterpart (YouTube loads faster on Chrome than on the YouTube android app same with binge, Netflix, messenger, etc).
    So if the android app has a pwa (progressive web app), you're better off installing the pwa than android.

    There is also a Linux subsystem you can use for development (I haven't tried installing vscode tho)

  • years of crappola tablets so now I have to get something good - Galaxy Tab s7 LTE with sPen and sKeyboard sDex

  • 4GB. Shame. Will run ok at best.

  • I was thinking to get Ipad 8th gen+ keyboard for basic office tasks and daily use for having a lighter laptop alternative. Do you think this will be a better alternative? Will be pretty cheaper. And if I can get a compatible pen to this that'd be great

    • Do you already use Office 365 or Google Suite? And if it's for work, do you have any requirements/rules/policies?

      I've found iOS devices seem to be much more supported in enterprise environments, and I feel that whilst the Chromebook Duet is great, I prefer the iPad for the apps/stability/enterprise features/etc which work for me. Whilst it costs more, I also love inbuilt 4G in my iPad.

      I'm sure those who have used a Chromebook in a managed environment which supports them probably have a more positive view than me.

      • Yes I use office 365 and there is no policy for my work. To be honest I don't even turn on my pc at home unless if I'm really really need to. Ps4 for gaming, netflix and office will be main usage. I used ipad before and really liked it but I out apple environment long time ago and not planning go back. This one should be better for me right? Do you have any good pen recommendation?

          • @alberto2345: That's perfect mate, cheers!

          • @alberto2345: I've seen a few reviews of the various USI stylus and none seem to be perfect/seamless yet so depending on how important pen input is to you, you may want to reconsider.

            The latest iPadOS introduces quite a few new Pencil features (such as writing in any box) which is nice, but again, you're paying for the walled garden/ecosystem. If it were for me and for work, I'd go iPad no questions asked. The Office apps will be the same as the Android ones on the Chromebook Duet (ie neither get full fledged apps) but the iOS ones have better pen support from what I can tell since it's built into the OS, and then Microsoft has built in features for it knowing there's standardised pencil support.

            The thing I like about the Chromebook Duet is that for it's price, it's a great value tablet/keyboard combo and form factor. I wanted full Chrome so I could use extensions, connect to my NAS, run web apps, etc… and it was never intended to be a work device. With that in mind, it's great and some Android apps/games work well (but don't assume all will). The price piece is important because whilst I have an 11" iPad Pro kitted out, I'm a bit more careful with how I use it as I worry I might break it, and it cost about 4x the Chromebook Duet for the whole package. As a result, I really do throw the Chromebook Duet around, and I'm less worried about leaving it on my bedside table (at risk of it falling off) just because it's a much cheaper device.

    • Saw it too, but Jb giftcards from suncorp 5% vs amazon 3%, ill go with JB

      • But amazon got cash back
        Edit-looks like won't get cashback for buying this tablet anyway. I have still gone with Amazon together with 3% amazon gift cards as JB-HiFI website is not working for me

  • duh… seriously, this or galaxy S5e is better? so tempting…
    my S5e is the LTE model but 4GG ram /64GB storage and i bought it for $490 second hand mint few weeks ago.

    what i like about chromebook is the keyboard, and the O/S.
    i have windows laptop and android phone already so having different o/s is kind of interesting, instead of phone and tablet both android.

    my usage will be just media entertainment, and google suite calendar contact drive etc

  • Tried ordering this few times but getting an issue at checkout. Getting "an error had occurred" for both finding delivery and click and collect options. Tried it on laptop and mobile and with different browsers but still the same issue. Anyone know a workaround for this issue?

    • Are you getting error on the payment/ final stage? I pass the delivery option but didn't proceed yet as I dont have my gc yet. And if JB not working I'll get it through amazon. Want to be sure first. Lol

      • No i got stuck at delivery page itself. Ended up getting it from amazon with 3% gift card

  • I got the M3/8GB/64GB version of the HP X2 Chromebook for $499 at the beginning of the year:


    Comes with better processor, more memory, to USB C ports, bigger screen etc etc. Just not 128GB.

    I would see if that type of special came out again. Hard to beat!

  • Does this support Linux apps?

  • Just a quick update about pen; asked to lenovo online support and they confirmed they don't have a suitable one.


    Specially asked for this he said doesn't work, you may go for third party.

    It is a shame that I find the pen pretty cool.

    EDIT: looks like the Lenovo REPs are hopeless, connect again they give me the same answer NO, as everyone on Reddit say USI pens work.. lol

  • Lol goodluck with the performance, this has an extremely slow 2 year old processor which is used in low end Android phones.