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Sennheiser HD 458BT over-Ear Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black/Red) $149 (Was $299) @ JB Hi-Fi



Great wireless sound gets a stunning new look: Sennheiser’s new HD 458BT remixes its exceptional HD 450BT wireless headset with a bold new red and black style. Whether at home or on the move, their captivating sound quality, advanced Bluetooth technology, and excellent 30-hour battery life make them perfect for audio lovers seeking a better wireless listening experience.

With active noise cancellation and a closed back design, the HD 458BT delivers superior, distraction-free sound with deep dynamic bass – even in loud environments. Exceptional quality is assured by high-quality wireless codec support, including AAC and AptX™, with AptX™ Low Latency to keep audio perfectly in sync with on-screen action when watching videos. Sennheiser’s Smart Control App makes it possible to tailor the sound via an intuitive equalizer or using the special podcast mode to boost speech intelligibility.

A great companion for travel, the HD 458BT has a superb 30-hour battery life with fast USB-C charging, a Voice Assistant button for Siri and Google Assistant interaction, and a robust folding design for take-anywhere durability.

Key Features

Active noise cancellation for uninterrupted listening pleasure

Superior wireless sound with deep dynamic bass and high-quality codec support including AAC and AptX™ Low Latency

30-hour battery life

Crafted from high-quality materials for outstanding durability with a minimalist design

Intuitive controls including Voice Assistant button for Siri and Google Assistant

USB-C fast charging and advanced wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology for effortlessly reliable connectivity

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  • Can anyone vouch for these headphones please? Are they better than HD450BT? What's the best under $200?

    • I believe they are exactly the same as the HD 450 BT, only difference is colour and these are newer too. I searched it back then last time they hit this price on special. Bought one for my brother, and he has been very happy using them. Also for anyone that orders them and wants to almost double the size of the pads to make them a LOT more comfortable. I researched and purchased these pads for them, and my brother says he can wear them for hours now.


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        Note: Using third-party pads will alter the sound signature.

        • No need to downvote this comment, it is technically correct. However, generally speaking, this is only a big issue for headphones that cost $500+ where they are purchased for a specific sound signature. Headphones in this price range are purchased because they're good value/performance, not because of a specific sound signature, unless you're going with wired ~$200 + BTR5 for example (which again would cost upwards of $400)

          • @Fyrelor: I haven't downvoted your comment. You're completely right, but when you're buying something from Sennheiser - sound quality is one of the defining features too.

          • @Fyrelor: Well, sound is indeed a consideration, and Sennheiser has a reputation to maintain.
            I talked about this very model in comparison with the 1000XM3 and the QC 35ii:

            Noise Cancellation comparison was done at 6:57
            Spectrum sweeps at 11:00

            But to put it in a nutshell, for the money paid there is good value received in return.

      • Purchased. Happy for the price point!

  • Please take this note, this headset is quite small size and not suitable for normal adult’s head.

    • The pads are slightly on the smaller side for overheads, check my other comment and the recommendation I made for the pads that can easily be changed.

    • I have a large head and the HD450BT fit me fine, I'm 3 or 4 notches above the smallest when adjusting the band size. I don't think my ears are small but they fit my ears too, although only just.

      • If changing pads thus it would avoid warranty?

        • I haven't changed mine, that was the other guy but as long as you aren't breaking/ripping the fabric to get the current ones off, then there's no reason you can't put them back on if you need to make a warranty claim.

    • Until I read this I thought I had a normal adult head.

  • I have been using them at work for the last 6 months and have no complaints. For the price they are great.

  • this at 150 or momentum 3s when theyre ~400?

    • If you can afford them, the threes - better sound, better fit, arguably better materials for longer lasting use

  • Good deal. I have had Sennheiser HD 450BTNC for over 2 years now (which these are based on) and they are a great headphone. Had no issues and battery life is still what it was at new. Sennheiser was my choice because of their customer service and customer care, plus 2 year warranty. They can get a little tight for people with fat heads, but just adjust them and they will sit looser. I normally use them for 8hrs at a time

  • People are saying that the Noise Cancellation effect its really poor on these …

    Anyone got experience with them?

    Unfortunately JB is closed due to Covid otherwise i would have gone instore and checked them out

    • I tried them out at JB and yeah if you're buying these for NC then look elsewhere. I was next to the Bose stand and there's no comparison really. BUT for the price/features/performance it's great value - I bought a pair cause I don't need audiophile levels of wow in my headphones. Like others have mentioned the ear cups could be a little bigger but they're comfy enough.

  • Interestingly, I found it at $149.95 AUD on the actually Sennheiser website: https://en-au.sennheiser.com/hd-458bt

  • Please recommend a Bluetooth adaptor to make these work with my old PC. Thank you.