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Optus Prepaid $30 Sim Starter Kit for $5 Delivered @ Optus


$30 SIM Starter Kit
Includes $30 recharge on your chosen plan.
Activate on Epic Data Plan and get 35GB data
3-in-1 SIM fits all phones
Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number
Limited to 1 per customer.
Offer ends 5/10/20.
Order before 12pm AEST for express delivery. Aims to deliver all orders within 2 business days in metro areas and 5 business days to non-metro areas

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  • Must activate by the end of the month? End of the year?

  • Looks like the Go-To-Deal link is broken

  • will they actually stop you from buying more than one? You don't need to make an account to buy it.

  • Sim expires in 1 Nov 2021
    Link must have been taken out by Oz bargain platform
    Don't need account to buy

    • Where does it say that?
      that 1 Nov 2021 is sim's expiry date?

      • I still cannot find where it says must be activated by when…

          • @Yoopy: Here's what I have found in Critial Information Summary:

            May expire or be withdrawn at any time. See mobile offer
            end dates and check optus.com.au/prepaidplans for current
            rates and plans. Plans may no longer be available if you do not
            activate your SIM within 30 days of purchase.

            • @theochukoo: May….may….argh
              is that a yes or no?

              • @Yoopy: Dont you hate that wordings?! I am guessing that it MAY NOT expire anytime soon but I do want to know if I have a year or what…

              • @Yoopy: I daresay it just mentions this as plan/packages can change regularly.

                Typically when activating a prepaid card, the current offers at the time are all that you can select. Ie: this MAY not be here in 1, 6, 12 months time, but it will be something else.

  • Do you get 35g of data on this starter kit as soon as you join the network? or do you have to recharge to get the bonus data to get a total of 35g of data?

    • you get 35 gb on this if you recharge on Optus Prepaid Epic Data, other plans might have longer expiry but less data or more expensive to use

    • 35g for the first 3 renewals, then the 4th you get only 10g

      Math comes down to:
      1st month, $5, 35g
      2nd month, $30, 35g
      3rd month, $30, 35g,
      4th and so on, $30, 10g

      • And,…for those who just want to activate this sim for one month only, activate with auto re-charge, then when sim is active turn

        auto re-charge off and remove credit card details/payment method and you should still get 35gb for the 28 days ( it was four

        months ago when I last did this anyway ).

        Someone please confirm this is current, thanks.

  • Can you still use these as payment methods for google play or boku?

  • can't complete transaction :( … i selected paypal, then on next page it bounced back to the optus default main page… strange..

  • Link doesn't even work.

  • If I stop recharging how long can I still receive texts/calls? Might be going overseas next year. I know Vodafone is active for one year since last recharge or plan (forget which)

  • can an Optus starter kit be used the same as a recharge?

  • my optus $29.5 24 months offer, 100g + unlimited calls

  • Do these Sims really expire within the month? I'm looking to activate 3 months from now.

    • No, they try and pressure/trick you. Once activated the included credit expires in 28 days/longer depending on which offer you choose.

    • OP says the sim expires 1 Nov 2021, so if this is true, you have until then to activate

  • Thank you OP. Bought this for $5 to port from Boost. Then bought the $300 boost plan for $243 from Cellmate. 13 months of service with ~20gb/month for $250.

    • If Boost would just let me roll forward my data on a 12 month plan they'd get the full $300 and I wouldn't bother messing around with this. Shame they don't apply common sense (and ultimately I save some money in the end)

      • Even for this - I just got one on last deal - why not just let me recharge for $5 - save them the courier fee, save packaging - win win… But oh no…

  • Wait so with cashback this is essentially two months for $5? Anni reading this wrong? Or is the plan prepaid so doesn't count..

    Edit nvm this is prepaid vs postpaid cashback

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • What is the best way to maintain this after 28 days?

    • Throw the sim in the bin, unless you need/want a second number for receiving only.

      • Interesting. Will the number get recycled or we as a community eventually run out of number? Does Optus limit how many numbers you can have within a certain time?

        I need to maintain a data hotspot but haven't found a great way to do so. Toss the sim and buy another one seems to work, but I don't know if Optus limits the number of sims you can have

        • It mentions having 5 or less prepaid accounts….but…… I'm buying one for a "friend" that will visit each month. They need a new sim card each time as well.

          FYI, they only let you charge the same card 4 times before an error comes up.

        • After 6 months of not re-charging with Optus, they cancel your number and move it to someone else if needed.

          Kogan sims are great for cheap data ( the $4.90 XL 40GB/30 Day ) if Vodafone reception/speeds work for you.

          https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543472 Kogan cancels your number/service if you don't re-charge after 60 days I think.

          When you activate a new sim online, and there is a question about 5 active sims or more, just tick no.

          If you really want, you can call/live chat your telco to cancel a sim/number too.

          • @ozhunter68:

            Kogan cancels your number/service if you don't re-charge after 60 days I think.

            That may be true but you only have 20 days after your credit expires to port out if you intend to keep the number. After 20 days, you lose access to incoming texts and calls. If you want to port out, you need to receive an SMS code from the new carrier and you won't be able to receive it without recharging. You will have to pay for another month if you want to be able to port out, and minimum charge is $16.90 which I paid a couple weeks ago.

            I find them more trouble than it's worth.

            • @lostn: Thanks for the extra details. I only activate Kogan sims for cheap data and throw the sim away, so was just going on

              my memory what I read here last time. There was a Vodafone number/email to contact to send your

              code to to get the port through, but a not sure about Kogan and extra hassles.

              With all these covid rules/changes and office restructuring I got fed up with all the porting problems and hold ups,

              so now happy to just keep my regular number with Aldi for the Small 3gb/30 day for $15 but as they have data

              roll over if auto re-charge I have it up to 10gb and just activate cheap prepaid sims for extra data.

              That saves me a lot of mucking around and will do for now.

              • @ozhunter68: You are talking about getting the code to join Kogan, not leave Kogan. There are other ways like Optus/Telsra instore porting to avoid Kogan recharge, just more hassle.

                • @Neoika: You're right, I was thinking of Joining Vodafone/Kogan, never thought about receiving

                  the txt for leaving as I have not needed to do that myself ( yet ).

                  So would that mean you would lose your number, unless maybe you could email them in an emergency.

                  Or if you need to keep number you'd have to re-charge with Kogan only?

  • I'm looking to port one of my number over in about 2 month time, and looking at activating the long expiry.
    Will it work if I buy it today, but and port my number over later?

  • Anyone know if I can port from an Optus Post Paid plan to this?

  • Out of curiosity, how would/do they know if you own, use, or operate more than 5 sim cards at any one time?

    They probably didn't realise that a lot of us might've used so many sim cards that we've lost count ourselves.

  • Cheap way of taking advantage of the $5 unlimited data days if you don't have a good internet connection.

  • what can I buy with the $30 credit

  • I am on Telstra post-paid, plan expires in a months time.

    Thinking of buying this so I can port to Boost afterwards, how long minimum do I need to stay with Optus?

  • Thanks A4444, grabbed 2.

  • More data for $5 in https://telsim.com.au/shop/sims/28-days-validity/60gb-plan/ . Ozb rules prevented me from posting a deal, so someone else might.

  • Deja vu. Is this going to be a regular thing?