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Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1A1ER $152 (with Newsletter Sign up Coupon) @ Masters in Time


Black Casioak normally sell here for $249; unreasonable given they're US$99 overseas.
Previous lowest price I've seen here is $175 from Wallace Bishop so I watched this Dutch vendor where they recently came back in stock.
In order to get it for $152 you must sign up for newsletter to obtain $7 code

Also available locally for $215:
But if you place the item in your cart and don't checkout at 1:30am you should receive a 10% discount code followed by 15% the 2nd day and 20% on 3rd bringing it down to $172 plus I'm guessing $10 shipping.
Last time I tried this when the 20% code arrived they'd sold out though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Masters in Time

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  • Is the leaving in cart thing for this website or the Australian one?

    • Yes only for Jewellery Kings which got stock yesterday, I ordered the Dutch one which says 7-9 business days.
      $249 aussie tax price is just so irritating.

      • Considering getting one just to do the stainless steel case mod!

  • So tempting, really need to hold off though..

    • Yeah a solar model with second hand could easily be coming.
      Couldn't help myself.

  • No GA-2110SU-3A (with the white indices) in stock at either site.

    Wallet saved :)

    Really can't beat my old (1545 mechanism) DW-5600E anyway :)

    • Green's tempting but legible indices are just for folk who actually need to tell time.
      1A1's popular because in 2020 what does it matter?
      OG DW-5600E's epic but GW-B5600BC-1BER negative displays are nice too eh?
      Black on black FTW

      • Negative displays do look smick but can be hard to read in sub-optimal light conditions. My negative display is my "holiday somewhere sunny" watch and only worn during Tassie Summers :)

  • Good deal!

  • +1

    Thanks! Will add it to my black g-shock collection. Why did I have to check this site and spend another $150

  • Black OOS

  • +1

    Nice. Got one.

  • +1

    One with Step tracker and Smart phone Integration for $139.50 at Rebel Sport.

    • I have the Baby-G equivalent of this (yes I have small, wimpy wrists). If you're looking at long term recording of steps and distance the Casio app doesn't store your info in the cloud or supply any way to export your data. It's all kept locally on your phone within the app. So if you uninstall the app or buy a new phone and reinstall the app you won't get your historical data. May not be a problem for some but it's a pain in the ar$e for others (me! ) . The good thing is it's easy via the app to do things like keep your time synced (think it does it 4 times a day and better than Multi-6 'cause it works in Oz), set alarms, change time zones etc.

  • I just bought one of these from ebay using the cashrewards 15% deal. Casio G-Shock Digital Retro Classic Solar Mens Black Watch G5600E-1 G-5600E-1DR. I have been wearing a white g-shock GA-100A for work for the last year and it has been comfortable and easy to read. The negative displays look cool but I worry about how legible they would be.

  • Looks like they are sold out in Black and Green.

  • Sadly Dutch vendor's out of stock for now, JKing still has them if you wanna try cart discount trick yet the local overcharging's so offensive I'd wait.

  • so I watched this Dutch vendor

    lol i see what you did there -_-

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