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20% off Kayo Sports Subscriptions for 5 Months (Existing Subscribers)


Just received a code for 20% off per month for summer from Kayo Sports, not sure if targeted. Probably aimed at keeping existing subscribers through the lack of action post Christmas.

Not sure if code is generic/targeted but all the best.

Claim by October 30.

As per email:

Follow the steps to apply your voucher code:
Select 'Claim Offer' below
Log in to your Kayo account
Enter your voucher code & click 'Redeem'
Select 'Apply Voucher'

Other codes provided in comments:

To3m3amcHw ($10 off 3 months), credit dazskii

TLS10DISC ($10 off 12 months, Telstra/Belong Customers only), credit doggybag

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  • What's the code?

  • Didn't work for me.

  • Any other active offers on Kayo atm???

  • myTelstra has it for $15/month for 12 months. Will need an account with Telstra to activate.

  • I got a text message from Kayo for $10 of the next 3 months.

    I don't know if code is generic but it is:


    • I think this maybe targeted in that case possibly on what sports you watch (I can't imagine what else they might use). I usually follow F1 and NBA and cancel the sub during the summer when there is nothing for me to watch.

      • I watch a lot of NRL so maybe that's why? Season is ending in a few weeks.

      • How is it for those 2? do you get all the practice sessions? All the past races? Classic races? Same with nba? Is it like league pass, or selected games only?

    • Yeah targetted, I got one too and my code is slightly different.

    • Yeah I got $5 off for one month. Boo! :(

  • Hmm does it stack on top of a free trial? Still going on my (3rd) BetEasy/Kayo 3 month free trial but now BetEasy is no more will have to look at a more permanent solution!

    • Same boat here. Would like to know if there's any of these 3 month trial options elsewhere… (asking for a friend)

    • Do you remember having to put any credit card details in when using the free 3-month BetEasy offer?
      Mine just finished and I've canceled Kayo but after my 4th month started. So they should've charged me but I've yet to have any Kayo charges at all. Very strange.
      But new Kayo loophole possibly?

      • Best idea - I think Gaetje is gonna beat Khabib . 3-1 not a bad deal.

      • Same with me - was kicking myself I forgot to cancel in time but checked all my cards and nothing has been charged.

      • They attempt two payment authorisations (using what?), when the second one fails you will get an email to that effect and your service will end. Mine stretched out for around an extra week beyond the three months.

      • Did you put real card details? Mine is expiring next week, hence asking.

    • Sh!t. Didn't realise. I'm due this month. What happened to beteasy?

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    Anymore free trial offers at the moment now that BetEasy is down?

    • Not strictly "free" as there is a substitution cost, but Alinta Energy has 12 months of Kayo included if you sign up to their Kayo plan. Depending on your location (eg. gas supply only), it could be very cheap Kayo for a year. Mine works out to be less than $4 per month for Kayo.

  • Out of curiosity, what are the people signing up now intending to watch on it? considering AFL, NRL are free2air, NBA is almost over and most Soccer/football leagues are not available on Kayo.

    • F1 is going until mid-December.

      • F1 isn’t really a sport, it’s more a foregone conclusion instead :)

        • We just need Hamilton to get penalised like the last race🙂

          • @ausbob71: FIA won't wanna be seen as "taking down" a black man now… watch him get away with all sorts of things!!

            • @OzBerghainer: Can understand why FIA opted to try and leave politics outside the arena, but they haven't silenced him either for the reason you stated.

              In some ways he does get away with some stuff, but also good to see he and Merc are susceptible to rules, like everyone else. Like or dislike him, he is definitely talented, backed by probably the best team overall for the last 6-7 years. He's doing for Merc what Max does for RB - their teamates just can't keep up in equal cars, like it or hate it.

              PS. re people/teams getting away with stuff, I feel Racing Point and drivers have been EXTREMELY lucky in this regard this year… certain incidents/issues have gone "unpunished" (or am I alone in this sentiment?).

          • @ausbob71: Or for it to rain again like Germany last year.

          • @ausbob71: and YET he still finished where he did (trying to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched the race). Bottas could have been so much closer to Ham had he not made his own mistakes. And Max the same, had he not suffered the 3 DNFs…

            woulda/coulda/shoulda, as Max himself said.

        • Not really. True if ALL you care is who finishes 1st. But if you look at other things, see #3 until 7 in the constructors: 3-5 teams (depending IYO) battling for bronze in the championship. And #4 to #9 to #12 in the drivers… It's all excitingly close for all those. Fun stuff for those of us who don't just look at 1st place.

          PS. On an unrelated note for anyone who watched the Russian GP… can understand why Dan got the penalty, but didn't Perez do the same (and if so, why didn't he get the same penalty)?

    • Cricket.

    • F1, Tennis, Cricket

    • Carabao/FA Cup

    • Carabao Cup (EFL League Cup), FA Cup and the various European football leagues e.g. Bundesliga, LA Liga, Serie A, etc.

    • Tennis, some soccer cups, f1

    • NFL. The season has just started.

      • But you only get 5 games a week, a waste of money if just watching for NFL. Granted the games are at least the time where people are awake and not the 3am ones

        • If you watch more than 5 games of NFL a week, forget the waste if money. You're wasting your life.

    • MotoGP is having an amazing season though… like seriously freaking awesome

    • Blesidloe Cup & The Rugby Championship

    • NFL and college football just kicked off.

  • Doesn't work and I have been paying full price for ages.

  • Any idea how I enter the voucher when my kayo sub is managed by itunes? Nowhere I can find to enter it.

    • You can't use coupons when billing is managed with iTunes. You need to cancel your iTunes billing, let it rollover and renew again with credit card on their website to use a coupon. Or keep the iTunes billing and try to find iTunes gift cards on sale 15% sometimes at Coles/woolies or 20% off at Costco sometimes.

  • TLS10DISC is still active. $10 discount per month for 12 months. Requires new account or existing account with inactive sub.

  • Do you enter in the voucher section? doesnt work for me with an active sub.

  • Didn't work and didn't get a voucher

  • Why is this deal getting voted up if the voucher isn’t working?

  • I think I will cancel my sub on the 27th before my billing cycle then apply TLS10DISC on my other inactive account to save $10/month.

  • Should have promo'd something during march-april during zero sport covid instead of charging full price - burnt and not going back.

  • 50+ upvotes. Can anyone confirm this actually worked for them?

    • Was about to ask the same thing. I've tried on my account with no luck. Won't bother trying different accounts if no one has actually got it to work…

      Someone that has upvoted confirm?

  • Hey yo. Im with Belong mobile, and the TLS10DISC gave me $10/month off if I want to reactivate.

    Currently flogging the last month of my last beteasy 3 months, after this will utilise the telstra code.

  • Can we buy sub with someone and divide charges? Basic sub allow 2 simultaneous access.

    • Yes, but it's limited to a couple of devices, so you will have to limit yourself to one device per user.

      • I wasn't aware of the device limit and thought it was just limited to simultaneous streams. Do you know what the device limit is?