Cooler Master 850W 80+ Gold SFX PSU $238 Pick up @ Umart


The wait is over after many long months, and if I only waited a little longer instead of buying the Corsair SF750, but hey hindsight is 20/20.

Surely this can power your RTX 3090 (that you could never buy) in your mini-ITX case no problem!

• SFX-to-ATX Bracket
• 80 Plus Gold Certified
• Semi-fanless Mode
• Full-modular Cabling
• 10 Year Warranty

Regular shipping in QLD is +$8, +$13 for express.

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  • Damn just bought from scorptec shipped for $249, good price! Lucky I have a friend that will buy my brand new corsair SF750 that arrived the other day 😂

    • I would personally much rather have a Platinum 750W than a Gold 850W for $250~

      Power requirements are massively overblown. Even clocking the hell out of an i9 and a 3080, you barely need 600.

      Frankly, I'd be surprised if you can get away with more than 750w of parts in a SFF case anyway, in terms of thermals.

      • Normally I would agree with you but my decision is not one I made with this gen in mind. I had originally planned to get a 3090 before the benchmarks were released but for obvious reasons I decided to go 3080. Given the 3090 recommended PSU was 750w if I wanted to go bigger when 40series drops in a couple of years I would almost definitely need to buy a new PSU again. Just trying to get the extra headroom so I don't have to buy a new PSU every 2 years or so. Also my case is a fractal nano s so it's huge but only supports a 2 slot card. The SFX PSU is to replace my current ATX PSU so I can fit a 3 slot card in it.

  • What is 15% semi-fanless? The marketing guys are mental.

  • PLE has had this for $239 for a while on preorder. Check out their shipping, if it's comparable and you can wait, I think it's worth it given their recent form with the 3080 cards.

    • I thought about pre-ordering with them but have since watched the ETA slide from early September to late September to now early November …

  • Someone has a review about this PSU, I can't find it anywhere, I saw a few comments that the fan is very loud.

    • That was before, I heard the first few batches were recalled because of the loud fan. Hopefully it's alright now.

      • let me know when you get and test yours. Cheers

        • Already got the Corsair SF750 so I won't be getting this one sorry, might as well wait for some tech sites/forums to release updated reviews

        • Mine arrives today, and I have an SF750 here I bought because I couldn't get this one. I can compare them but its getting delivered to my work and I am off today. Trouble is I won't be able to install them both on my system and I am afraid the cooler master fan won't kick in because there won't be any load on it.

            • @gugav: For anyone interested I installed this bad boy in my PC yesterday and it's quiet. Maybe even more quiet than my previous ATX PSU.

              • @88dozz: Beautiful, which PSU you had before?

                • @gugav: Silverstone strider s gold 750w

                  • @88dozz: I will probably stay with my SF750, I believe it will be enough for an RTX 3080 + Ryzen 5800X.

                    • @gugav: Fair enough bro, it will be. I am just thinking I don't want to buy another PSU when 40 series is released as well 😅

                      • @88dozz: The TDP over time should decrease with the launch of new technologies, or stay the same as it was between 980Ti, 1080Ti, 2080Ti. Or soon the ITX will became the new ATX 😅😅, I'm just lazy to go to the store to replace it 😆

                        • @gugav: Actually mate, just running some stress tests on my system at the moment and there is a rather annoying noise coming from the fan under load. It comes and goes… Heavily thinking of RMA'ing it 🤔

                          • @88dozz: Not a good thing, I saw a guy saying that he had this same issue, he replaced the fan for a PWM fan, but probably if you do that it will lose the warranty

                          • @88dozz: Hey, just wondering if you ended up RMA'ing the V850? I have a V750 unopened.. waiting on a CPU to complete my build so hoping I don't have this fan noise issue!

                            • @hardy777: No I ended up ordering a noctua NF-A9x14 chromax and a fan adapter to put in there. Blows out the price a bit but I really wanted this PSU and given low stock levels everywhere I did not want my PC to be down for an indeterminate period for RMA on the PSU. Let me know if you need any further details 🙂

                            • @hardy777: Just got a call from scorptec and cooler master have issued a recall so I will send it back to RMA it. Guessing you will hear from whoever you bought it from too.

                              • @88dozz: Thanks for the reply, yes I've now sent the unit back for a refund due to the recall. Fun times being an early adopter :) Thinking of just picking up the popular Corsair SF750 (although even these had a bad batch / recall to be aware of too).

                                • @hardy777: I opted to wait for a replacement because I really want an 850w, I do not want to have to buy a new PSU every time a new card generation is released. Scorptec said their supplier informed them they would have the replacement in a week (not holding my breath). Just hope they don't notice the "warranty void if removed" sticker is missing. Another drawback of being an early adopter, there was no info on exactly what hardware was required to replace the fan so I had to open her up and see for myself.

                                  • @88dozz: Fair enough, good luck with the 850w, definitely future proofing yourself with that. It's pretty crazy wattage for such a small unit.

  • they have Corsair 850W RM850 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply (CP-9020196-AU).

    It might be revised or a variant, but I have one and need to stress 100w cpu and the 1080 gpu at the same time, or the fans don't run at all.

  • $238 850W Semi-Fanless?

    isn't the RM 850w / RMX or whatever in this price range?

  • A lot of interest in SFF around here it seems, so I'll ask here for some advice.. what AM4 mobo would you pickup for a 3700x or 3900x? Currently leaning towards a Asus B550i.

    I've got an NR200P on the way, and my SFX750 arrived yesterday lol

    • Read good things about the b550i Aorus pro. I also use the x570 version and I really like it. The Asus ROG would be fine too though.