Samsung LC49RG90 49" Curved QLED Gaming Monitor $1486 + $35 Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Previous deal $1599 @ Bing Lee

Copy paste,
* Dual QHD Display* Super Ultra-Wide 32:9 ratio* HDR1000 and QLED

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial


  • Nice find! Wish there was a deal on the Odyssey G9

  • Not a bad price for delivery… can't even remember how I managed to fit the CHG90 in my old sedan.

  • Beast of a monitor

  • Anyway to get the same price at JBHIFI?

  • Pulled the trigger at $1699 through Samsung EPP! Still excited to get it, but damn, $200 drop in 2 days.

    • Yeah that sucks but you still grabbed a good price. I paid $1900~ for mine several months ago no regrets here im sure you will enjoy yours

  • Love the product code: LC49RG90SSEXXY

  • So the product page claims you can view multiple input sources side by side. Does that mean it can view HDMI input and Displayport at the same time and on the same screen?

  • Happy to help anyone who doesn't have access

  • On par with a price matched OW click and collect.

    • Did you get OW to price match?

      • Yes, called them up and it was a really easy phone based transaction.

        • How did you prove the TGG commercial pricing to them?

          As far as my price matching experience, they need to be able to view the pricing on the website.

        • Just tried calling and they said they cant price match it as its on the commercial site. what magic did you use to get this?

  • Isn’t it cheaper here

    • Different SKU (LC49J890DKEXXY). This one is LC49RG90SSEXXY.

    • This one is 1440 and 120, the other is 1080 at 144. Also has usbC and KVM switch. I nearly think I like the other one better, tough call.

      • 1080 is slightly low once you've used 1440, i have the CHG90 which is 1080P, i use a 1440 at work, (2x27s) the 2x27s are better because so much more fits in the same size screen.

        that said to drive it would be a pain in the butt.
        my vega 64 only drives my chg 90 at 90 odd frames, no where near the 144 the monitor can achieve (that said, i prefer nice high quality, rather than fast, i could turn the detail down)

        with the logitech devices, most have upto 3 devices they can connect to easily enough, so the KVM isnt that useful…

      • If your use case for the KVM is viewing 2 different computers on the 1 monitor at the same time (as opposed to full screen, switching inputs) then there are software solutions for sharing a single mouse and keyboard across multiple computers - e.g

  • Paid 1960 10 days ago for this. So upset.
    Bing Lee wasn't budging below 1990 and look now.

    • what you can do, is buy one, return it with your old receipt.
      bing lee has 30 days return.

      • Thanks but bought from Harvey Norman. Their policy doesn't do change of mind returns. There should be a 14 day price guarantee just saying 🙈

  • These are awesome, purchased one at $2.2k if you have any questions lmk.

    • Does it have banding/dirty screen effect?

      Note the following video of a QLED Samsung TV?

      • With a 5% grayscale I'd imagine all non OLEDs without a crazy amount of FALD zones would show banding. During gameplay or everyday use this isn't something to look out for. Between this and the LG CX in the living room I prefer the Samsung for games purely because of the brigtness, if we ignore the form factor.

        • Thanks. Reason I asked is that I have a Samsung QLED Q900, supposed to be top of the line, however, it has banding/dirty screen issues. I had the screen replaced under warranty once, the second one is a bit better, but the issue is still there, kinda learned to live with it.

  • I can help someone looking to purchase this but don't have Good Guys commercial membership.

  • Use coupon “BING10” will save extra $10


  • yes please how?

  • Ordered this last week, says in stock on the website, however got an email saying our of stock and they need to order from the supplier… They wont give me an ETA.

    • Had the same thing when I ordered a vacuum cleaner from them through the commercial site. Ordered it on the 11 August, it's only just with aus post now for delivery and that was due to me calling them up a few times. It seems when you order online, it makes an order with a specific store and you have to wait for that store to have stock. And they don't automatically transfer stock between themselves. The whole time too the website said it was available for delivery in a couple of days, although it does say depending on stock below that.

  • I rang up for an ETA (after the order was allocated to my local store), they eventually chased it up with the supplier.
    Order date 02/10/2020
    ETA 04/11/2020
    Dang, 4 weeks.

    • My order status has just flipped to "stock reserved", so hopefully dispatching soon

      • Mine turned up today randomly. Delivery guy rang up out of the blue . Was a pleasant surprise.
        Have set it up. Only spent about an hour or so on the screen yet but love it so far , so good.
        Order date 02/10/2020, delivered 21/10/2020.
        Good luck with yours mate, i hope you get it soon.