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Boost $200 Sim 12 Month Expiry 85GB Data & Unlimited Calls $155 Delivered @ Phonebot


Boost $200 sim with 85Gb data.

12 MONTH EXPIRY (after activation)

Unlimited Calls & Text to standard numbers

Unlimited standard calls & text to 25 select destinations: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam. Plus 1200 mins standard calls & text to 30 select destinations: Afghanistan, America Samoa, Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Laos, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden.

Stream Apple Music Data Free

• Free Delivery sitewide always
• Paypal, Poli, ZipMoney & All Major cards accepted (SSL secured checkout)

All orders will be shipped with signature on delivery (standard post). Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website.

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closed Comments

  • When must one activate by, after receiving card?

    • +1

      12-month expiry, you'd have to activate it after you receive it.

    • +3

      26 October is when the bonus data is stated as running out. Activate after that and you'll only get 30GB…

  • It shows 150GB data in the description on store page.

    • +1

      The $200 deal is 35GB + 50GB bonus
      not sure when the BONUS expires and leaves you with 35GB only

    • Hello Jaivinder,
      Thanks for pointing that out, I'll take a look.

      • if you can confirm this as well. It doesnt state in the fine prints so assume the bonus data should last till the 12months expiry.

        Also i read on Boost that i can BYO my number… I need this.

        • I think it would last the 12 months… I think the bigger question is HOW you actually GET the bonus data:
          *55GB bonus data on $200: Customers who activate or swap to Boost Anytime Ultra and recharge by 26 October 2020
          The “recharge” concerns me.

          • +2

            @bg: from my experience with pre-paid Telstra earlier this year is that — assuming you are new to Boost, the first time you activate the service (the sim) it also act as a recharge ($200 plan) , and the bonus data kicks in automatically.

            • @Andysjunks: ^^^This^^^

              Just to add, the activation of this $200 sim pack IS the First Re-Charge and

              will include bonus data if activated before 26th October 2020.

  • Silly question, is this the re-charge one or for the new customers/customers porting over?

    • its starter kit with sim.

      • But if you're an existing customer that only signed up mid September, can you order this and apply it to your boost account? So the pack comes with a sim and a recharge code?

  • thank you. Grabbed one.

    • Perfect, mate.

      • Hello Rep

        Any chance you have the sim with 240GB on sale?

        • Hey,

          Rn only this one is on sale.

  • +1

    Does the unused data get rolled over when recharging?

    • -1

      I believe it gets rolled over when you re-charge before the expiry date.

      • +3

        I think you'll find that's only on month to month plans.

        • Thanks, mate, I am sorry I thought it apply to every plan

        • -2

          god..what.., mine is about to expire and i thought we could recharge and keep data. and its not like i assumed, i thought thats what i (profanity) read.
          i hate this world so much, every interaction is a different discipline of phd fine print bullshit reading. sick of it. my purchase would have possibly been different if i knew this. everyone is just out there to (profanity) everyone else over. we all know it. so just legalise murder and make the whole process more efficient.

    • +1

      No unused Data does not roll-over , as per fine prints on boot website data roll-over apples to month to moth recharge from $20 to $70

      • Bugger! Have the $300 plan finishing soon, still have 160GB left thanks to COVID. It would have been perfect if the data rolled over!!

        • yeah thats why i thought this place was all over this type of plan like covid on potus.

      • is there a 12month recharge option when this expires or am i stuck with spending 20+ a month from now on?
        whats the best way forward dudes,
        archer fan? man i wished they cancelled archer instead of venture brothers. :(

        • -1

          theres a 12month $200 recharge option with data of….30GB of data? wow.
          pathetic. nice business stragety "boostards"
          edit. this mirror maze is obsurd. ok so within the app i get the option to recharge 12months for $150 with 80gb of data. ok this is reasonable. heart attack overted. now i have to remind my self why i even need a phone except to be tracked.

  • +1

    If you can make do with a $500 giftcard at JB Hi-Fi
    I suggest getting this for only $8 more per annum.


    $59*12-$500 = $208
    for $80gb a Month

    • +5

      The people here is not only benefited from data, there are some good inclusions with Boost such as International calls and International MMS.

      • -3

        most people live in a world with whatsapp.

        • +2

          Where I can make calls from whatsapp to landlines? How?

        • +9

          Most people you know. None of my work or social colleagues use it at all, let alone for voice. Rookie error - thinking that what you do is what everyone does.

    • Deal unpublished

      Reason: JB Hi-fi phone deals not allowed from L-platers

      Do you remember what the deal was? Was it for Telstra directly somehow?

    • +1

      Not sure why all the hate - @dasher86 makes a very valid point.

      If you don't need the international calls capability of Boost, then the Telstra JB HiFi deal seems way better on paper. You get 80GB of data per month (not per year).

      • But what do you use that much data for? Do you not have internet at home and just stream netflix from your phone?

  • Can I recharge with this deal as a current boost customer?

    • -3

      It's prepaid mate, take a guess. 😉

    • No, you’ll need to port out and back in. This is a new sim pack not a recharge voucher

      • Yep realise this is a sim pack thats why i said 'this deal', on the site theres a $200 recharge option as well as a new sim pack

    • +5

      Existing Boost customers dont need to worry. You still get the old plan "Boost Anytime Plus", so if you head to Boost App or Website, select Recharge and enter your number, you will be presented with $150 recharge option which gives 80 GB data and 1 year validity.

      Boost maintained that they will let existing users continue on the existing plans. What's posted in this deal is the new revised plan effective from 01-Sep-2020, wherein they reduced the data allowance to 35GB, hiked the price to $200, and are luring customers with a "50GB Bonus" if you activate by 26 October.

      See the footer description on the deal posted here:

  • +2

    in my area I'm finding boost and woolies (not sure about actual telstra) to be super slow. I'm getting sub 10 Mbps speeds. Optus and Vodafone network I get anywhere from 80-140Mbps in the same area.

    Even off peak I get only 20 on telstra 4G. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

    • You might be missing a band on your phone as Boost uses the full Telstra network

      • my phone is an AU Galaxy S10+ phone. I doubt Samsung would withhold some bands.

        Also, the speed used to be a lot faster. On the same phone.

    • Yup. Same issue at my place in Melbourne. Telstra 4G always shows 1bar or drops out entirely. Optus and Vodafone are both working very well.

    • Where are you? I'm in Brisbane southern suburb.
      My telstra suddenly dropped to a crawl for several days. Telstra said there was maintenance going on in my area affecting 3G 4G 5G. Gave me est time of completion (about a week from start to finish). Said "once the planned maintenance is over or fixed, we will process a credit for the days you are experiencing the issue". So we'll see.
      Back to normal now.

      • Melbourne. SE suburbs.

        It's been this way for months though.

  • Whats the last date for activation??

    • Hey,
      Expiry is Sept, 2021.

        • +1

          You asked when the last date for activation was… how did their reply confuse you? Last date to activate is September 2021.

          • @Pry: If Somone says "Expiry is Sept, 2021" that means it expires on that date, not activation okay ? How can you not understand english?

            • +1

              @USER DC: Yes, it will expire on that date if you don't activate it by then. I understand English just fine, thanks!

            • @USER DC: That's right, the sim package expires on Sept 2021 so if not activated before that date is void.
              You get 1yr plan when activated, sim card does not expire when a plan is active.

  • Got one, thanks

  • Is this offer for existing customer as well or only for new customer?

  • -1

    Is it 80gb Evey month or 80gb for 12months totally. Thanks.

    • +2

      For 12 months.

  • +4

    DO NOT BUY THIS. I picked up one the other week and it's now been two weeks since I tried to activate it. Absolutely nothings been done and support is basically impossible to get a hold of so I've wasted $270 now.

    • Sorry to hear that. I activated mine without any hiccups, where'd ya purchase it from?

    • We bought two from last deal. 300 one for $247ias. activated no issues online boost service is a pain but they get the job done. just need to contact them put a full stop a few times to get rid of the bot so you get a real person.

  • Got one as I got nearly a year to activate.., thanks Rep..

    • This sim has 30+55GB data where 55GB is bonus for activation by 26 October. If activated past that date you will get 30GB for the 12mo period.

  • +3

    So hang on… Boost cancelled their old 12month 80GB for $150 prepaid, and now expects people to pay $200 for 35GB/month (but hurry now and activate so that you get a "bonus" 50GB??)

    What the…

    • +2

      Yep. New boost sucks. I'll be outta here when my current period ends!

    • +1

      Whoops, I meant 35GB/year

    • +1
    • +2

      Existing customers can still access the old plans….it 80G for $150 through the recharge option. Go to Boost and click recharge and put in your number and it will show your options which includes the old plans.

      For new customers agreed its not nearly as good.

      • +1

        wish i read this first. (old customer here)

  • Does Boost support wifi calling? Horrible signal here. I was with Telstra and wifi calling worked (not well on our shit ADSL at the time). Now have 100mbps NBN but with Numobile - who don't have wifi calling.

    I'd heard Boost do have this, but better to confirm prior to paying for an annual plan.

    • +3

      Yes it does

    • +2

      yes they support VoWiFi, my dad uses it on his ancient iPhone 6 where they have very spotty coverage

      • I'm just learning now about Vowifi. Do I need an app to use it? I'm with belong and their indoor coverage is pathetic.

        • How to enable VoLTE / Wi-Fi Calling
          Update to the latest version of iOS
          Ensure you have the latest carrier settings
          Tap Settings > General > About
          If an update is available, you'll be prompted to update your carrier settings.

          Turn on VoLTE
          Tap Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data > 4G, VoLTE On

          Be patient, it can take up to 4 hours for VoLTE to be activated on your account.

          Turn on Wi-Fi Calling
          Tap Settings > Mobile > Wi-Fi Calling > Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone
          You should not enable WiFi Calling without also enabling VoLTE, as you may experience dropped calls if you go out of Wi-Fi coverage.

          Confirm that your specific handset is supported. Be aware that many handsets require carrier-specific firmware.
          Ensure your phone has the latest Android firmware/software update.
          On supported handsets, VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling are enabled by default.
          Open Phone app > select More (or the three dots in the top right corner) > tap Settings > turn on/off the Wi-Fi Calling option.

          Can I use Wi-Fi Calling while overseas?
          Yes, as of August 2020. While overseas and connected to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive calls and SMS back to Australia at no additional charge. Calls to destinations other than Australia over Wi-Fi Calling when roaming overseas are not enabled and will need to be made over the mobile network. Standard charges apply.

          • @Agret: I have turned it on in Android settings (LG V30+ pie) and I still get garbage 4g signal instead of the Wi-Fi.

    • Thanks. Will prob get the $300 plan.

  • On Boost website, it states 30+55GB where 55GB is bonus for activation by 26 October. Does this mean if I activate in December, I won't get 55gb?

    • Boost may extend the offer as they have done in the past but to be safe it's best to activate it before that date.

  • I put forward the motion that we have no more Boost "new SIM/port in" deals on OzB until we get some more recharge deals. You'd think OzB Boost users never actually recharge their plans.

    Porting out and in has the potential to be a pain during COVID.

    • The expiry is 12months though so it's not like you have to port out/back in every 3 months or whatever.

      By 12months time that this is up for recharge the support centers will probably be back to normal capacity.

  • SH!T. Missed out 😭

  • Are there any more offerings?

    It's out of stuck for us but there's a few that still want to buy it.

  • +1

    Lucky, I am still the $150 customer and can still recharge $150 for 80GB. 365days.