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NordVPN 90% Cashback (Was 30%) @ Cashrewards


Greetings everyone, Cashrewards just increased their rate on NordVPN to the best rate so far :)

Note: New NordVPN customers only.


  1. Click through the main link in this post to the NordVPN page on Cashrewards.
  2. Press "Shop Now" (ensure any Adblocking or other software is disabled)
  3. Choose 2 year plan after clicking "Get NordVPN" on the Nord page
  4. On the checkout page, ensure you select the 2-year plan for $89 USD, enter your information in and put United States (or any other no VAT country) as the country.
  5. Press Continue and go through the remaining checkout process.

Access 5,100 servers worldwide
No logs policy
Connect 6 devices at the same time

This also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you have any issues with Cashback tracking you're always backed by this to be able to cancel in time :)

Equates to $8.9 USD for 2 years after cashback! (Depending on exchange rate fluctuations).


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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +1 vote

    Was also 90% cashback just a few weeks ago =)
    Fantastic deal, though I find NordVPN just a tad slower and less reliable compared to PIA

    • +1 vote

      I initially set-up a random US server on my router and it was not the fastest. I disabled VPN and went to https://nordvpn.com/servers/tools/, selected the country and downloaded the OpenVPN UDP settings for the suggested server. It's been quite fast, around 80Mbps/35Mbps (wireless MacBook).




      Solid deal.


    Nord, PIA or Express VPN?

  • +1 vote

    PIA has 90% cashback as well

  • +8 votes

    Does it mean we are buying something 90% overpriced :)


    What are people using VPN for? access oversea netflix? P2P? average user really need this?

    • +1 vote

      You can use for video streaming, secure browsing…..

      Nord is pretty good, satisfied customer for last few months

    • +1 vote

      Basically ask yourself;

      Would I be OK with 'authority figure' seeing my search history without context.

      Because thats the risk of metadata.
      For example, I do legal whitehat network penetration testing.
      This usually means I want/need copies of the latest malware, trojans and exploits.
      Without context, that metadata looks bloody suspicious.

      My mate was going to uni for international relations, and aiming for a position on the UN.

      Shortly after 9/11 he was asked (by his ISP, but im guessing there was higher motivation…) why his history showed him looking up extremist movements and other 'bad' stuff.

      Truth was, he was doing a paper on what extremists believed was wrong, and how the truth could be portrayed to people who are misinformed (basically, high-tension relations).

      But once again; that metadata looks sketchy as all hell without context.

      If all you do is stuff you could repeat without context, then nah, an average user has no use for a VPN (with the exception of unlocking geo restricted stuff).




    This is posted multiple times a month. At what point is this fraudlent advertising as this is effectively the normal price?


      The poster isn't associated though, so how could it be fraudulant?

      • +5 votes

        As in, the practice of near-constantly advertising your product at 90% off through various discounts, implying that it's an incredibly good deal, when realistically it's almost always this price. Is this not functionally price jacking?

        Also, this is OP's first and only interaction with the website. The account was created specifically to post this… I don't think you should expect the associated tickbox to be gospel…

        • Please don't accuse new members of sockpuppeting. It isn't welcoming and you should use the report link so moderators can investigate.


      Its actually good, i was waiting for a 90%off offer for a VPN

  • +2 votes

    A word of warning if you need SOCKS5 servers: I've been a NordVPN customer for >2 years and use their html SOCKS5 servers. Over the past few months they have been cutting down on the number of SOCKS5 servers available, first the Aussie ones were taken away, then the NZ one, now there are only ~10 and they are all in Europe/US, and I've had issues connecting to some of these. Each time I contact support they reply with the same copypasta about how they are reorganising servers, there are fewer than usual, and they don't know when it will return to "normal", and then tell me to try a different country/ip.


    lets see how much i get back

    • +1 vote

      Paid $124.48 AUD
      Estimated Amount back - $108.49 AUD
      Total $15.99

      close to 90%


    I never get these 90% off deals. What does the VPN get out of a $10 customer for 3 years who is going to cancel as soon as they sign up? Are they hoping people forget so they can rebill at full price? Then there's the CR site. I assume they get a few % remaining which would be a few dollars at most.


      NordVPN is (likely; it's easy to obfuscate your tracks with no data) a tunnel for other paid services offering business grade VPN offerings.
      A few have been caught doing this in the past, and almost all the budget VPN providers show some strange packets if you sniff your entire network stream.

      It's really at no risk to the customer (assuming their app is strong, and you don't have a data limit); but it's frowned upon that companies do it.

      So, assuming all the experts who are convinced of this, are correct; they get another node to guarantee that their business grade sister offerings are 'perfect', and you get a VPN to mask your IP.

      If you're interested in providers who are unlikely to do that; you can look into ones owned and operated in EU jurisdictions; because the GDPR forbids them sending your data to someone else without you authorizing it (example; Mulvad).
      Or you could go for someone who's be independently audited, and you have to spend 'real money' to have their service (example, hide.me).


    In the past it was 3 years and now it's mostly 2 years


    This daily post is starting to feel like advertising. But then again, any of the posts are just adverts for products with RRP these days based on stock availability.


    Thanks OP, I just signed up. Now to try and setup Amazon Prime US to watch in Oz. Not much success so far.
    PS How long does it take for the Cash Reward to come through?


      Not that anyone would do it; because its illegal…

      But if you have the harddrive space, a torrent is breaking the same law.
      Either way you're streaming the data to a location that has no rights to access the copyright.


        Ironically, the movies I like are usually old westerns and war movies, where 98% of the people are deceased. With the exception of Genghis Khan which I believe is a 100%.

        PS I just signed into Cash Rewards, and it says its there?


      Do you know you have to pay for Amazon US to access the US library, right? If you pay Amazon AU and access Amazon Prime Video US (using a VPN), you will only have access to the default content (the common library which is available worldwide), not the US content. I used to watch Amazon US (paying US Prime subscription) before 2018. I even paid for US and AU for one year, but then it was too expensive, and I wouldn't use the other benefits of Prime US anymore, so I cancelled and kept my AU subscription only.

      Unfortunately, it's not like Netflix whose content is linked to the IP address location only.

      If you log into your Amazon Prime (AU) account, you will find this:

      I haven't tried, but I think you can download AU-exclusive content to play in the US (or using US VPN), but you can't download US content using your AU account.

      Let me know if I am wrong.