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Xiaomi Mi 144Hz WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 34" $589.99 Delivered @ Gearbite via Catch


Yet another Xiaomi curved gaming monitor deal.
Official Aust stock.
10 bucks cheaper than the last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563581
5 bucks cheaper than the current EBay's so called 15% off deal https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-Curved-34-144Hz-WQHD-2...
Even cheaper if you have stocked up Catch gift cards (previous 10% and 15% off GC deals).
Don't forget to use CR and Shopback cash back.

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  • Really hope that this one can go cheaper in Australia. It has gone down to $399 in China

    • Bought mine for 540 from one of the earliest deals. Shipping + Taxes from china would bring it to $500 minimum. I'd be happy with anything low 500s.

      Great monitor btw.

      • does yours have brightness flicking? mine does when I game and nothing works. I use 2080 gpu what do you have?

        • I notice some minor flickering with freesync on, depending on the game. Probably just a freesync/gsync compatability issue.

          I don't use freesync normally so doesn't bother me.

        • hey just wondering if you have found a solution to the brightness flickering issue?
          Looking into buying this monitor.

    • Just look at the votes on this comment. Seems that this deal is only considered to about $10 off the normal price in the eyes of Gearbite. It also seems they'll be doing it under $500 but I don't think so.

      • It's been sub $500 before I think sometimes in August

        $600 on Catch -$50 gift card discount - $60 Flybuys

        This would be the only way, it's unlikely that you'll be able to get it for $500 without some sort of cash back

        Also why do people like this monitor so much, to me it's like a duck 🦆, trying to do it all, but doesn't really do anything well

  • I bought the gigabyte for $680 for gsync and higher brightness but almost bought this instead

    • Which Gigabyte? If you mean the G34WQC, it is also only officially Freesync, but both are 'G-Sync supported.'

  • This will only be a deal when it gets to sub $500 ……

  • Any comments about the 4ms response time?

    • While this monitor is not good enough at 144Hz, 4ms is not inherently a bad thing.

      4 ms = 4/1000 s

      1000 / 4 = 250 Hz

      So if the average response time was 4 ms, this would be a great 240Hz monitor. However in this case (as with most listings) it's a peak response time, and VA actually has quite a wide range of response times compared to the other two LCD technologies, often averaging out poorly and showing clear ghosting and dark smearing.

      When you're seeing '1ms response time' you're seeing one of three things:

      • newer 240Hz panels that actually do peak at or under 1ms in a useable mode
      • panels that don't actually peak at this level without using an overdrive setting that looks horrid due to overshoot (so, a marketing ploy, e.g LG's recent QHD 144Hz IPS panels)
      • panels that only reach 1ms under MPRT definitions (ie. strobing backlight) and almost always have awful strobe crosstalk

      Pay zero mind to '1 ms' claims, and look up a technical review from TFTCentral, RTings, Hardware Unboxed or PCMonitors.info.

  • anyone have brightness flicking mine does..

    • Yes, I got it too when freesync is enabled and in the game. I thought it was my setup (GTX1070). I turned it off for now. I’m surprised there isn’t anyone else mentioned this issue when I googled it before.

      Edit: There are quite a few discussion already on this. Best explanation I found is from this sute:

      • so basically get a higher average FPS will help so better vid card?

      • I also get it in menus on Call of Duty, but not in-game. Using AMD GPU (5700). I wasn't sure if I was going crazy or not, or whether it was the actual menu scrreens (in one season there was an underground carpark background animations with a flickering fluoro light that meant I wasn't sure if it was the monitor or not)

  • Now listed at $569, with another $25 off if you use Latitude Pay!