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[iOS] Free 1 Year Membership for Meditation App "Balance" for World Mental Health Day


I got this newletter email today so would like to share with everyone.
This offer maybe end today. please use the link after you sign up with "Balance".

Link: https://ablink.balanceapp.com/ss/c/Lm6p10-48VcCui0nqrWSQp_Cc...

This is one year free membership trail, after that will be $114.99/year. Make sure unsubscribe at least 24 hours before renewal date if you don't like it or any reason.

It's an extremely stressful time in the world right now. Between the ongoing pandemic, major elections, and general social unrest, millions of people are feeling an impact on their mental health. And we want to do what we can to help.

This month, in honor of World Mental Health Day, we’re offering a free one-year subscription to Balance to anyone who wants it.

To unlock your free year, go to the payment page in the app or tap the button below on your iPhone or iPad.
Unlock Free Year

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    Unlock your free year by emailing [email protected] for instructions.

    You don't actually need to do this, just download the app and set it up (creating an account is required) then you'll be prompted to "Unlock free year of Balance".

    It'll ask you to subscribe to the 1-year free trial, which is followed by a charge of $114.99 per year which you're authorising to start in October 2021.

    You have 364 days to cancel it (up to 24 hours before billing is scheduled), but you can cancel straight away and still get the full year of access. To do that (on iOS):

    • Open the Settings app
    • Tap on Apple ID
    • Open Subscriptions
    • Tap Balance: Meditation & Sleep
    • Tap Cancel Free Trial and then confirm in the dialogue that pops up

    You can do it on a Mac via iTunes by using the link at the top of this page.

    • Thanks, Just wanting to confirm if there is no tick next to the monthly or annual subscription then it wont renew?

      I get paranoid with these things that i have done it wrong.

      • You’ll see on the subscription screen that your subscription expires on x date. Done it a number of times, all good.

    • Is that the new pricing? My subscription from the free 1year trial in March will renew at $48.99

    • Thanks mate

    • Thanks mate, I didn't know about this. Work great and my subscription will work till 5th Oct. 2021.