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50% off Optus Choice Month-to-Month Plans (For 2 Years) When Porting in More than One Service (In Store Only) at Optus


Optus are currently offering a 50% discount on your second service when you port it in. I just signed up in store and was told if you upgrade or sign up a new mobile plan you can get a 50% discount on any additional mobile services if you port in from another provider.

For $73.50 per month I got both my partner and I on their $49 plan with 120GB of data to share between us. I asked the sales rep in store this can be done on any of their “choice” sim only and handsets plans.

However, I cannot find the deal on their website so you may need to ask for it in store

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  • Assuming this is for the sim component only? Not device repayments?

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    How long does the discount last for?

  • I recently ported from Optus to Boost. Optus had the worst internet connection I ever know. I had 60 gb per month and I couldn't even use 10 gb. Now the speed of internet is at least usable. Will never ever go back to optus again. I was paying $80 per month. Now just 24.

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      Lots of variables to be considered including handset supported network frequencies, local available frequencies, and local congestion. I have found Telstra to be worse in some locations and better in others.

  • I messaged Sales through Optus app and got the following response
    “The offer is 25% discount on the second plan when you bringover two serivces“

    • yeah 25% online or 50% if you bother to go in Store

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    This "deal" has been around for a while. AFAIK it is in store only. I was offered it a few weeks ago when comparing prices.

    It's only for customers porting into Optus. All of your new services need to be ported in if you want the discount. Any new numbers don't get a discount.

    I was told I'd need to lock in 2 year contract, "but if you sign up today I can ask my manager about reducing that to 1 year". I couldn't get a straight answer on the early termination charges. When I asked about the Critical Information Summary, they only had the CIS for the standard advertised plans, nothing for this "deal". It felt too dodgy for my liking.

  • Yes, I got the same offer as well about a week ago. No contract, it is month by month contract. Very decent deal for us; my partner is now on $24.50; the 50% discount will only last for 2 years, however you can leave anytime.

  • can confirm there is no lock in for the 50% port in.
    and 50% lasts for 24 months.
    and once the 50% is expired you can still get 25% indefinitely

    got the info and ported over my family members as well.
    Optus has improved significantly where I live in WA

  • I'm using the Optus sim plan, can I upgrade plan and get the 50% off offer?

    • On your first service or are you getting a second service?

  • Can the first service be NBN or does it have to be mobile plan?

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    Just did this yesterday in store. Was told that it ends this Saturday. I asked if it is for any new service and they said it has to be a Port in to get the 50% off otherwise if it is a new service they offer a 25% discount on the new service for two years

    • Thanks jcaf, will try to get this tonight.

  • Yeah i tried today and was told it's only 25% now… not happy as just ended telstra contract yesterday

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