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AmEx Statement Credits: Mycar Tyre & Auto (Formerly Kmart Tyre and Auto Service) Spend $400, Get $100 Back


Same credit as offered earlier in the year:


New tyres anyone?

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  • +14

    Never have I come across a more aggressive upseller than My car. You might be booked for a oil change but you WILL come out with a NEW engine. Despite using KMART TYRE for 10 years my first experience made me change my mechanic. Ps. All the items you say I needed are still working fine a year later.

    • +2

      Funny thing is dentists started doing this too. Went for a 6-monthly clean and was told I need filling on tooth X
      Went to another dentist, nada that tooth is fine.

      • +2

        That’s why you get a busy dentist that you need to book 1/2 weeks in advance

      • Dentists are notorious. I dont let them book me in for 6 months time. I'll call them when I feel I need it.

        • That's my experience with a PRIVATE dentist.

          They said I had cavities and showed me on the pen-video thing on screen (which I now suspect was pre-recorded of someone else).
          Said I'll think about it, just clean up.

          Then I went to the public/govt dentists a while later and they said no caries! Forgot to ask are they able to heal itself??

          I reckon government dentists have better standards and regulation; privates just wanna milk you under the table.

    • Weird, never had that experience at my local Mycar, they have always been great.

      • -1

        So was my date, charming, smooth and thoroughly obliging. I will never forget how nice Jeffrey Dahmer was.

      • Same, my locals at sylvania Southgate, and id recommend them. Friendly, no upselling, and no problems touchwood

    • +1

      I really enjoyed your description because I had the same experience with them recently. They told me I needed all this stuff at X price.

      Went to another shop run by some nice Asian peeps recommended by family friends and was told didn't need all the things listed and done at much more reasonable prices.

      I would never use MyCae again.

  • +3

    Think these folks are also doing the Bridgestone buy 3 get one free so could work even better

    • Do they sell Bridgestone

      • MY CAR is a German firm that own continental tyres.

        • Mate, that's a load of rubbish. Continental are a massive corporation, trading as "Continental AG (Xetra)" on the Stuttgart exchange.

          • +6

            @mrau: Wesfarmers has sold its Kmart Tyre and Auto Service (KTAS) business to automotive firm Continental AG for $350 million. The sale, announced this morning, will see Australia's largest employer of apprentice motor mechanics transition into foreign ownership for the first time since 1992.Aug 12, 2018
            finance.nine.com.au › kmart-tyr…
            Wesfarmers sold Kmart Tyre Auto Service for $350 million …

            Looking forward to your apology mrau

    • +1

      They’ll match continental per tyre price (found online) and then did 4 for 3 promo for me. That was Box Hill, VIC.

      Edit unsure about Bridgestone I think they stopped selling them.

      • How did you get a 4 for 3 promo as well? I've got them to price match someone (took a bit of effort too mind you) but wouldn't even budge to stack on the Conti $100 instant cashback because the place I'm using for price match isn't eligible.

      • I think Bridgestone were running 4 for 3 so I asked

  • +1

    I did not get on my discovery card. Is there a link to it?

  • Amex app showing only few selected stores on mine.
    I wonder whether this is only targeted to that store only?

    • +1

      App will often show you just the nearest few but it’s usually valid at most if not all.

    • For me it shows ten different stores from Camberwell out to Wantirna. It’ll be valid at all locations.

  • +1

    Get them to price match tires and get a further discount using this. Used it last time. Worked a treat. Don't forget flybuys.

    • +1

      Just did this on a set of Potenza RE003s. Their quote was $1020 (lol), and got them to beat my local Bridgestone who incorporated a B3GOF into their offer of $690 aligned.

      $586 + flybuys points, great result

  • +1

    might be a targeted one, can't see it in Offers.

  • +1

    Of course.. waited many months for this and finally changed my tyres a few weeks ago and it pops up 😭

    • Same, I just spent $380 2 days ago in Mycar…..

    • Haha, happen to me last year with this deal. I feel your pain

  • any promotion like buy 3 get 1 free now? I remember they can do price matching?

    BTW, when purchasing tyres, does the price normally include Wheel alignment and balancing ?

    • Balancing yes, alignment no

      • thanks….I always thought balancing and aligment are the same thing….so I need to pay extra for alignment when purchasing the tyres?

        • +1

          Yes if I recall it's an extra $80 or so, but may also depend on the mycar store.

    • +1

      Bridgestone and Yokahama have those promos going on right now for specific tyre ranges.

    • I got a price beat albeit by $1 per tyre. I got free wheel alignment but the competitor must state it. Wheel balance is included IIRC.

  • I read Myer for some reasons!! off to drink my coffee…

  • +1

    Kmart Tyre & Auto Service. Spend $400 and get $100 back…it won't be that simple. That $400 spent was supposed to be $200 in the first place but somehow it ended up double. Had a friend whom took her Echo in for a simple service but ended up paying $700. That was ages ago but by their change of company name their reputation wouldn't have improved over the years.

    • I think most are just interested in stacking with tyre promos.

      The quality of the mechanical side of things will vary from store to store.

      I know my local one has a very good reputation and great communication with fair prices.

      • Yeah, if you know exactly what you are doing it's a good deal. Just be weary if you take it in for a service. There are a lot of people out there who would just freak out when told the car has a major fault.

        • yeah, I heard this before too. Keep in minding you just go their to change tyres — only tyres…

  • darn.. I am booked in for tires change for tomorrow but I am not targetted.

    • Have you used this previously? If so then you wouldn't be targeted (at least all my cards that was used there last year weren't being targeted).

      • Yes, I think your assumption is right. I've used that last year.

  • Just wondering if there is ever a 2 tyre deal. Only prepared to change two front ones but all deals are for 4 tyres.

    • +1

      you'll see % off or cashback depending on the manufacturer but not a BOGOF.

  • I purchased tyres from a local MyCar and had a puncture repair at another MyCar and they've been great to deal with. Highly recommended

  • Any recommendations for 225/45 R17 tyres?

    • I'm not sure if the same one but get the pirellis?

    • Pirelli dragon sport or potenzas (more expensive but better handling)

  • i didn't find it

  • I used the previous deal to get two Pirelli's PZERO at MyCar Knox. Chris was helpful and kind enough to allow me to use two cards, one per tyre. Service was good.

  • Nil on my charge card, brought 4 tyres from the pervious deal, still haven't fitted them yet LOL

  • Thanks

  • +1

    KTAS, where the Area Manager asked me how they could be expected to be up to date with all Manufacturer logbook service requirements even though they specifically offer in their advertising Manufacturer logbook services.

    Probably the same mechanics employed by MyCar, probably the same area Manager employed by MyCar and still absolutely NO chance of me ever giving them my business ever again.

  • Do they sell gc ?

  • Need 4 "225/65 R17" tyres for my Honda CRV located at Sydney. Any recommendation ?

  • Be careful if you’re getting tyres from them, at no point I’ve asked them to do a wheel alignment but they’ve gone and done it anyway.

    Before anyone having a go at me for not getting an alignment done with my new tyres, I was going to get it done elsewhere.

    As for anyone tossing between PS4S and the Conti CSC6, PS4S is a no brainer. Buyer’s remorse kicking in hard right now.

    • how much can u really save on wheel alignment somewhere else? pretty much everywhere charges the same?

  • -1

    When do you actually have to use this by?

  • $100 a tyre cheaper to buy from other shop. Tried to do a service with them and want to bring my own part (which they charge double), they are not allowing it. Price is also not negotiable. Pity. Will go somewhere else

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