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Fitbit Sense (Carbon/Graphite) $424.15 + Shipping (Free with eBay Plus) @ The Good Guys eBay


Cheapst I have seen for Fitbit sense. Code PGGUYS15 (previously posted).

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  • Have always got flagship fitbits, currently on the ionic, but not sure about the sense. High cost aside, most of the new features apparently require a continuous subscription to Fitbit Premium.

    • I agree, with you. Has great sensors, etc… but when you want some key stats and observations, they promote their subscription. But really love their warranty policy, my Versa broke after 2.5 years. Replaced by Fitbit for a Versa 2 and my replacement band broken after an year and they replaced it also.

      I hope something good comes for Fitbit / wear OS after Google acquisition. For now, happy with Versa 2

      • I've always had good experiences with their warranty claims process! Though I must admit if I buy from JB I always buy an extended warranty. Fitbits are notoriously unreliable, though having said that, the Versa and Ionics we have currently seem to be holding up well! JB extended warranties are cheap insurance and a straight swap/credit, rather than have to waste half your life and blood pressure on fighting for your (alleged) "consumer rights". Helps with resale value of your old tech too, so never really goes to waste that way.

    • Have always got flagship fitbits, currently on the ionic

      Lol that's 3 years old

  • How is this latest fitbit compare to Apple watch series 6 or SE?
    Seems price point wise it's close to SE

    • Only reason I see to go with a Fitbit in 2020 is because you're an Android user.

      • Fitbit have far better health and sleep metrics and only need to be charged around once a week, not daily.

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        I am apple user for many years. Still bought 2 fitbit sense units for me and wife. Fitbit has more sensors for fitness and if you already own other Fitbit gadgets like Aria 2, Fitbit is the best choice. I dont like charging the watch every 18 hours when the phone holds the charge for more than a day. We own 2 fitbit surge units bought in 2015 and still going strong. Only reason to buy is, we are tired with them. Otherwise they are still working good after 5 years. Another reason to stick with Fitbit.

        • Surge here too, got it in 2013-14ish I think, still going fine aside from the band.

          I do want to stay with fitbit with reasons mentioned, battery life etc, and the Sense on paper does look good, the reviews are scaring me off though.
          Apparently the new ticwatch on the SD4100 does get 4 days battery, and with the dual screen business it can last much longer. The wear OS app landscape is terrible however, so on the ticwatch seems you mostly use a bunch of apps made by mobvoi which I'm not too keen on.

          Basically can't decide what to do :D

      • Well google did buy them for $2.1Billion USD last November, so I am waiting to see how these work with the pixel or android pones

        • Fitbit is still waiting for EU's approval for the purchase. Technically Google hasn't bought them yet, it's only an offer. Hence why they were really slow on pushing out new devices.

    • Have a look at this review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukvkulID0q0 Currently all new gen Fitbit sensors are a bit inaccurate (GPS & HR). Hopefully it will get better through firmware update

  • Fitbit prices are getting crazy for their continuous unreliability. Regardless of fitbit model or phone brand, I have connection issues. Garmin and Xiaomi have been flawless.

  • Seems like heaps of bugs. What Qualcomm chip is the fitbit running? I cant find it on a quick google search.

  • I have the Sense, ama.

    • Thoughts? Regrets? I’ve pulled the trigger on this deal already should I get a refund? I’m an Apple user and have an old series 3 but I liked the extra features the sense offers ie non a bullshit sleep app.

      • I recently did a big switch away from Apple gear so I'm coming from an Apple Watch S5.

        It's much more a sport watch than a Smart watch, but it does the core things I want.

        Payments - FitPay
        Fitness Tracking - Obvs, it does this very well
        Notifications - These work, I only like the important stuff getting to my wrist.

        Issues; it's not as smooth as I'd expect from such an expensive device, but I guess the trade off is battery life, which is fantastic compared to the S5. I actually use sleep tracking because I can go for up to 5 days without having to charge it.

        The watch faces are a bit lacking, Fitbit really needs some better designers.

        App situations is…meh, but I dont use many watch Apps.

        Alexa on the watch is good and does most things I used Siri for.

        My Recs:
        If you want a Smart Watch first and have an iPhone, get an Apple Watch.
        If you want a Smart Watch first and have a Galaxy, get a Galaxy watch; or the TicWatch Pro 3 / New Fossils if you prefer a more Googly watch

        If you want a fitness watch that is also smart and want EXCELLENT battery, the Sense is a great pick.

        It's mainly about priorities. If you dont want to worry about Battery and that's key, the Fitbit is great, but if you're prioritising experience as a Smart Watch, go for something else

    • Have an Ionic, not sure if it is worth getting the Sense and having to pay for Fitbit Premium to get full functionality from it. What are your thoughts on this?

      • I'm not sure what exactly is behind premium, but it comes with 6 months so I dont mind giving it a go.
        I'd rather give some funds to Fitbit so build strong competition that just throw money at Apple or Google tbh

        • Its been hard to find what features are behind the Premium.To be honest at that price tag all the analysis should be included as standard as they did in previous fitbits.

          • @Bargainhunter83: I think there is a place for a subscription model of on-going data processing and algorithm adjustment, I just feel that Fitbit Premium is a bit too expensive for casual use. But it's hard for companies like Fitbit to survive next to the likes of Apple and Google.

        • But, you will throw money to Google once the acquisition of Fitbit is completed…

          • @OhWellThen: C'est la vie; until then I'm trying to support the little-er guys :P

            • @mrgnarchr: Good point.
              What do you think about the subscription and and the watch itself so far? I was looking at it but the reviews seems to be mixed.
              And just a few days ago I read about Amazfit GTS2/GTR2, which is almost in the same class, thus I may consider it too.

              • @OhWellThen: I dont know anything about the Amazfit unfortunately and I gave a rundown about my feelings of the Sense above.

                The thing about wearables is everything is a trade off.

                Best Sport Watch is probably a Garmin
                Best Smart Watch is probably the Apple Watch (or Galaxy Watch for Galaxy users, and TicWatch Pro 3)

                But the Garmin lacks a lot of Smarts and the AW & GW don't have great battery life.

                I like the Sense because it managed to do most of the smart things I want, while lasting like 6 days on a single charge. It's not the fastest or the most flexible wearable, but if you're happy with a wearable that gets fitness tracking right and has enough smarts to be a good phone companion and don't want to be charging it every night, the Sense isn't a bad pick.

  • Does anyone know if their subscription service has a family plan or something similar? can it have multiple devices under one? or would i need to sign up for each of the devices?

  • Any news when Amex is going to be supported by Fitbit Pay?

  • Might be better to get those earlier gens of Apple Watches or Amazfit GTR2 or GTS2 once available?

  • It appears that the only difference between this and the Versa 3 are the 2 additional sensors, is this correct?