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Amazon AU: up to 10% Cashback (Was 7%) @ ShopBack


Updated rates as per below:

  • Jewellery 10.00%
  • Amazon Devices (Includes Echo, Fire TV & Tablet, Kindle, Ring Smart Security, Eero Mesh Wi-Fi) 10.00%
  • Shoes, Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses & Accessories 10.00%
  • Apparel 10.00%
  • Luggage & Backpacks 7.50%
  • Premium Beauty 7.50%
  • Watches 7.50%
  • Sports & Outdoors 7.50%
  • Automotive (Includes Car Care, Tools & equipments, Oil & Fluids, Motorbike Accessories) 7.50%
  • Alcohol (Includes Wine, Beer & Spirits, Pre-Mixed Drinks) 7.50%
  • Home (Includes Bed Bath, Decor, Storage & Organisation, Heaters, Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Mattresses, Furniture) 7.50%

Referral Links

Referral: random (4056)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +22

    Wasn't this provider hacked recently

  • +16

    After the data breach, not sure if these increase incentives is enough.
    Still waiting for the consequences to hit with the breach.

    • +3

      Your basically getting incentivized to get doxxed

  • +3


    Downvote due to issues with the company.

    • +14

      Lol people still believe in data privacy in this days and age

      Also if you care that much about privacy, why are you using cashback in the first place, how do you think they make enough money to consider going IPO

      • +1

        Yes better not use any of these companies as well

        • And avoid Service NSW, don't renew your rego!! :P


        • +1

          Check if your data been sold :

          My long term email was : Oh no — pwned!
          Pwned on 2 breached sites and found no pastes (subscribe to search sensitive breaches)

          I was aware of one .

          • @popsiee: My main email was breached on 3 sites, would explain the random "did you log in" requests I've been getting. Two of them I wasn't aware of and looking through emails never contacted about it.
            Shopback wasn't there though, assuming not breached then?

      • The old facile all or nothing argument. I'll bite - how does SB make its money? Seems you're suggesting it's by selling user information?

        • well, they are able to gather a lot of data from you, such as what you like to buy, what price you like to buy at, when you like to go shopping, etc.

          I don't think that they would sell your data directly but maybe a mutually beneficial data sharing of some sort (for example, they could share this with facebook, facebook then use this information to personalize your ads and they could get some sort of kickback, idk this for sure, but it seems plausible)

          Cashback services collect a lot of data. This would be fine if it stayed within the company, says Jen King, director of consumer privacy at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, but she suspects that isn’t the case.

          Though major companies like Rakuten do not sell information to third parties, they do share it. And while the data these companies trade is anonymized, identifying users isn’t difficult, especially if you share your location with an app or website.

          King says that for cashback users who would like to retain a semblance of privacy, the safest option would be to use a separate browser only for shopping.

          The common perception that our information is just “one little point in a giant database,” King says, is misleading. While many of us feel more secure hiding in the crowd of aggregate information, the vast scale of data collection actually makes the problem worse.

          The more information companies are able to collect, the more valuable they become — there’s a reason so many cashback sites have referral programs.

          On an individual level, connecting all of your purchases to a single platform could make you more vulnerable to price discrimination. On a broader level, King compares the issue of privacy protection with the concept of recycling. In both cases, individual, seemingly insignificant choices can contribute to a larger problem — or solution.

          “Privacy is not a just an individual thing, it’s a collective thing,” King said. “If we all keep continuing to let companies do this, one day we’ll all turn around and not have any.”

          I am not sure on the reliability of this article, but I think it is somewhere along this line

          • @ln28909: You implied something without evidence to back it up? I'm shocked /s. Change your nic to idk. Most retailers collect info which they share with affiliates. They DON'T share your banking/payment data.

            • @DisabledUser67242: I was addressing people concern with regards to privacy and cashback i.e. what they are foregoing and the potential consequences, obviously there's uncertainty otherwise the concern wouldn't exist lol

              Your payment method has little value in terms of big data and deep learning, it's for scammers that are looking for a quick buck

              Your habits, hobbies, etc. Those are valuable as if you have massive data there are many things that you can learn from it

              • @ln28909: You're conflating two distinct problems. The primary concern with the SB breech (and most other data breeches of this sort) was loss of personal information - names, dob, emails, bank account details etc - which can, and is used, for "identity theft". Doubt many, if any, were concerned about their shopping habit info being stolen.

                • @DisabledUser67242: I don't see how those are of concern if they leak.

                  Names, DOB, email = already on FB, I personally alter them slightly on cashback site so yeah don't see the reason for concern here.

                  Bank accounts: if those were really leaked or if there was significant information to compromise them, we wouldn't be here to just downvoting them on Ozbargain

                  so yeah if you concern about privacy, you should be concerned about your thoughts and habits being analyzed by AI as trivial things like name, DOB, email are pretty much so easy for someone with some coding knowledge to find out anyway

                  • @ln28909:

                    I don't see how those are of concern if they leak.

                    You been living under a rock for a decade or more? Here, enjoy the discussion or google identity theft and spend a few hours reading the experiences of some who've been caught up in the tangled mess it creates.

                    Without "trivial things" like name, age, email, address etc then shopping and other data is relatively useless. But that's not the point here.

                    • @DisabledUser67242: well it's probably hard to understand since you don't use social media such as FB, or buy and sell things on Gumtree

                      • @ln28909: You make a lot of assumptions. You may be oblivious to or not care about the risks of ID theft but I understand exactly what you're suggesting about big data aggregation.

                        • @DisabledUser67242: well I personally don't care, I like to gamble lol, but if people are paranoid, isn't it better to make more assumptions than less, so when things really happened, you can still handle it cause it is less than what you were preparing for?

                          • @ln28909: ID theft is far from paranoia. Obviously you don't care. Good news is that the law of averages helps even the most naive.

      • "LOL"

  • About time Amazon allows pandemic hits : grog , toys and video games .

  • +7

    Oh awesome, I look forward to lodging an investigation with Shopback in a week's time. :)

  • +7

    Shopback and Amazon don't seem to play very well with each other. I seem to get one transaction after another rejected and the effort involved in challenging isn't worth it.

  • +11

    Look we know Shopback stuffed up. That's part of human nature. Your data security is a two way street. Don't give out valuable information to a company for a measly 3% cashback.

    Use fake data if you have to, the only data shopback has on me is my email and mobile and password which is a randomly generated string.

    They are providing a good service and I've received over $700 cashback from these guys which is fantastic. Facebook is 300x size of these guys stores much more data on you and your location, friends and whereabouts and have never given you back a cent. Give them a break.

    • +2

      'Don't give out valuable information to a company for a measly 3% cashback.'

      That's impossible. You will have to give them your bank account details when you ask for a cash payout

      • +8

        Nah you can just use PayPal, no need to give them your bank details.

    • +1

      Facebook is 300x size of these guys stores much more data on you and your location, friends and whereabouts and have never given you back a cent.

      That why my FB has : Use fake data

      • Yeah agree and there are so many times we have seen news about Facebook data misused, breaches or hearing someone we know got their FB account hacked …etc.
        Some people are ridiculous

    • +1

      Found the shill

  • +2

    Shopback has time to create more deals but not enough time or effort to send a followup email about their breach that surrendered all customer private data to the dark web.

    Priorities ay.

    They should be blacklisted from ozbargain for 3 months so they can think about what they did.

    "To date, we have no reason to believe that any of your personal data has been misused" - shopback made this claim 12 days ago. I don't think they can say the same thing today.

  • What items we can't wait to buy until Amazon Prime day?

  • Looking at buying a Kindle. Worth grabbing now at 10% cashback (Up from 7%) or waiting to see if they are discounted on Amazon Prime day?

    • They will be discounted on prime day

    • I’d assume kindles likely to be more than 10% off on Prime day.

  • +4

    Concerns about privacy aside, most of my Shopback claims don't track. No point at all.

  • +3

    Shopback should be blacklisted on Ozbargain

  • +3

    Not gonna use SB until some form of compensation is given for their data breach. Saying sorry and measly perks for being complacent isn't enough.

    • +3

      They haven't even referred people to IDCare for advice, let alone offer to pay for an ID theft/takeover and/or credit monitoring service.

      I think you'll be waiting a VERY long time for that compensation.

  • +2

    Bought something via the shopback app
    No cashback triggered
    Wrote to shopback describing my purchase via the app

    Received message a week later stating cashback did not trigger, and next time try using the app to ensure cashback triggers!

    And a few days later data breach

  • +1

    Wow, so much negativity.

    I can see why companies would be tempted to hush up this kind of thing, hoping they can avoid all the negative publicity.

    I don't like hearing about data breaches any more than others, but I do credit Shopback with informing their customers in a timely manner. Mistakes happen, in any company, that's unavoidable. What matters is how they are dealt with.

    • +3

      I definitely appreciate them telling me now rather than a year later like with Yahoo and other data breaches.

    • +2

      They don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts, thankfully they're required to do so by the Privacy Act.

  • +1

    Wonder if CR was to have a data breach (hopefully not lol) whether the OzB community would turn on TA or not make a scene.

    • Why wouldn't they?

      • +1

        It's a shame really, years of trust and good experiences can be taken away so easily.

        Tell me do you negative vote every company that has had a data breach? Or only the ones that actually let their consumers know in a reasonable time frame?

        • It's a shame really, years of trust and good experiences can be taken away so easily.

          The "shame" is that they (Shopback) see their customers as collateral damage rather than the victims.

          Tell me do you negative vote every company that has had a data breach?

          Only the companies that treat seemingly their customers' right to privacy with contempt and where I was a customer of that company. It's congruent with the action I take outside of this platform.

          Or only the ones that actually let their consumers know in a reasonable time frame?

          I won't dignify that with a response.

          • @OzDJ_: I must have missed whatever Shopback said to see their customers as collateral damage, so if any link exists or anything concrete reply with it.

            As for the second point there's more "seemingly" assumptions. What do you expect Shopback to honestly do as a response? Shopback has almost nothing on me besides my email (used for both PayPal and to login) and my phone number. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc have actual data.
            Maybe it's because other companies where my data has been breached have done jackshit I don't exactly expect all this compensation.

            I won't dignify that with a response

            Is still a response.

        • @pp98 We can decide for ourselves who'll we'll target and why. Shopback doesn't manufacture or provide anything useful other than a financial service from which they make SIGNIFICANT profit. Their very existence relies on having a large consumer list. That the privacy of their customers should be ironclad is beyond question. Their systems were inadequate, probably because they couldn't be bothered spending the dollars required on security. Hopefully they've learned. Meantime for those like me who've dumped SB there is a perfectly good Australian alternative which also contributes to charity.

  • +2

    Half of my orders made using Shopback are not tracked for mysterious reasons. Knowing that, I always make sure "my system" is correct, but still… I had stopped using shopback , but a few weeks back I tried again considering increased cashback from Dan Murphy's… Click was tracked, but order 10 seconds later was not. It's now "under investigation". Once the investigation is completed, I'm done with those creatures.

  • Will not buy anything from Amazon before Prime day other than food stuff. Even if Electronics, Video Games and Toys (Lego) were included in the cash back category.

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