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Save $50 off $150 with LatitudePay @ Harvey Norman


Usually i get spam from Havery Norman, but this is probably the first email ever that seems good.

Save $50* with LatitudePay! To celebrate LatitudePay's first birthday, it's your chance to save $50!*

  • Simply spend $150 or more and select LatitudePay at checkout!

  • Offers end 09/10/20. *To redeem $50 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment Schedule. Single use only, offer available at Harvey Norman, online and instore. Minimum spend $150. Product exclusions may apply. Offer ends 11:59pm 09/10/20.

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        • Did they give you guys a $150 limit too? I'm hoping for this promo it means I can spend slightly over but with the $50 off, I would be under my limit

  • What's good for $21?

  • Apple TV 4K 64GB @ $279 - $50 = $229

    • +2

      i dunno if apple tv is worth spending that much at the moment as they are soon releasing a new one with a14 chip which is expected to be incredibly faster in every aspect than the current one available.

      • been rumoured for ages…. I been waiting/tossing up whether to get a reduced 5th gen 32GB for around $200….. at a stretch might be with iphone 12s in a week or so? but others say not til next yr

  • +1

    PS5 controller + Charging Station for $108 - Essentially free charge station

    • Guessing controller is sold out now, can't find it on their site anymore

      Edit: scratch that you need to search dualsense not PS5

    • Yep this is what I did. Had considered the headset itself or some other accessory such as remote/camera etc but in the end went with this combo

  • Is Samsung Galaxy A21s worth $296 - $50?

    • yes anything all $50 off but it has to be over $150

    • Just you'll have a higher % discount if you buy something closer to $150.
      Also if you've got a 28° on the grandfathered insurance, then what's the odd the phone will drop $50+ in the next 12 months..

  • Anyone who missed out on JBL link portable @ $95/100 can now buy it from harvery @129 + 21 item, and -$100 so get the $100 deal ;)

  • +1

    Question - Is there an account fee? once discount applied how do i close it, or is it fine to just let it pay for 10 weeks with no extra fees?

    ty in advance!

    • +1

      no fee not even 5 cents - as long as you pay on time weekly when it is due
      you can close it soon as you have paid it all off.

      • tyty, will just close it when stuff arrives

  • I just bought from Harvey Norman yesterday with Latitude… Wonder if they will give me $50 credit if I mail them.

    • +3

      return and re purchase

  • +2

    Can I just purchase $150 Harvey Norman gift card online?

  • +1

    Apple products are exempt from this.

    • where does it say that? I was about to get the magic mouse.

      • It won't discount the price when you checkout with an Apple item and pay via LatitudePay, whereas for eligible products the $50 comes off the final price.

        • Thanks zzyss. Rules out Apple Watches then :-(

          • +2

            @ozbmm: Add a non-apple product worth over $50 to your cart and it will give you the discount.

    • are all exemptions listed somewhere or need to just add to cart and see?

    • yeah but you can get something else around $50 for free as a consolation.

  • I have gem visa card and I believe they don't do price protection anymore. Any card for price protection with zero or minimum fees?

    • check forums

    • I don't think any does anymore. It used to be 28° and Coles card, which were both offered by latitude/ge money

  • +4

    I managed to get Logitech MX keys keyboard from HN: (1) price match to Megabuy's $189.95, (2) sign up with Latitude Pay, get $50 rebate. Final price for keyboard = $139.95. And it seems I can pay off completely the balance as well - to avoid forgetting to pay installment & fined. Thanks OP!

    • How did you manage to do both? Did you talk to someone over the phone or did you chat with someone via the LiveChat option?

      • +7

        I did this: (1) locate item on HN web site, find chat button on lower right corner, then start a chat. (2) find the same item on Megabuy site, paste the link on chat window for the sales rep, (3) he then gives me a unique URL to click to start purchase, (4) I confirm price match discount, then select LatitudePay for payment, it then shows me $50 discount, then I pay with my CC registered with LP. But first I signed up for LatitudePay of course. Seems pretty straight forward.

        • Thanks! Price matched worked with something from Amazon. Luckily I had two chat windows open, one person from HN said they don't price match Amazon and the other person did the price match immediately.

        • I don't get it, you pay through latitude pay but are still paying with the CC? So does the credit line go on the CC statement or somewhere else? Still trying to figure out whether you can stack latitude pay discount and price protection…

  • is latitude pay something that you have to activate. i get the email from them to activate latitude account but the link is in the email and i'm reluctant to click on any links. i thought my 28 degrees card is already a latitude pay card?

    • Yes, you have to Activate, because it's separate from your 28 degree credit card. The offer email is just that it won't do credit check, because you already have a credit card with them.

  • Want to buy a $150 gift-card and I can't seem to see anything about excluding gift-card purchases?

    • Checked in TGG - doesn't work. Added gift cards to card but in payments you won't get Latitude Pay option. :-/

      • Thanks for the heads up about TGG.

        • Has anyone tried gift cards on the HN website?

    • It would work if it is a cashback type of discount but unfortunately this one is in-cart discount.

  • Can you pay out latitudepay next day and close the account without penalty?

    • Why would you need to cancel? If you have nothing outstanding with them they don't charge anything.

      • +1

        Just don't need another credit facility hang around. :P

    • yeah mate you can pay it out. idk about closing it tho

  • Does hn allow split payment using two lat pay accounts?

  • Has anyone made an order and received a confirmation from Harvey Norman? I've received the latitude pay confirmation email but nothing from Harvey Norman after 15 minutes

    • Check your junk? I received a confirmation email from HN

      • Me too, already been shipped aswell, and paid off lattitude pay!

        • Found that my order failed, Altitude Pay told me that someone might have placed an order at the exact same time so I received an automatic refund.

          Re-ordered but had Harvey Norman do a price match at a lower price to get it closer to $150

  • Can I just sign up purchase the shield, then make the full repayment before closing my account? (Not a fan of the whole BNPL industry but I do like a discount)

  • Why i keep getting inorrect user/pass? Login fine using the app. But just can’t login on app.latitudepay.com..

    Tried resetting and same problem..
    Reset, log off, log on again works fine on the app.

    • clear cookies, try incognito mode?

      • Had to register on the website again.

        Wth. So my details from the android app wasn’t recognized and vice versa.

  • Anyone know if this will work for a pre-order (Cyberpunk 2077)?

    • +1

      It will work on just about anything with a price, I have pre-ordered the ps5 headset as was charged the full amount (minus $50 from latpay) on checkout.

      • awesome thanks. Just pre-ordered it plus some other stuff to make $150 and got the $50 discount.

  • Hi, I'm a 28 degrees cardholder, where can I find the offer email said they wont do credit check?

    I signed up the latitude pay and verify my email, I didnt do the id check yet as there is a tick box said I agree they can do credit check, so I havent go ahead, should I still verify the id then will get the offer email?


    • What offer email are you talking about lol…

      On the app they don’t ask for id verif, but on the website they do. Strange eh?

      • Hi, just saw from other post said they will get an email said they won't do credit check as you are already latitude customer, maybe I will try app.

        • Don’t. I signed up with adroid app and the login doesn’t work with the website, and harveynorman directed you to the website and didn’t open in the app.

          At least that’s what’s happened with android app.

  • thank you I have been after this one for a while now

  • +1

    Cut and paste template for the HM online chat:

    Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard
    920-009418 97855152909

    $189.95 at Megabuy

    Price match please


    Next Steps:

    They will then ask your full name and email.
    On your confirmation in the online chat they reply with the code (link to reduce the checkout down to $189.95)
    Pay via latitude and the $50 is deducted on the last step - took 5 mins to sign up (I did this first to save time)

    • Ah is that how price match in chat works? They can send a code to reduce cart. Thanks!

  • So can I get $50 off at Harvey Norman and The good guys with the one account? Or do I need to make a second account to use at the other store?

    • +3

      You should be able to use it once at every eligible store.

  • Anything for a $1 on the good guys website. What I want is $149.

  • Can it be used more than one time?

    • +1

      Once at each store.

  • Thanks, just bought and then paid off in full. Great discount.

    • See you're smart, you know how to use these offers to your advantage.
      I was new to LP so they only offered me $500 to start off with, paid that off quickly then offered another $100 on top.
      This affords me a no interest, pay on time and no issue way to buy things within a budget.
      Get greedy or over spend and that is no one's fault other than the person who cannot budget.

    • apparently account gets blocked if u pay it off immediately

      • +1

        They sent me a email saying “Talk about kicking goals, you smashed that payment plan”. Then confirmed my available balance was back to max. Maybe if you do it constantly but they haven’t blocked mine. Not that I’d likely use again unless they have similar deals.

  • +1

    Bought or pre-ordered Cyberpunk and Dirt 5, not only already were HN as cheap as other retailers on the games, saving another $25 on each title was a bonus.
    EB games sells Cyberpunk for $109 which is what I paid for both games…

  • +2

    Ughhh don't know what to buy. Of course I'll realise once the deal is over.

    • Did you buy a console PS5 or XBSX at all?, if you did, get some games.
      Buy a gift for your mum and drop the hint of how much it cost, she will love you for it but we all know what you really paid lol.

  • Anything good to bite?

  • -2

    So, I almost bought two PS5 controllers for 218 - 50 = 168 so 22% saving on each controller. However, Latitude adds on two payments so you're actually taking a loan for 201 - not 168 (as mentioned above, they expect 10 payments of the amount / 10; but in the fine print, you are agreeing to pay two extra payments on top). Hence, this deal is not $50 off, but depending on what you buy, it could be 7 percent off (in this case). So I'd be paying back $201.2 from 218, which is a savings of $16.8 - not $50.

    Just thought I should raise this as it doesn't seem to appear above. I think prime deals next week could be cheaper than 7% but perhaps not.

    • you are agreeing to pay two extra payments on top

      Where do you see this??


      • +2

        I don't think he knows what he is talking about, your payments are spread equally over 10 weeks, it doesn't take a genius to work out the weekly payments so spending $150 @ HN minus the $50 voucher would make 10 equal payments of $10 per week.

        My total cost was 157, minus the $50 voucher was $107 making 10 equal weekly payments of $10.70.
        LP does not make you pay anything additional, they pay the merchant for the total cost of products/services, this is then split of 10 equal payments, I know you understand but the other guys certainly does not.
        We do not get charged anything unless we are late, the merchant is charged a service fee for using LP as a payment facility, just the same way AP does.

        Zip pay is different, you get charged $6 per month till your balance is payed in full. I use all 3 and could not be happier, if anything because I have maintained every payment, my credit score has gone up.

        • My payment is linked to my 28degrees card. I just hope I won’t get charged a cash advance fee in repayments.

  • I got approved for $150 limit. How can I buy something for more than $150? Does part payment work?

    • +1

      No, you will have to make it $150

      • What is the usual limit? Would it be higher than 500? I'm thinking of getting my dad to sign up…

        • LP goes up to $1,000 as a limit.
          Read my other comment also it explains things clearer.

    • Oh you should try something for $200 THEN the voucher is applied making your purchase price $150 which is your limit if this makes sense?

  • +1

    28 Degrees is not going to charge cash advance fees for LatitudePay payments right?

  • Ok, so I found 3 Nintendo games to buy one of them is a pre order, when does the discount get applied? When I choose LP the total value doesn't come down by $50.

    • It should be at check out but the value must be $150 or higher.
      I did 2 pre order games @ $157 and only paying $107

      • +1

        Yeh all good. Worked now. Discount shows on LP screen. What did you buy?

        • I got Dirt 5 and Cyberpunk 2077 for SX

  • I have a 28degrees card and got approved for $1000 latitude pay account. However, when I login to latitude pay it shows $0 available credit and the shopping from harvey norman payment method latitudepay doesn't work. It returns to HN site without completing order. What could be wrong, could it be a deliberate marketing campain to get more people to sign up?

    • Now I cant login to the latitutepay site, its down. Even HN site says latituepay is unavailable. Now I am curious, how come your approved credit shows as zero and cant use the service in the last 3 hours of the offer.

    • LP uses Experian score. I got $1k approved pretty fast.

      If you buy a HN eGC, LP does not show up. Just try a product, it still shows available.

      • I am buying products, chromecast and a ps5 controller. Its not working for me.

        • Yeah, it's not working for me either. Can't even see it as a payment option.

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