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Microsoft Digital Store Discount for Ignite Attendees - Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12M US$90 / A$125, MS Flight Sim US$30 /A$41.90


For anyone who participated in the recent Microsoft Ignite event.

You can buy extremely discounted software online

  • Microsoft Flight Sim US $30 For Basic, US $50 For Deluxe etc

  • Game pass ultimate US $90 for 12 Months

Watch out for the email from Microsoft with the credentials to login to eCompanyStore.

Edited: Prices in USD. Sorry everyone, should have added that line.

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  • Game pass ultimate $90 for 12 Months

    Damn nice price O.O

  • How much are these usually?

  • How do we get to participate in Ignite?

    • I have a business Microsoft 365 account that I manage and was able to register, so at most that. Maybe was even open to anyone?

  • Note prices are in USD.

    • Yep, have to watch out for that
      So game pass ultimate is ~$126AUD vs 12 x 15.95 = $191AUD. Still a good saving, just not $90AUD :)

      $5USD discount for first purchase too.

      Office is also good value @ $20USD ($28AUD) for family, or buy outright but no onedrive 1TB.

  • Also, if you didn't attend Ignite, but are a former Microsoft "blue badge" employee, you can join the MSFT alumni association and get a Premium alumni membership (for I think $99) that gives you ecompanystore privileges for the year, and the ability to give out a couple ecompanystore passes to friends and family.

  • My government account (I "attended" Ignite) either didn't get (yet?) or filtered out the email. Perhaps Microsoft knows and is respecting our gifting policies though because I was clearly government in my registration.

    • Yeah, from the Ignite FAQ: "This discount offer is not valid for, and may not be redeemed by … government officials, including anyone who works for a government agency or department, a public-sector organization (e.g. public school, hospital, defense), or company owned or controlled by a government)"