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[LatitudePay] Oppo A52 64GB Twilight Black/Stream White - $199 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Continue to hold podium at Place 3 for Best Value for money <$300 Smartphones in 2020.

Current price at TGG: $249.
Latitude Pay: -$50

Try and club it with below:
a) Shopback: 9% cashback (tracked cashback of A$20.41).

b) Also Please check for an Conceirge offer email from TGG - $25 store credit on spend of $250. So I added $1 product: LINDEN Premium On-The-Go Adapto and free click and collect.

Good luck!

P.S: Kudos to @lostcabbie for this brilliant idea.

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The Good Guys

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  • Can someone confirm if shopback will accept with the latitude discount?

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      9% cashback (tracked cashback of A$20.41).

    • Any chance you can tell me how to combine this deal with shop back ?

  • EDIT: Removed comment

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    Confirmed $20.37 shopback tracking. Unreal deal.!!!!!

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      Lol yes I couldn’t believe myself

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      shopback confirmed $20.33, no idea why few cents missing…Available by 8 Mar 2021….but still a good deal for $180

      • how soon did you get the shopback cashback? My transaction completed, but didn't see the cashback yet.

        • Did your cashback end up tracking royale?

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            @ozhunter68: Not yet, even after picking up the phone. I have raised a missing point report at Shopback.

            • @royale: That's bad luck then, maybe something to do with browser setting or firewall maybe.

              I checked last night five minutes after order and nothing, then this morning it was showing up as tracked.

              For me it was a hit and miss risk yesterday and was not expecting it to work but if it did it would be a bonus,

              as last year I missed out on a $10 cashback from ebay but I put that down to not clicking through correctly

              or my browser settings, although all/most other cashbacks seem to get tracked ok. I was too lasy to follow

              it up, but for $20 probably worth chasing.

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    Does it worth a credit check for such a small amount ?

  • This or the Y9 PRIME 2019 (@$199)?

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      I find the screen on the Y9 Prime being LTPS is better than the A52. The EMUI feels a bit more polished and organised than ColorOS. Also the 128GB storage is double that of the A52. However the A52 does have NFC and dual speaker, as well as bigger battery.

      You can't go wrong with either at that price.

      • +1

        Now that i've had a phone with NFC, I don't think i could go back to one without.

      • GSMArena says this A52 also has LTPS screen but I don't know and certainly can't compare.

    • Is there a current deal for the Y9 Prime at $199?

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    Bought this and ready for Click & Collect

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    Awesome price

  • I'm still missing how you get the $50 discount? Mine shows as 10 payments of $24.90

    • Latitude Pay

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      If you login into your latitude pay account, you should see the below:

      Store Purchase 08 Oct 2020 $250.00
      Upfront Payment 08 Oct 2020 -$20.00
      $50 off at The Good Guys 08 Oct 2020 -$50.00

  • My application to register in LatitudePay has been rejected.
    I do not have any other bad credit record, it seems to be so wired.

  • Where is it mentioned $50 latitude pay discount?

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      If you choose payment method latitude pay, it will show $50 discount. $20 upfront payment and $179 remaining amount.

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    what is latitude pay

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      I was wondering the same thing. Seems to be another payment method along the lines of after pay.

  • Too complicated

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    Thanks, this should make up for the Nokia that Amazon stuffed me around with for two months and then refunded without explanation.

  • Can anyone confirm if this has nfc? Gsmarena says it does not

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      It has. I use my Myki on it sometimes

      • Thanks

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    Hi OP, just cheked Conceirge offer email's terms and condition, it says $250 spending exclude mobile, so we wouldn't get bonus credit, right?

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      You are right on that, should have been reading details in email more closely. Thanks for pointing out. Have updated the post.

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    Thanks OP, bought an collected. Great price with cashback as well. First impressions is speaker is not great at all but everything else seems great for the price.

  • Is it worth to join Latitudepay only to purchase this?

  • Anyone recommend a good case and/or screen protector?

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      According to gadgetguy review (see above) the phone comes with a clear case and a factory fitted screen protector

      • Most phones come with them, but they're usually not very good.

        Would rather buy a proper case, than having to buy a new phone when it shatters

  • Thanks, have this a go.

    I don't know how they make money, with cashbacks and then payment discounts.