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10% off Brivis Touch Wi-Fi Controller $279 (Was $310) + Free Delivery Aus Wide @ Ecolux Appliances


Hey Guys,

We are doing 10% off our Brivis WiFi controllers for Ozbargainers, with FREE STANDARD DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE

Price was $310 - now $279 with code.
Link will automatically add code at checkout, or can just add the provided code at checkout

Module can be retrofitted to existing BRIVIS Gas Ducted Heaters, Add-On Cooling and Evaporative Cooling systems which have Wired Networker Controllers.
You can control and monitor the Brivis system in the following ways:

Turn unit on/off
Mode Selection
Temperature Control
Zone Control
Fan Speed

Please note that a compatible NC7/NC6/NC3 controller must be used with the system

For those who are using HomeAssistant, there is also current works with integration. More info can be found on this thread https://community.home-assistant.io/t/rinnai-heating-cooling... and plugin can be found here https://github.com/mantorok1/RinnaiTouchClient

Product compatibility, supported controllers and installation manual link - Thanks to Marty-69

Offer is currently active and ends on Wednesday 14/10/2020 @ 11:59 pm (AEDT)

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  • does it work with Brivis 2P Wombat 26 ducted gas heating unit. controls fan speed? do the wires needs to be changed?

    • As long as you have the listed controllers, then it will work. Does everything your existing controller does.
      No need for new wires. It can be wired in between the heater unit and wall controller. Very simple install

  • Will this work with Google assistant..any future plans to support this?

    • Currently it doesnt, but i heard they are in the works of having it compatible

  • +3

    Not that attractive with the price. My local store sells it for $280 without discount. Surely it can be negotiated. Someone Whirlpool got it for $255 which seems to be the best price so far. Been keeping my eye on this unit but won’t just pull the trigger. Hope the price can drop further in the near future

    • What a meaningful and polite way of saying it. Thumbs up to you!

    • That was a while ago before the 3-4 price increases that happened in between. Dont think itll ever get that low again any time soon - unless they are willing to sell at a loss or can pick one up second hand

  • Out of interest, where does this unit sit in relation to the exisiting unit? Or does it replace the exisiting controller on the wall?

    • It works alongside any existing controllers. Think of it as an additional hidden controller Doesn’t have to be mounted on a wall. Usually stays in the roof space next to heater

      • Thanks for the response.

        To clarify further, does it connect to the current controllers wiring and then it loops on to the original controller? I suppose I should look at the manual or something, hey?

        I've previously changed an old style mercury to a digital thermostat, so would be interested in giving this a go myself.

        • +1

          Manual link updated on post.
          Pretty much goes heater —> wifi module —> wall controller. If enough slack can use existing cable

  • +1

    Product compatibility, supported controllers and installation.

    • thanks mate, will update post with link

  • Does this require a licensed electrician to install or is it DIY?

    • it is DIY. Very simple install

  • Thanks OP for the link to homeassistant, i was trying to get mine to work with homebridge/hoobs but couldn't find meaningful forum discussion as the link you posted where they also discuss homebridge config, will give it a go this weekend.

    As per your deal, not a bad price, i paid $290 on ebay not too long ago.

    My review:
    Functionality wise, it doesn't do anything more than the networker does, but allows you to do it on your phone, ipad.
    cons: you can't setup schedule auto from the app, a countdown timer would be a nice feature to have if you only want it on for 20mins or so.

  • I have a Brivis 2P Wombat 20 and a P53 evaporative cooler sharing a NC6.

    Where would I expect to find the controller board? Would that be on the heating unit? Like have to open up a panel to see it?

    Also, once I have access to the panel, do I remove the 2 cables connected to the board and connect them to tw1 and tw2 on the wifi unit? And then connect another cable to the other tw1 and tw2 slots I see in the manual and connect them to the board?

    Looking to get an idea before I purchase this and venture up onto the ceiling. Cheers.

    • All controllers are connected to the heater. If you take off the top panel, all electronics will be exposed.

      You can either connect it to the same TW1/TW2 slots in the heater board, or you can put it in line with the heater and controller cable.

      Option 1 ( series - what you explained above)
      Heater > wifi module > controller

      Option 2 (Parallel - Both come off the same TW1/TW2)
      Heater > wifi module


      We would recommend option 1, as it saves you from opening up the heater unit. Dont even need to run a new cable. Can use the existing cable going to controller. Either way very simple to install and setup.

      • Thanks for that. Certainly clarifies a lot.

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