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[LatitudePay] Xiaomi Dreame V9 V9P Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner $234.99 (RRP $359.99) + Free Delivery @ Gearbite Catch


Xiaomi Dreame V9 V9P cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction Youmi Au Version

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Package Includes:

1x Main Device

1x 2 in 1 Wide Brush

1x 2 in 1 Long Brush

1x Dust Mite Motorized Head

1x Charging Dock

1x Au Version Power Adapter

2x Wall mount Screws

1x English Manual

Original LatitudePay deal

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    • +3

      How exactly would it be a scam? Looks like a different form of AfterPay/ZipPay

  • CATCH4K2F not working

    • I figured that later, took it off.

  • +2

    Damn, so cheap for something with HEPA filtration.

  • carpet roller only - no soft head from what i can see.

  • +1

    Does it actually compare to a Dyson V8?

    • It's a little bit better for being a lot cheaper. I have the v8 and the main difference between the older one is 2000 less psi. Otherwise same heads etc. I do recommend getting the carpet roller thing which can be 50 to 70 dollars more though.

      • Isn't it included in the deal? This one doesn't include the soft roller head.

        • This deal come with carpet head in the package, if you need two head please check here

          • +2

            @Gearbite: I don't buy from catch anymore due to unethical business practices - will you be doing deals anywhere else such as ebay or Amazon?

            • @Skinnerr: Amazon deal would be great please!

            • @Skinnerr: We should have some deals at eBay but no sure when.

  • +2

    Isn't anyone worried about the battery? battery's don't last long before they need replacing, does this thing even have replacements available?

    • +1

      That's a salient point. I might do some research on this.

  • +2

    Good point re the replacement battery, I couldn’t find where to buy one to see what they cost etc. also can I use the included brush heads for timber floors?

    • +1

      Me either. Lots of other replacement parts but battery replacement is still unclear. I'm wondering if they use 18650 batteries and also if the lack of battery replacement is a planned obsolescence ploy.

      • We do have limit stock for spare battery but use for warranty at this moment. Here

        • Does it come with a head for timber floors or is this offer only offering a carpet one?

          • +1

            @leroy: AFAIK the timber floor head is standard and the carpet floor head is extra.

          • @leroy: Carpet head is standard at this moment.

            • @Gearbite: Assume the carpet one will do timber and concrete floors as well?

              • @leroy: Carpet head can use for timber floor. If you have lots of timber, you may need soft roller head.

                • @Gearbite: Ok thanks, why would I need the soft roller head? Will the carpet one scratch my floors?

                • @Gearbite: Ok sorry, I see this deal also comes with a soft roller head. Thanks.

  • +1

    I have both hard floors and carpet floors. Does this come with all the attachments I need?

    • Come with carpet head in this package, if you need two motorized head combo please check Here

      • How long is the warranty on the one through catch.

        • 12 Months.

      • I bought this deal (with only the carpet head). Do I need the other attachment for hardwood floors? If so, is there anywhere I can buy it individually?

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