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Calvin Klein Merino Wool Jumpers: Crew Neck or Slim Fit V-Neck - $29.95 + $7.95 Delivery or $0 with $100 Spend @ Calvin Klein


Was on Facebook and someone had ruined their husbands jumper $129 in the dryer. A commenter jumped in and said buy a new one they are only $29.95. I think it's a pretty good bargain. Save $100 lots of colours available.

crafted from fine merino wool for lightweight comfort with excellent warmth, this long sleeve Calvin Klein sweater features a crew neckline, compact CK logo embroidery, and a ribbed knit trim. perfect as a layering piece, the merino wool also regulates body temperature, wicks away moisture and has odor-resistant properties inherent in the natural fibers.
Calvin Klein Sportswear
merino wool
moisture wicking technology
odor-resistant properties
crew neckline
long sleeves
rib-knit trim
CK logo detail

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  • this seems like a super deal - I'm tempted but seems suspiciously good…

  • Bugger. :(
    Sizes pretty much limited to M and smaller.

  • I got a couple large
    Paid with PayPal so if not legit I’m covered

  • Bought 3 for next winter

    Mind you, i was in summer clothes all winter this year

  • Good find, thanks OP!

  • My 2 cents on wooly jumpers that no one asked for:
    I find that they are not warm enough when commuting into work so a jacket is required, and then too warm to wear throughout the day in the office. Have a few that I never use anymore. They look good, but tend to lead to sweaty pits.

  • How is anyone managing to swipe or buy anything the site keeps hanging

  • Came up to 37.90 for a sweater delivered.

  • Grabbed a couple, I usually find these thin wool type jumpers are ruined after just one or two washes (hand washing, gentle, dry flat, nothing seems to make a difference to their longevity etc) so at $30 dollars each, it's kind of a perfect price for something that I don't think will see out the year.

    (*I've not had these CK jumpers specifically before so I can't vouch for them, just an opinion in general)

    • Check your house for carpet beetles. Those things seem to love eating wool.

      • Yeah I've had a few woollen clothes last years, with regular winter wear, and of course washing.

  • Extra 10% off with newsletter signup

  • Looks like all medium sizes are gone on slim fits.

  • I have 5 of these, they are awesome for the price.

  • Aww missed the black XS!
    Had to settle for Gunmetal

  • Cheers OP. Bought some small slim fits, hope the sizing is ok.

  • 4 X V necks delivered for $115.77 delivered. Perfect jumper for working in climate controlled environment. Not too hot / cold. Typically, right elbow wears out on jumper from using a mouse on a desk. Either that or I should stop challenging everyone to an arm wrestle. Good deal!

    • Don't forget to ask for a refund on shipping

      Hi XXXX,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      We are having a slight issue with our system in which our customers are being charged the SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEE even though their after discount total was over $100. We do apologise about this inconvenience.

      I have gone ahead and refunded $7.95 back into your AMERICAN EXPRESS account. Please allow 1 - 3 business days for the amount to reflect through.

  • How did VIP work? I’m not getting the 10% off even though I’m logged in :/

    • The discount applies automatically at check out

      • Yeah i figured it out too late. For some reason I had to go into my account settings and tick the box for communications and promos to receive 10% off.
        Thank you though

  • No S left

  • Thanks OP, Ordered 2 XS for $61.8*

  • I just bought like 4 from target for $15ea lol

    • I'm not sure what's more funny, that someone negged me aka cry me a river or people thought this websites fake when it's been listed a zillion times in here 😂😂😂

      These are exactly like Target, I own both! Good buy for $30 for a brand name. I would of bought some if I didn't grab all the clearance units. They're thin, I'd wear something under or definitely over. :)

      Cant go wrong, definitely not fake lol

  • Thanks OP, got 2 for $61.86 delivered.

  • too bad, the ck logo is a dealbreaker :/

  • All sold out…. sigh, wonder if they'll restock

  • Love bargains that no longer exists or out of stock. Those are the best ones - for keeps

  • 4 X V necks delivered for $115.77 delivered. 2 V neck -M and 2 other random colour.
    Not sure why I got charged for shipping, looks like everyone else is on the same Boat…

    Thanks OP, another bargain

  • Only 2 choice now, am I too late?

  • Great deal!

    Cheers, OP

  • There seem to be none left now.

  • All gone :(
    Mens Merinos

    We can't find products matching the selection."

  • They're also selling the jumpers for the same price in outlet stores.
    I went to the Calvin Klein store in DFO Perth today and they have plenty of colours and sizes to choose from - you also get the 10% discount if you do the membership signup (took less than 5 mins on phone)

    I bought 1 top for $26.95 (inc. 10% member discount).

    • thanks for the info.

      what do you need to provide at store checkout to prove you signed up?

      • The sale assistant asked for my mobile number to verify the membership.

        There was a sign in the Perth CK outlet store that mentioned you could connect to the in-store wifi to sign up for the VIP membership. I signed up using this method and it asks for your mobile number during the sign up process.

        I just checked the regular CK VIP sign up page and it doesn't ask for a mobile number to sign up. I think it should be fine, just need to show them your account on the phone.

        • thanks, went there today.

          lady at the checkout asks if you are a member, and if not you can sign up while paying, she takes all the details on the spot.

          still lots of stock.

  • Plenty of stock in DFO homebush. Cancelled my online order and went and bought 7 from the store.

    Much better selection of colours especially for the striped range

  • Just received the jumpers today both made in Jordan and are very nice. Sizing was very accurate.