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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2550mAh - 8 Pack Batteries $41.99 @ Camera Warehouse


Was looking for eneloops pros for all the battery powered toys for my baby.

Saw that camerahouse had a sale on atm on eneloops. Not as good as previous deals on ozbargain, I think shopping square had em for $39.99 incl postage in august (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561704) however this deal isn't bad if you need em now. Its $9.95 for postage, but pickup is available at your local camerahouse store for free (if you don't live in victoria like moi)!

Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2550mAh - 8 Pack Batteries Pre-Charged $41.99
Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2550mAh - 4 Pack Batteries Pre-Charged $22.19

They do have a sale on the standard eneloops, as well. Sale ends in On Monday? showing "1D, 7 H" from now

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  • Last camrahouse eneloop sale resulted in months of waiting for stock and I eventually cancelled my order. Bad deal because supplier cannot supply!

    • Can confirm this waited about three months, they were waiting on stock from Panasonic. Got them in the end but beware!

      • I ordered an AA pack for click and collect last night knowing that there would be stock issues.

        The website said it was in-stock but this morning I received this email:

        Thank-you for your order for the Panasonic batteries and charger.
        They are currently out of stock. I do have an order in the system so I will let you know as soon as they arrive.
        Thanks again. Speak soon

        Hopefully they arrive soon, I have no issue with cancelling the order but I'll hold out for a bit

  • I ordered in the last sale and got them within a week, guess your milage may vary

  • Expensive. Not much of a deal

    • You are gonna upset a few people with that link.

    • Are they even rechargeables?
      $14.99 on the IKEA au site.
      Thought that IKEA cheap crappy Chinese batteries,v would be better off getting varta from Bunnings (although not sure if they offer rechargeables), bit standard price is cheap.

      • Did you read the article I linked to?

        • Yes champ
          Link to $5 laddas

          • @G-rig: Did you read it though 'champ'? Your answer suggests that you didn't. Here's another article for you to not read that also comes to the conclusion that IKEA LADDA batteries are almost identical to Eneloop Pros as they come out of the same factory in Japan. https://rightbattery.com/tag/eneloop-pro-vs-ikea-ladda/

            • @crc32: Yes and that was just one article test but interesting to know. Depends what the quality control is like to what you actually get but the point is that was some time ago now (and a US article no doubt) so it's more like $15 Ladda vs $40 eneloop pros, hardly $5 vs $20 or definitely a no brainer. Will still need to pick up some next time at Ikea, good deal if you use the $10 Ikea family credit.

      • the ikea one are very good

        have you been on a vacation on mars?

  • For those who had slow service on previous deal, I ordered Sunday and have received shipping confirmation this morning (Monday) so appears stock for mine was all fine. Free shipping too so a good deal for me all round, thanks OP.