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The Phantom of The Opera - Full Stage Show @ The Shows Must Go On via YouTube


From Phantom of The Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (2011): In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, Cameron Mackintosh produced a unique, spectacular staging of the musical on a scale which had never been seen before. Inspired by the original staging by Hal Prince and Gillian Lynne, this lavish, fully-staged production set in the sumptuous Victorian splendour of London's legendary Royal Albert Hall features a cast and orchestra of over 200, plus some very special guest appearances.

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The Shows Must Go On!
The Shows Must Go On!

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    Watched it last time. Worth a look if you want to kill a bit of time.

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    Loved it, even though it's about a creepy stalker and a happy couple, and yet people are rooting for the main girl x stalker…

    • Yes, we'll ignore the whole Gothic genre thing and settle for 'it's about a stalker' 😏

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      And she thinks he’s her Dad.
      And they have a kid together (in Love changes everything)

      So many levels of wrong.
      If I was Raoul, I would run.

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        Quite agree with you – the storyline of the sequel (Love Never Dies) is rather unpalatable. Phantom fans (I am one) were initially flabbergasted and disappointed when ALW developed the sequel. Since this was originally a standalone, the story ending with Christine going off with Raoul. But after a long while, we felt resignation. We still watch this as a standalone (as initially intended), to preserve the original feeling about it, so as not to tarnish its memory.

        BTW Love Changes Everything which you mentioned happens to be a nice song, made famous by Michael Ball.

        • Totally agree with everything.
          Love changes everything is a great song.
          The rest of the show is just a cash in.

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          Love Never Dies is a passable show, if you make one of two assumptions about it:

          1. It's totally unrelated to Phantom, but by a wacky coincidence many of the characters share the same name and similar backstories.
          2. Sometime between the end of Phantom and the start of Love Never Dies, all the characters recieved such severe blows to their heads that their personalities were significantly altered.
          • @douglasac10: Had a bit of a laugh at your description. But true.
            Despite not liking the sequel's storyline, there are a number of good things about Love Never Dies. Some of the songs are pretty good, and it was an impressive production by an Australian team, which was the one filmed. The film did not do the magnificent set and production justice, as when watched live. Gotta take the good everywhere one finds it :-)

          • @douglasac10: Genuinely made me laugh.

  • clipconverter cc to download it

  • I prefer Evita, even though the songs are fatiguing. I’d still rather watch Show Boat any day of the week.

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      Since you mentioned Show Boat, check out this adaptation of Old Man River from Show Boat by Ramin who plays Phantom here. He is a talented musician, has a bluegrass band, and does various genres of music. Also, a good cover of Avett Brother’s Murder in the City here. His concert which I had the good fortune to go to was really entertaining.

  • was on foxtel arts channel..good show

    • <buys monkey playing cymbals><starts singing> Me: oh OK

  • Cameron Mackintosh LOL he ruined the most recent production of Les Miserables,
    there's no way i'd watch this to see how he's effed this one up as well

    • Is this the version you are talking about? Les Misérables: The Staged Concert (2019)? I am simply curious about your thoughts. What do you think was ruined?

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        I thought the 2019 production was great, so I'm gonna guess that the person you're replying to was referring to the 2012 film version, which Cameron Mackintosh also produced.

        • Yeah, I thought the 2019 production was superb. The 2012 film is a mixed bag though – so I can understand if someone does not like it that much.

          In translating to film, the emphasis is always going to shift from singing to acting – with all those close-up shots, etc. Actors are often chosen because they are known to movie audiences, or for their acting, and not so much their singing ability. This is not unusual. There is a history of this, e.g., Johnny Depp playing the demon barber in Sweeney Todd (2007). And who can forget Gerard Butler playing the principal Phantom role in the 2004 film! So when casting was announced that Hugh Jackman would play Jean Valjean, it came as a bit of relief actually :-)

          Some of the directing and camera work choices in the film are a bit perplexing though. One scene which stuck in my mind is when Jean Valjean sings "Bring Him Home". This is a prayer – he is making an impassioned plea to God to let Marius live. Unlike the stage version, the movie has Valjean walking around the whole time. The camera also keeps moving following him. It is a bit ADHD, not what one expects in an earnest and contemplative prayer.

          I try to see the good wherever I can. For e.g., Samantha Barks is a standout, as Eponine, both in singing and acting; Eddie Redmayne - while his singing may not be the equal of Michael Ball, his rather skilled close-up acting compensates, in the critical scene of "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables".

          So all in all, while I do not love the film, I can find quite a few good things about it.

      • I'm referring to the most recent version which toured AUS a few years back.. The pacing was atrocious, I have seen every version of Les Mis and this was by far the worst. Almost every song was cut short to account for the stupid short attention spans of people in 2018/19.

        almost every line of every song was cut short by a bar, it was utterly terrible, for a musician it hurt my head every single damn line to hear it butchered so badly.. I'll probably never go and see another production of this..

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    Phantom of JV: What's the usual price?

  • I like the theme song, not the play itself (live, not online).

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    I had a short discussion about the play with friends, it's a play ALW wrote for Sarah Brightman ;)

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      Yes, it was. She was his wife at the time, so he wrote it specifically for her. It suits her voice, as can be seen in this single, released before the musical was ready, to promote it.

      When the musical was successful, there was talk of a screen version with the original cast, Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. But that never happened, possibly due to their divorce. He still wrote a beautiful song for her to sing though for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics Opening Ceremony - Amigos Para Siempre (Friends for Life) as a duet with Jose Carreras.

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    My heart melts when the phantom sings "Christine, I love~~~you".

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      My heart didn't just melt at that scene, I was sitting there ugly crying.

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    Thank-you OP.

    This brings back memories. My man worked on developing the control desk software for the Australian production. I stood in the stalls as they swung the chandelier overhead to crash it on the stage for the first time. The special effects on Phantom were incredible and very complicated. He also worked on Beauty and the Beast. The theatre is the most amazing, and stressful, place.

    • This brings back memories. My man worked on developing the control desk software for the Australian production.

      It certainly does … it was the first musical I ever saw live! Watching such amazing special effects, it was magical :-)

      I stood in the stalls as they swung the chandelier overhead to crash it on the stage for the first time.

      Curious, was this the first production with Anthony Warlow?

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        It was the first production and Marina Prior was in it. Looking at the records it seems it was Anthony Warlow as the Phantom, but I really don’t remember that. The music was great but there was a saying at the time that you “came out humming the special effects”. The absolute best musical performances I’ve been to are the “family and friends” shows. They are, usually, just after the last of the dress rehearsals and are a tad raw but you have a whole audience who know the cast, crew and development people willing everything to work well.

        My first live musical was the original Melbourne version of Jesus Christ Superstar, yes I am that old, and it was absolutely amazing.

        • It was the first production and Marina Prior was in it. Looking at the records it seems it was Anthony Warlow as the Phantom

          Yeah, that's the one. We might have crossed paths before! :-)

          The absolute best musical performances I’ve been to are the “family and friends” shows

          I can imagine … being "invested", knowing a friend or family is involved in some way, you must feel so proud and happy, which would make everything so much more interesting.

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            @bluesky: Oh, absolutely, but watching a production always made me nervous. The man did a trip over to the US to look at a few of the places the company had put in fly systems and to look at fly systems for other productions. I can truly say I’ve tread the boards on Broadway because we stood on the stage and watched them do the precheck flyins for Sunset Boulevard and had a backstage tour for Miss Saigon.

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              @try2bhelpful: Wow, for someone who loves staged musicals - your experiences sound awesome :-)
              Can understand the nervous bit for you, but still - what a privilege, to see the inner workings.

              • @bluesky: Oh an absolute privilege. I got to tap dance on the set of ”Anything Goes” at the State Theatre; the theatre is like an iceberg, it is massive backstage. The Princess backstage area is tiny. I appeared in the Rio Suites Carnivale in Las Vegas, which was an overhead fly in the gaming rooms. We got to go to the opening night party for Beauty and the Beast. It was all brilliant but it really is stressful. The delivery dates are very concrete and everything has to work night after night. It certainly was more interesting than my IT networking jobs.

                • @try2bhelpful: Very good 👍 :-) Gotta say, Anything Goes was a really good one, the tap dancing.

                  • @bluesky: Yeah, there are some great YouTube clips showing the dancing from Anything Goes.

                    If you haven’t seen this already look at this Tony award opening from Neil Patrick Harris


                    • @try2bhelpful: Yes, I have seen this a few times - really funny! :-)

                      I keep watching the Sutton Foster one every now and then - since it is the same production as the one played by Caroline O'Connor which played here.

                      • @bluesky: A bit NSFW but I really loved the Book of Mormon. I found it hilarious and there were, actually, some good songs. I also quite enjoyed Kinky Boots.

                        • @try2bhelpful: Yeap. Enjoyed them both. You know what is sad … I was really looking forward to Secret Garden this year. But with the COVID, any thoughts of any live shows will have to be shelved … for goodness knows how long.

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                            @bluesky: Very sad, the theatre will, probably, be the last thing to come back. They need full houses to be able to make money. Even with masks it will be hard to do. Such a tough year.

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    If you want to see a good send up of this genre of musicals have a look at the film “The Tall Guy”, the musical on the life of The Elephant Man is hilarious.

    • Thanks, I will check this out.

  • Thank you for posting.

  • Started watching and so many memories came back. Parents took me to the live show twice and I learnt most of the music when I was playing piano; two decades ago.

    Ended up downloading the Blu-ray version to get the better sound though.

  • Anyone else getting authentication error?

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    This video is private.

  • Is it being streamed in 4K?

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      It is not being streamed at all because the deal has expired. It was not streamed in 4k.

  • Video is private… :(

  • Video is set to private now. Has even one person been able to watch this on youtube? Did it even go live? So confused.

    • It was only up for a couple of days. They have been cycling through a few Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals. They are only up for a couple of days. Saw this one, it was a pretty good production.

  • The show is only available on Youtube for 48hours from Saturday 10/10 to Sunday 11/10. I watched it on Saturday morning and many times after.

  • I watched a bit of it last night and wanted to finish it tonight but expired :(

    Does anyone have private link?

    Missus wants to finish it badly.

  • +1
    • Thanks but soooo many ads though.