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[Prime] Eneloop Pro AA Batteries 8 Pack (BK-3HCCE/8BT) $37.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I guess the eneloops require little introduction on Ozbargain. 20% off at checkout, I can confirm that $37.20 is what I paid. Camel^3 indicates the previous historic low by third party sellers was $37.79, so this is even better :)

[Edit] However, Amazon has at one point offered it at $34.28

Remember any cashbacks/bonuses that you may be eligible for.

Size: 8 pack
8 Pack of AA Pre-charged Eneloop Pro Batteries
Outstanding capacity, ideal for high drain devices. Cameras, Keyboards, Remote Controls, Torches etc
Long shelf life - holds 85% charge after 1 year of storage
Recharge each battery 100's of times
Made in Japan

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  • In case anyone is considering getting these, the IKEA Ladda ones are just as good and will cost you $15 for 4 batteries.

  • Where do you get a charger for them for a decent price, and also do they come in AAA? I'd like to get at least 8 AA and 8 AAA, plus a charger.

    Does someone have a link to the IKEA ones that I can also have a look at?

  • Glad I got my recent eneloop deal so I don't have to go to IKEA, rather pay the extra to avoid them.

    • Have to factor driving time and fuel going to ikea

      The four pack of this deal comes to $17.20 so just got those as I don't go through that many. Most devices I have use AAA,but the Xbox one wireless is AA.

      IKEA with family voucher still a good deal next time down there, but hardly cheap live they used to be.

      Got some rechargeables from years and years ago, hard to know if still good

  • Nice the 4 packs of AAA are also included in the deal

    • may order another as 2x 4 packs works out better.
      AAA's though perhsps

      Just checked my old rechargables from at least 12y ago - eNiTIME 2000mAh, probably dont hold charge long now so worth getting some new ones

      oops looks like I ordered AAA's, however the AA 4 pack are only $24 anyway

  • Those who claim the Ikea ones are the same are mistaken - I have 8 of both types (recent purchases, so they're the current models), and my charger confirms that the Ikea ones have a lower capacity (Eneloop Pro = 2550mAh, LADDA = 2450mAh). Ikea's batteries don't seem to discharge as low as Eneloops and need recharging much sooner than the 100mAh difference suggests.

    This means that they may have used the same cells in the past (Eneloop Pro used to be 2450mAh capacity) but the fact that the price has changed as well as the capacity indicates a change in Ikea's supplier.

    Having said that, the LADDA rechargeable batteries are excellent value in mAh per dollar - No other readily available batteries come close. They are also low self discharge, which is something to check - most other affordable AAs at ~2500mAh are not.

  • I don’t need anymore Eneloops…

    Dammit bought one

  • prime day deal seems to be gone

  • how do energizer max compare, and do they have a long shelf life?
    half price at woolies ($9.75 16 pack AAs)

  • $23.89 for a 4 pack of eneloop pros ok ?
    otherwise may get a few ladda rechargeables or vartas disposables for now
    (my old man reckons the normal laddas are junk and leak)

    Edit: just checked this old Sunshine charger Output 1.4V (AA: 1050mAx2, AAA 525mAx2)
    perhaps ready for the bin

  • deal is back on, $40.16 for 8 AA

    • thanks, I don't need that many but good deal - may still do.
      Was looking at the standard eneloops incluiding the panasonic smart and quick charger, was less than $40 which i missed out on, better value if the charger is ok. My one above should be fine for the AA's not much lower outputs than the panasonic one i compared - wonder if ok for AAs?

      Seems good for$45?

      • I'm looking to buy some of these AA and AAAs. I want at least 12 of both the AA and AAAs. What pack/s do you guys recommend as the best value for money?

        I am also stumped on what charger to get. From what I've read, quick charging isn't the best for their longevity? Is that correct? I'd rather get a decent charger from an online store here in Australia. Can anyone recommend something good?

        Also, for those of you that mentioned the IKEA ones, they are still definitely Eneloop, but just older versions, right?