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Dell 27" 4K IPS 60hz Monitor S2721Q - $331.84 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Saw this go up earlier today and got one for my PS5.

Need to apply both SUPER30 and QUT5 EPP2020 (thanks doweyy) to get $331.84.

OzBargainers who bought this previously have confirmed this has HDCP 2.2.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the Dell Coupon code request megathread

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  • Can confirm that this is a nice screen.
    Last deal was $292.02 so $331.84 is not terrible at all.

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    So if this one has HDCP 2.2, does it means it can support Netflix with 4K?

    • That's my understanding along with Prime Video 4K, UHD Bluray, etc.

      • Note you need something like a fire stick as Prime Video + Netflix are a nightmare to get 4k working on PC, I have to use my PS4 Pro to watch 4k Netflix for some weird reason.

        • Prime, I've never tried on Windows, but on a HDCP 2.2 display; Netflix via the Microsoft Store app (or new Edge), I've never had an issue getting 4K (and HDR and Atmos audio if you turn them on in Windows).

          The key is to have the specified processor OR GPU at a minimum (Intel 7000 series CPU or NVIDIA 1000 series or higher GPU), Windows fully updated, and you need to download (buy??) the HEVC codec from the Microsoft store. Also, 4K Netflix only works with one screen active if you're using dual monitors (unless both screens are HDCP 2.2 compatible), so you need to turn the other one off.

          If you have the right hardware, it shouldn't be a "nightmare" to get running.

          In the end though; you're not going to see much, if any improvement in picture quality at 4K on a 27 inch screen. It's just too small for 4K to matter all that much.

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            @BradH13: My main issue is running Ryzen 3000 series and having 3 monitors, one of them doesn't have HDCP 2.2 so it's abit of a pain to physically switch off one of them due to silly DRM restrictions even though it can technically run it fine.
            On a 27/28 inch screen I think the sharpness is pretty noticeable but it does depend how close they are on your desk

  • Hey man. This price seems great. I know ps5 outputs in 120hz so is that going to leave the games quite blurry? Response time is 4ms which is fine but the HDMI ports are 2.0 and 2.1.

    I am looking for a 4k monitor for my ps5 too. Is this fine and I’m too obsessed with specs or is it not worthwhile?

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      Probably to obsessed with Specs at this stage,The Vast majority of TVs on the market at the moment cant output [email protected] so I think you will be fine.

      I also think that it will be very unlikely that many games are able to take advantage of [email protected] so having a monitor / TV that outputs only [email protected] should be fine.

      • Thanks mate

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    Is there any real benefits to using 4K at 27"?
    I'm tossing up between this and waiting for the S2721D deal to go live.

    • I've got this screen, using it right now.
      There's a lot of people saying 4k for 27" is too much because you have to scale it, which is true I'm using 150% scaling. I don't think you can directly equate scaling with getting a less resolution monitor, 150% of a 4k monitor would be a 1440. You still get a 4k screen and things are still sharp as hell. Maybe it's like saying instead of getting a 85" TV just get a 50" a sit closer? It does make sense but also doesn't quite make sense. Anyway, this screen looks nice, I do find that it's a little darker towards the very left and right edges (fall off?).

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        I completely missed that this is a 10 bit panel with HDR, so that swings it for me. Would be interesting to see how it compares to my U2715H in terms of colour accuracy and quality (not expecting much out of the box though). Will probably end up with S2721D once dad goes back to work in future. My set up will probably end up being S2721D/U2715H/S2721Q lol

        • Real estate wise, maybe not since you need to scale or have 30/20 vision. You'll badically have the same real estate as a 1440p monitor at 150%, widescreen would be better in this case.

          4k monitors is abit of a moot for me, only really useful for imaging work. Too taxing on a gpu for gaming, plus widescreen or 144hz would look much better.

          Maybe good for consuming videos, but that's when a TV comes in.

          Don't look into HDR unless the monitor can get to 1000nits brightness. My Q70 didn't really wow me when I saw HDR for the first time.

    • really good if you want to 100% scale for more screen real estate

  • Do I need an NB H80 desk mount for this one ?

    • +6

      I mean, do we need pants?

    • If you're asking if it is compatible, yes it is. 100mm x 100mm VESA mount

  • Would this pair well alongside a S2721DGF for dual monitors? I bought two of those monitors but I only need 1 for gaming :/

    • Depends on whether you want 60hz or 75hz
      With 4K, gaming is going to be significantly harder on your GPU as well, as there will be 2.25 times the number of pixels it will have to render.

      • games should scale very nicely to 1080p on a 4K monitor.. 4 pixels becomes exactly 1.

        • But then why? Just get a 1440p with higher refresh?

    • +1

      imo its a good match, the 4k can be used for media consumption etc and the 21dgf is great for gaming

      • Yeah I realised the 165hz is a waste for the second monitor gonna grab this and sell the 2nd dgf to a mate

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    What does SUPER30 apply to? I can’t get it to work on anything else.

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    Thanks. Just ordered one.

    For those thinking of buying, the order confirmation says that it will arrive by November 19, 2020. Maybe keep that in mind if you need a monitor more urgently.


    • Yep I got it on the $292 deal. Do you think they'll refund because of delay? I really want the ultra wide screen deal (Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 - $479.18)

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    Thanks, finally got one! Glad I waited.

    Edit: Can't believe these were being posted as deals for $600+ back in August.

  • any deals on the S2721QS?

    • The price for the version with the stand is ~$417 since only the QUT5 code works.
      Personally, I would get the S2721Q along with a ~$35 monitor arm like this: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B071FB2CS5

      • Hi, but the monitor doesn’t look like it has vesa mount holes?

        • +1

          It does under the square panel where the stand for the QS model goes.

      • +1

        H80 is now sold out at that price, it seems. :(

        • Seems to be back now.

      • I think they just jacked the price up lol

        • That they did

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    Hoping deals for the S2721DS come up today….

  • Is it me or has the QUT5 code stopped stacking?

    • Oh never mind. It's clashing with my work code. Damn, they both stacked together 10 minutes ago!

      • is work code = voucher code you get from a previous purchase?

  • Do these have VESA mounts?

  • +1

    Such a bargain for this monitor, would highly recommend

  • Received mine from a previous deal last week. Love it, had to scale to 150% to make windows usable.

  • Yeh I can't say no at a price like that… Whatever, 4K me dell.

  • This is a perfect size for my home office/bedroom as I have very limited space.

    My only question is if it's good enough for the PS5? I have a PS4 atm but plan on purchasing the ps5.

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    I've got a $45 off voucher from a previous Dell purchase. Not sure if it's transferable but willing to share it if anyone wants to use it for this monitor :)

    • +1

      Hey am looking to buy, would you be willing to share? Would loike to pay it forward when i receiveve my own code.

    • Claimed :) thanks

    • EDIT - too slow :)

    • How did you get that, i purchased from dell and got no voucher

      • Purchased a u2720q a couple months ago. I think it was for larger purchases and maybe only targeted? not sure

        • that would make sense

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    Make sure your equipment can output 4k @60hz.

  • -1

    Looking for a kind soul that has a discount code. Thanks in advance!!!

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    I bought it on last weeks deal and got back order to be delivered on 19/11. Cancelled that one and bought it again today to save $20 like a true ozbargainer :D

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    If anybody has a code can you please pm me? Would really appreciate it

  • +1

    Those that have bought previous deals. Dell have a 30 day price guarantee (after purchase)


    • Will they match with code stacking?

      • I too have the the same question..

        • I three

    • contacted customer support, the codes do not apply to the price guarantee :(

  • How does this compare with the LG 27UL600? I currently have the LG and I'm considering whether to get this one as a second monitor. Looks like a great idea to me despite not being matching monitors.

    Also, looking for a voucher if anyone has one - appreciate it!

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    Mine came yesterday from a previous deal, and I'm using it right now.

    It's very nice. On a Mac I've got it scaled to look like 1440p (150% I think) and it looks as crisp as the inbuilt Retina display in my MacBook Pro.

    Can't wait to hook my Xbox Series X up to this.

    • was it too small for 100% ?

      • Unless you have super good eyesight, yeah too small for 100%. Scaled resolutions work brilliantly on MacOS, not too sure about Windows.

    • Can't you use full resolution and just increase the font size like in Windows?
      Seems stupid to run a 4K monitor at QHD.

      • +2

        MacOS scaling isn't what you think it is. It does output 4k, but the UI is scaled to the size chosen. Fonts, images and video all render at the native resolution.

    • Did you use third party tools to scale or just the native MacOs scaling?

    • Hi, I was wondering how you connected your Mac to the monitor? Did you use a HDMI or DP adapter?

      • HDMI via a USB-C hub.

        • Would you recommend HDMI or DP?

  • +1

    Thanks for the mac retina display mention @loksmack, I was hoping for that!

    • No worries!

  • Isn't 4K on 27" too sharp? I guess you'd have to have very good eyesight to see any benefit over 27" at QHD.

    • +2

      Choice between too sharp, or still not sharp enough, imho.

    • I think a lot of people are getting a little confused which is better, 4k or 1440p for 27".

      Here's my thoughts comparing 4k 60hz vz 1440p with 75hz at the very least, more like 144 of 175hz:

      1440p - If you are gaming this is the one you want.
      4k - If you mainly use it for productivity/WFH this is what you want.

      • +1

        The 4k monitors at work I had to scale to 125-150% since things get tiiiiny. At those scalings it's basically athe same as a 1440p real estate wise.

        Imo 4k if you need the pixels for imaging/video. Widescreen for real estate or gaming.

        You need a 3080 to run 4k in all its glory, otherwise peasant low quality settings for u which negates the extra pixels.

  • hey all, im looking to purchase this to mainly game on with my console. currently have a ps4 and upgrading to ps5 i understand about the no hdmi 2.1 etc but would this be a suitable monitor for just console gaming. thanks all. sorry for the noob question haha

    • +4

      I think so - I bought one for the Xbox Series X.

      A lot of people will suggest going with a higher refresh monitor (120/144hz). The problem with this is that unless you spend A LOT more money, you aren't going to get a 4k monitor with such a high refresh rate.

      It follows then that you need to decide between higher resolution (4k) and lower refresh (60hz) or lower resolution (1440p) and higher refresh rate (144hz). The reality is that we aren't likely to see games on next gen consoles with frame rates consistently higher than 60fps. Microsoft has even gives developers a 4k60 target. This makes a lot of sense because the vast majority of TVs (which most console players will be using) don't have high refresh rates either, but do have the resolution.

      • thank you for the reply! that has really helped :)

  • +1

    So mine is estimated to arrive by November 23rd O_O

    I hope that means sometime before Nov 23rd, and not on Nov 23rd.

    • Mine ordered on 3rd October delivery delayed to Nov 24th.

    • ETA for me says 15 days, though.

      • the same show on web,
        but confirm email say 24th Nov.

        • Mine says 16 October surprisingly

  • dn't forget cash reward $9 back.

    • I don't think cash rewards works with these particular codes unfortunately.

      • already get this morning. maybe finaly not confirm, but try it, nothing lost
        Your cash is on its way!

        AUD 9.05
        Estimated approval: Up to 95 days

        Store Dell Australia

        Date of purchase 13 Oct 2020

        Amount AUD 301.67*

        *May not include delivery, taxes, surcharges, GST and other fees.

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