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Dell 27" 4K IPS 60hz Monitor S2721Q - $331.84 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Saw this go up earlier today and got one for my PS5.

Need to apply both SUPER30 and QUT5 EPP2020 (thanks doweyy) to get $331.84.

OzBargainers who bought this previously have confirmed this has HDCP 2.2.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the Dell Coupon code request megathread

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        • I believe it might show as tracking on the app - but could get rejected as the coupon code isn't listed on cash rewards. Worth trying your luck though!

        • It normally gets denied when they check and see you have used an unlisted code

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    I got two discount coupon code from previous purchase and just used $110 off code for this monitor. Now I still have a $30 off code for purchases above $100 available and I decide to share it. Here you go DQZQ4N6RZL3SHC

    • Thanks for sharing. Someone already redeemed it, that was really fast!

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    Thanks OP! Had a $60 coupon from the dell 27 s2721dgf. Bringing this down to $271!

  • Thanks for the post OP. Just grabbed one for $331.84.
    Just one thing, I couldn't find anywhere on the website that this particular model has HDCP 2.2.?? I tried chatting with a sales personnel but they were unable to help. Can anyone who owns this monitor please confirm? Thanks.

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    QUT5 not working in my cart

    • Yea looks like it expired :(

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    Was going to offer a 4k deal, but beaten by someone internally, we only know them as the "Dell shadow Dealer". Good post and I suggest anyone who wants a 4k for ps5 or just a 4k get this.

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      QUT5 not working anymore :( Any chance for your 4K deal offer?

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      Is there a chance you can get the other code working again :D

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      I don't know if it's a coincidence or what but I wonder if the person who came up with the code is a gamer since you get "SUPERHOT" if you combine the codes.

      • +1

        Lmao, haha.

    • Any chance of S2721QS going on sale?

      • No plans for Q, QS or DS anytime soon. Take that with a grain of salt, anything can happen.

        • Thanks for the reply! Will just have to hold out, would rather just have the adjustability in-built.

      • Would like this also - was about to pull trigger then thought adjustable stand would be nicer so had second thoughts on this model

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    QUT5 code not working?

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      EPP2020 still works in replacement of QUT5 :)

      • +1

        Champion - this works, thanks.

      • Thanks mate. That sealed the deal for me.

  • QUT5 not working , OP please updae new code.

    • QUT5 was a partial stack code, the coupons expire at different times. Looks like it's gone.

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    Did anyone use PayPal? It's just pending for me do I just wait or give them a call?

    • yes, my status is paid, check if there is amount in the card linked.

      • yep there is… I even donated lol. I guess I'll give them a call.

        • Sorry i used it in ebay not on dell

    • +1

      Same here. I used PayPal and only got order received email.

      • Same thing happened to me, I believe this could be due to some kind of stock issue? Mine showed up as paid about a week later from the previous deal. There were delays (production) into November for a few other people including myself from the previous deal.

      • +1

        Same here. I paid by credit card and only got an order received email and couldn’t check the IRN number as it’s not showing in my order history. But the money definitely went out, also it didn’t show up in my bank transaction history. Very strange

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    Please anyone has Dell voucher , DM me

  • Thinking of buying this monitor to pair with my 2K 2721DGF, could someone please share their thoughts.

    • I use both Mac OS (primarily) and Windows 10. My setup is a 10700k intel with 5700XT GPU.

    • My primary use case is for work - coding, documenting, spreadsheeting along with browsing and YouTube. Using dual monitor setup.

    • My secondary use will be PC gaming on the 2721DGF monitor.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    FYI, any who plans on using Display Port, make sure you use a quality cable.

    I bought a cheap Display Port cable that said it supported 4K and 2K and it did not work.

    I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work on the cheap cable. I tried a better quality and worked first off.
    I was thinking my video card did not support 4K, I tried a different computer too.

    Also an additional comment about HDCP 2.2, it does not actually specify this anywhere.
    But I just read the manual about HDR;

    Page 63
    Requirements to view or playback HDR content
    (1) Through Ultra BluRay DVD or Game consoles
    Ensure the DVD player or Game console is HDR capable, such as Panasonic
    DMP-UB900, Xbox One S, and PS4 Pro.
    (2) Through a PC
    Ensure the graphics card used is HDR capable, i.e., it has a HDMI2.0a (with HDR
    option) compliant port and HDR graphics driver is installed. HDR capable
    application program must be used, such as Cyberlink PowerDVD 17, Windows 10
    Movies & TV app.

    It mentions playing Ultra BluRay DVD. Confirmed in other posts it does work.

    Also no one has mentioned this monitor supports PIP, it can display two different sources at once! Amazing, can see my PC display and my console at the same screen!

    Running mine on Windows 125% or 150% scaling, looks way better than on FHD, with the font smoothing.

    Make you install the Dell Display Manager too, excellent tool, the Custom Window Layouts, and monitor settings control is great.
    Though I have plenty of monitors but I only have space for one, I only run a single monitor setup, so all these additional features are super handy.

    Pretty amazing monitor compared to any other monitor I have used before.

  • Anyone with experience with the estimated shipping dates from Dell? Are they usually spot on or earlier/later?

    • Here's a relevant comment in the other thread:


      Might be more if you want to dig around.

      • Cheers. Looks like it's a mixed bag and one's mileage may vary.

    • +1

      I bought the the monitor from this deal 2 days back and it said estimated arrival on 24th November. The status said 'in-production' for the first two days but today it says shipped.

      • Same here; to receive tomorrow in Melbourne. Happy days!

        Now I just need Amazon to ship out the goods

    • I have an order date of the 14th, originally estimated to be delivered on the 22nd, but yesterday was updated to
      22nd of December :-(

      • Sorry to hear that mate!

        Was that 22nd of October? With the volatility of shipping dates, it really is a mixed bag. Hope you get yours soon!

  • Hi All,

    Is this screen height and tilt adjustable? And can it go to portrait mode?


    • can tilt , no height adjustment

      • Thanks

  • My order has shipped, ordered it on the 13th, surprised because it said November 24th delivery date before.

    • Thanks for the heads up. Just checked mine and it's the same.

      Being shipped by StarTrack apparently and the tracking ID already works.

      • Where can you find the tracking number?

        mine say this: Items in this order: Tracking information will be available when your order has shipped. If tracking information does not appear and your order is shipped or delivered, we are waiting for a response from your carrier.

        But it shows shipped

        • "We are waiting for a response from your carrier."

          Mine showed up a couple of hours after being shipped.

        • +1

          I just went to my Order Status, clicked the order and it was showing there along with a direct link to the tracking page.

    • I'm so confused. I also ordered on the 13th—in part because it estimated 2-3 days' delivery when I did so—but then my order email estimated October 23, which, sure okay, I can deal with that, but as of now my order is still listed as "in production", whatever that means? And I'm right on the edge of the Melbourne CBD so surely that can't be the issue?

      For anyone who's used to dealing with Dell, should I be concerned that people with November delivery dates are getting theirs shipped before my supposed October one?

      I'm probably just worrying too much, but I'd hate to have to request a refund and then not be able to find an alternative monitor at a good price, especially with Prime Day having just gone too.

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    Wow just got my monitor delivered. Ordered on the 13th. I never even got a shipping confirmation just an email to confirm my order.

    Was prepared to wait a few weeks because my ETA wasn’t til end of the month.

    • Damn, I sure hope mine is arriving soon then!

    • Did the inside of the box look like it was used before? Mine is sort of jumbled up like like was used.

      • no, mine was definitely brand new

  • So how's the monitor? You using with with console or tv box?

    • +1

      Colors are great. Response time is great. Setup took 2 mins. Menu is intuitive. Have hooked up laptop, switch and Ps4. All look and play great. Haven't even played around with settings yet.

      Helped a lot with work, I was able to have two docs open next to each other without using my laptop as a second screen.

      My laptop is 4k but realised that I don't have the right cable for 4k display to the monitor. Ordered a new cable so will test 4k in a few days.

      I noticed that if you're off angle even slightly, it looks like there's light bleed coming from the corners. But otherwise there's no issue.

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    Ordered earlier in the week and got mine just then. Just in time for the weekend!

    • +2

      Me too, it's super fast.

    • Ordered two in the morning of the 13th , 1 minute apart. One has shipped from Sydney to Brisbane yesterday, and has an ETA of today (though I'm dubious as it's still at the depot) and the other hasn't shipped and is 'Arrives by: 24/11/2020'…

    • Did the inside of the box look like it was used before? Mine is sort of jumbled up like like was used.

      • I can't say I've noticed anything. Did your box have tape over it?

        • Yes it has a diagonal line in the middle of it. I'm probably being picky but it was packed pretty shoddy in my opinion.

          https://ibb.co/7KdxSwq Has dirt on the masking tape. Is it normal to use two different types of tape, masking and clear?

        • Also the manufacture date says sept 2020 which is weird since according to my tracking it was in manufacture until 2 days ago when it said shipped

          • @quill: I didn't even see this. Mine was apparently manufactured in August 2020.

  • +1

    Monitor just arrived! Ordered on the 13th Oct - delivered 16th - happy days.

  • Well that was fast! Now just waiting for my laptop…

  • Ordered on 15th, received a confirmation and payment was processed on the same day.
    Now when I check the order status it says "This order was changed or canceled."… have emailed support, let's see what Dell has to say.

    • Same! Ordered on 15th October and now the order status changed to “this order was changed or cancelled”, and did not receive any communication from dell informing the change. Dunno what’s going on there I used my 55 dollars adventure voucher on it.

      • Got a call from Dell informing a lot of order got cancelled because of IT issue, they reorder for me for the same price..

        • Oh great.

          I just finished an online chat with someone, he did say it was an IT issue but did not confirm if they'll reorder for me. Hopefully, they will !

          Chat Transcipt:
          Over the weekend due to IT issue at the back end, the order has been canceled and most orders has been canceled and the exact reason for the same is still pending to be updated.

          at the moment not sure whether the order will be rebooked or the refund has to be processed or not.

          However the service request number is XXXXXXXXX and this has been assigned to one of my colleague who will check and revert back to you on the same.

          We require 1 business days to know the correct update and solution and you will be informed accordingly.

          The cancellation has happened in bulk over the weekend and we will escalate the same and get the reason and assist you accordingly.

          • +1

            @OZKanjoos: Did you get your money back? Seems like money has been put back to my bank account, but not 100% sure, because they didn’t send any email regarding the refund ?

  • +1

    Ordered on the 13th, and no sign of it yet. lol. Status still In Production. Hoping it'll arrive this week.
    Question, has anyone tried chucking a Chromecast to these monitors and if it works?

  • Does anyone know whether the cable included with the monitor is capable of 4k data transfer? I assume so, but I can't find it documented anywhere..

  • Anyone else got theirs? still waiting…

    • +1

      Yes, mate. As commented above, a few of us got ours last week. I'm sure you'll get yours soon too.

    • Yes I got mine last Friday, ordered on Tuesday.
      Estimated delivery was 23/11, so was quite suprised.

    • Ordered afternoon of the 13th. ETA was meant to be today, but it was only just shipped out today via StarTrack for delivery tomorrow.

      • Same here, ordered 13th afternoon and just got the ship status today for delivery tomorrow.

  • +5

    Just got an email that says mine is delayed till December 23rd, eta was October 23rd 😭

    • +1


      When did you order?

      • +1

        Rip they got you too! Ordered on the 13rd too, at 2:45 pm

        • +1

          I've got a whole bunch of questions about this that I've asked below if you have any idea if this is standard practice?

          [Edit: And you ordered before me. I think I was closer to 5pm.]

          • +1

            @yeahna: It's my first time ordering from Dell so I have no idea. Going off the comments above, though, a lot people seem to be getting them way before the estimated time. So I'm hopeful I'll have it in time for my PS5 haha

        • +1

          That's not good of Dell, I ordered around 4pm on the 13th and I just had mine delivered.

  • +3

    "The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to dec. 23, 2020." WTF? I ordered on the day the deal was posted and unless I'm crazy I am sure it said ETA was 2-3 days. Then when I checked my order it said October 23. Okay, sure. But December?

    Is this a normal thing? Is there anything I can do about it? I'm pretty shattered because I was looking forward to watching the footy on it (I am a Geelong Cats fan), as it would be better than any other display I have. And now I've also missed the Prime Day sales and Dell has my money. Am I shit out of luck?

    [Edit: I presume I can get a refund, but even that's a shit option, because this was a pretty good price. It seems like I only have bad options: if I get a refund I have no monitor, and no deal. If I don't get a refund, I have no monitor, and I might have a deal—but who knows, in the intervening two months maybe there will be far better deals made available, even ones I can get in, say, two or three days. Am I overreacting? That's why I asked if this is normal. I don't buy a lot of new tech these days, so maybe this is just exactly what I should expect when getting like 30% off products like this. Perhaps I didn't do my due diligence? I just took the delivery date at face value.]

    • +1

      Yeah, the good ol' bait and switch. I've had Dell do this for a laptop too, in the past.

  • +2

    I ordered mine on the 13th October, original ETA was 26th October. It's just been updated to ETA of 29th December. Bastards.

  • +1

    Same as you guys, "your delivery has been delayed", it has been moved to 23rd December (from 23rd October). Seriously? You need 2 months more from originally estimated 10 days? Can't believe it, how am I suppose to work from home when everything I have right now is just 13.3" inch laptop screen, grrrrrrrr… Pretty angry

    • Interesting. When you go on and order one now, it says ETA of 30 days.

  • Added in, yeah 23rd of DEC for me too. Cancelling, they always have massive delays I've found.

    • I tried to cancel, but they came back with that the order is currently being fulfilled and will be out around the 28th OCT … so I'm not sure what the email about delay is all about!

      • Is that through email or phone call?

  • +1

    +1 on delay… so disappointed. I only just got charged too, they said that you only get charged when its about to ship (from phone call). Does anyone have other recommendations for a 4k monitor? Don't really mind paying extra as long as it gets to me before PS5 comes out XD.

    • Interesting, they took my money on the 19th. I'm on the phone to them now - they really dont care that their website currently says ETA 30 days for the same product. She said it could be sooner it could be later. Is that legal for them to run a business like this? Misleading customers.

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