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[Prime] Philips Avent 4-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser $86.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Bought the 3-in-1 a while back for $89.99. The Philips is a solid unit.

Previously had the Tommee Tippee Essentials Starter Kit, which was absolute garbage. 50% of the time, it would only operate for a few minutes, leadng to lukewarm steam. Troubleshooting with Tommee Tippee customer support identified the unit to be faulty.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • I bought this and was happy with it except the water leaking part. Currently using pigeon brand

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      Do you shower with boiling 100c water? If not, why do you have steam in the shower?

      • Oh snap.

        But also, I can't really understand steam that is less than 100deg either.

        Educate me science lovers in our bargaining family.

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          Even though 100°C is the actual temperature needed for water to boil, the nature of matter is such that even under that temperature, some molecules have enough kinetic energy to convert to gaseous form. Temperature is merely the average kinetic energy of a system, so some molecules are above that temperature and some are below at all times. Under 100°C, say at 80°C, some molecules would still have enough kinetic energy to convert to gaseous form.

          This is why water still evaporates over time, albeit very very slowly, from say, a puddle, on a cooler day. Increasing temperature just increases the rate of a favourable reaction that is naturally occurring/provides the conditions for it to spontaneously occur. Reactions flavor the direction that increases the number of micro states available to the system (think in terms of wanting personal space - in general, gaseous form is more "comfortable" for a compound vs. being smooshed as a liquid or even more smooshed as a solid), some reactions just don't happen spontaneously without certain conditions or a catalyst, i.e. a specific temperature.

          The "steam" you see is a mist of the gaseous particles being condensed into tiny liquid particles suspended in the air, which is cooler than the system the gas just left.

          • @cloudstrife: All rings true, and reminds me when I was a little better at my physics (it's been a while).

            Thanks, clever and kind sir.

  • Buy this instead:


    Cheaper ($36 atm for prime members), easier to store and does the same job assuming you have access to a microwave.

    • What’s the difference?

    • We considered that but it's too small.

      Only 4 normal sized bottles. We also sterilise the breast pump components, which would take up at least half of the microwaveable unit.

  • Will it work with tommee tippee bottles

    • Yes.. it works… we use Tommee Tippee bottles