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20% off iTunes Gift Cards at Woolworths (16/11 until 22/11)


Hi all,

Starting from tomorrow (Wednesday 16 November), all iTunes cards at Woolies will be 20% off.

Great companion to the iPod Touch from the Good Guys (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/57225) if you need extra iTunes cards.

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  • I think Harvey Norman has (or had) a deal for 2x$20 for $30, works out a couple dollars cheaper.

  • -5

    Plenty of 25% off ones. Hence neg. Myers, Game and I even think HN.

    • +3

      But for those who aren't looking to buy $40 worth of iTunes cards like me this is a good deal.

      • +1

        For me, it isn't a bargain, I find it to be a ripoff as there are others with cheaper prices. If it isn't a ripoff for you, then good for you, but I negged based on whether 'I' find it to be a bargain, not on what the community thinks. Also, iTunes cards expire in 2 years, you're telling me that you won't spend $40 of credit on the iTunes store in two years? maybe you won't but most of the people that negged me will. I find my neg completely valid and I don't see why I have to have it revoked, but then again, it isn't my site. Some people may place up 2 items for $5.05 and then revoke my neg because there are people who want to save 5c because they don't want 2 items… What a joke, the smallest iTunes card is $15 in Aus, the extra spend isn't that much.

    • +1

      A bargain is a bargain. Big or small.

      • -1

        I've been shot down before saying the same thing. Apparently if the deal can be beaten by one cent, then it deserves to be negged

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