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[Prime] Microsoft Office 365 Family (6 Users, 1 Year Subscription) $77.67 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Looks like a good price, $20 less than this popular deal.

Note it's shipped from Amazon UK, shipping time is quoted as 10-15 days.

Warning: May not work with existing AU subscriptions, buy with caution, see comment.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • And I just renewed my subscription :(

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      You can topup upto 5 years.

  • Good deal last one was in December last year bing lee ebay $76.80


    • Yea, that was a good deal. I've got two more remaining years. Let's hope that they will do the same thing this year as well;

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    Good deal OP and thanks, I just wondering does this violates any licensing policy since it is a UK product.

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      Yeah, or it may even be we can't redeem it as it's not for our region.

      For example, would we get this error?

      From that link:

      Office product keys must be redeemed in the country or region where they are purchased.

      Now, this is Microsoft 365 rather than Office 365 (or a non-subscription Office product) so it might be different… or it might not.

      I also noticed that link seems to apply to Office 2019, Office 2016 and Office 2013 - so we might be ok?

      If anyone knows for sure and can confirm either way that would be great!

      • Same question, hope this is non region specific.

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      You guys think too much it's amazon just return it free return postage

      • Good point, pulling the trigger

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          Not worth the risk when you can get the local family (6 user one) for $98 with zero risk.

          If there was a guarantee this would work then yes, I would take it, but I don't believe voucher codes are refundable, are they? I know they aren't on eBay under their terms as I was stung with this before.

          • @DisabledUser110907: Meh pretty sure you can use a vpn like when redeeming xbox game pass

            • @s3n: Do you think? Don't tempt me, I'll be totally P'd off if this doesn't work :)

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    I get 6 licenses free as alumni of my University which uses Office 365

  • Curious, what exactly is in the box?

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      It's just a card with the code.

  • If anyone knows it can be used on Australia account will be great, really tempted to buy.

  • No Access database in this version

    • Interesting, didn't realise there were different versions of family. Are there other ones that include Access? Not that I use it but I think my current one has it so I wonder if I'll lose Access it if I got this.

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      The subscription one craps all over this if you use the full integration of the One Drive app on your PC/phone and want all the latest Office updates and full support (which is quite good). It's chicken feed cost-wise if you have family or friends to share the 6 licences with :)

      • Good to know.

        Opposite of a power user here I guess.

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      If you are using sub service for yourself, yes its expensive. But if sharing with 5 people, its worth it. 1TB storage each alone is worth it. updated office is a bonus. The 6bux key is good if you dont use storage, but MS does not get anything from them, the middle man makes all the money.

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    tried to redeem a non-au Microsoft 365 subscription(physical product) onto an AU account and it didn't work. So buyer beware!
    Error Code: NoMatchingOrEligibleProdutsFound

    • Have you tried https://redeem.microsoft.com/?
      If you still have the key, it would be great to know if that does the trick.

      • +1

        Nope.. doesn't work. error message come back. Tells you to go to the office 365 redemption page and refuses the UK Product key.

        • Use a VPN?

          • @s3n: I'll try it later after work to see if it makes a diff connecting via UK servers.

          • +1

            @s3n: No good.. VPN isn't the problem here. It's because I'm localised to Australia that is causing this issue. It will require me to change my address and details to UK before it can be used.. and then transferred back to Australia. Not sure what the process is, but I'm regretting the purchase of this. ARGH..

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              @bchliu: I am also regretting this. Contacting Amazon now, as this simply doesn't work.

              Spoke with Microsoft support who told me that code is only for UK customers.

              What a waste of fkn time :/

              • @DisabledUser110907: Only way to fix this is if you change your account to UK instead of AU and then changing it back. it's Pretty bad and honestly Amazon shouldn't be selling this or at least warn you about it.

                Let me know what Amazon says because I wanna refund too. Thanks

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          I tried today as well and no good for me either.

          I even tried using a UK VPN and got rejected due to geoblock. Because my existing subscription is Australian, it won't stack on top.

          I guess I could have waited until my current subscription expires, but I didn't want to wait that long and the outcome is unknown.

          I've returned them today. Shame as now I'm back looking for a cheap year plan.

          • @Alexkiddleb: Yes I got through all the geo blocking through using a VPN and changing all the billing addresses etc. but found the main issue is if you have a current subscription in AU it won't stack on top

            You have to wait for it to expire to start a new one but mine ends mid next year and I'm not willing to take the risk after the return period ends

            I've done international returns before just click the return button and enter the reason etc., print some labels then pay for return shipping which you need to claim back later but yes it's a waste of time

            I took a bet with xbox etc. and won on that just lost this time bit of a shame!

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    Free Office 365 if joining the E5 developer subscription


    • +1

      It's only free for 92 days. Basically it's a free trial of the E5 license, which normally costs $35 per user.

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    I had similar problem of redeeming. I had got the office 365 from US and it didnt work here. I contacted MS and they asked me to get it activated in the country of purchase and then I could use it anywhere. I used nord vpn to vpn to usa and was able to register it and then use it in Australia. But try it at your own risk, I tried this an year back.

  • I have purchased into a family plan via OZB. Can i purchase this and apply it to my account?

    • +1 - Wondering about this as well

    • I think you would have to leave the current family and starts your own.

      • +3

        lol that sounds like a big deal without context

      • damn… but I actually love my 'family'…

  • Got my card today from this deal, it doesn't work. Accepts the code as valid but then gets an error applying it.
    Now to get a refund from Amazon :/

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