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[eBay Plus] Corsair RM750X 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply $167.20 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Haven't seen a price like this for a while now.
I might wait for Black Friday and the new AMD offerings..

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  • Woah! Great price!

  • Bought recently for $188 thinking that was good for the time. This is a great price for this year.

  • Oh nice! Would this be enough for Ryzen 9 5900x 3080 build? or wait for a 850W deal?

    • I'm in a similar boat and waiting for any sign of a deal on the RM850x

      By all accounts, the 750W is sufficient, but the key consideration for me is that the 850W will I believe run fanless for a greater range as its set as a % of capacity - therefore producing less noise

      The RM850x is proving hard to get though - and so a good price on the 750 is tempting, save for the fact that I don't have ebay plus and have already signed up for the trial before

    • Yes it'll be enough :) … lots of factors i'm sure but most at the wall power draw figures have been around the 550w mark and some were with OC 10900K's …

    • I feel like 850 is the way to go to futureproof, especially with 10 year warranty you are basically paying a few extra dollars per year for that cushion.

      • Touche … :) is that also at a good price?

      • ASUS rep on ASUS DIY PC Facebook group suggested 850 watts if using i9 with something like the Strix 3080 which draws more power. He even said if you're overclocking really far that a 1000 watt wasn't excessive.

    • In the same boat… The 850W seems pretty hard to get, let alone on sale.

    • you dont need 850W for a 3080 build….

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    with all these deals i may as well build myself a pc

    • Very tempting! But only a month or two for black Friday and the new AMD CPUs + GPUs

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        true, but i reckon the prices won't fall too much further, i'm happy to cop the difference haha

  • smaller ones available? 550w? I really dont need the 750w ones…………….

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174164194603
      Comes to $151.20 for the 550W, $16 for more headroom seems like a logical choice to me.

      • Not always about headroom, depending on your power draw you could be less efficient by going for a higher limit.

        • Could be less efficient, but also likely to fall into a quieter spot in the fan profile.

          • @iMagoo: The RM550x has a lower fan curve compared to the RM750X at all loads up to 400-450W, the noise delta at 450-550W is 2-3dBA (with both being under 25dBA). In other words in real life application no difference, cause once you go above 450W on the RM550x you should be stepping up anyway to give yourself a 20% leeway, or to stay within an efficiency band.

            You need a higher fan speed to combat the heat loss in the conversion process. A higher efficiency means less energy loss to heat at the PSU.
            Fanless mode or fan speed isn't always pegged to PSU load. eg the RM550x is fanless up to 250W, whereas the RM750x is fanless only up to 150W at 37-48C ambient temp.

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          My limited understanding is that it doesn't work like that, anymore at least - they are designed to be efficient when running under low loads. These power supplies are completely silent under a certain percentage of their rated capacity due to the low amount of heat generated.

      • Thanks, was thinking around the $140 mark. Are these None-Modular?

        Edit: Fully Modular. Nice

  • Awesome price, got one last month for $198 on Amazon.
    Price protection time

  • 1 sold in the last hour… poor bugger

  • Have to be eBay Plus? No chance now for me:(

  • not working? plussale applies which makes it $188 but when i apply plusflash (obviously not applying the other) it says "this code is not set up yet" or something…?? Stupid ebay app also purchased one for me which I had to cancel.

  • Gawd damn it. Just purchased this last night off amazon for $209…

  • Everyone was meme(ing) eBay last year. Guess they’ve learned their lesson.

  • ComputerAlliance doesn't have the white RM750x it seems :(

  • Amazing power supply at an amazing price

  • got one :)

  • Welp that was fast. only like 20 instock

  • Had one in my cart and was wondering why it wasn't showing up on the pay page @ 2 mins past.

  • $174 here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/750W-Corsair-RM750x-Modular-Power-Supply-PSU-RMx-Series-80-Plus-Gold-Certified/263935788862?epid=17027522242&hash=item3d73cc873e:g:vmoAAOSwCf9bmwh0:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!6164!AU!-1&frcectupt=true