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  • long running

$4 off (Minimum $5 Purchase) with KFC via App


when i login to KFC app, it has nice little eye catching offer $4 off minimun $5 dollars spend.

Combining $9.95 9 pieces tuesday mobile app only deal im paying $5.95 only.

last minute dinner sorted!!

i have seen someone posted but expired. if duplicate please delete this post

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  • Do you have a pic of where it appears?

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      Home screen. Under the order now.

  • Likely targeted, I got it around two weeks ago - hadnt been there for awhile before that

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    I got it too

    2nd time in a few weeks

  • I was ordering the 9 for $9.95 Tuesdays and was shocked to see the $4 credit. This explains it, thanks OP.

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    I had one today. Really weird - I wanted to buy two meals but it said there was an error moving to the payment screen. Tried on two devices - wouldn't work. I realised it would only check out if I used it for one meal and then bought the second meal separately. If anyone else has the same processing issue, this might help?

  • Home screen of the app? I dont think i have it :(

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    This has worked for me for the past 3 days, just a quick clearing of app data and re logon and there it is.

    • You've had the dirty bird 3 days running? I love KFC but not sure I could manage that. I admire your dedication!

      • Will try tomorrow also… Burger, large chips and drink for 3 bucks something

    • how do u clear app data on iphone kfc app´╝čthanks