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$4 off $5 Minimum Spend @ KFC via App


Opened my KFC app today to see $4 of $5 minimum spend offer, not sure if this will be available for everyone however it was there for the 3ppl I know who also use the app and replied to me. It states 7 day expiry but I'm not sure when that started so could be tonight for all I know (I missed a previous offer assuming it was 7 days from when I first opened/saw the offer
Enjoy :)

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    • Was going to remove the '?' but somebody was nice enough to do that for me :)
      Seems in Victoria many people I know are getting it but all haven't used it for at least a month so could be a factor?
      Hopefully enough ppl have gotten it that it's a worthwhile post, I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

      • +1

        I'm in vic and nothing on my app :'(((

  • Yup I got this deal a couple of days ago, but wasn't sure if it was worth posting. Definitely targeted as my other account wasn't targeted.

  • Have it, in WA

  • For those of us that weren't targeted, it's a sign to stop eating so much KFC!

  • having if you havent logged in to the app for a while, its a way to have the customer make a purchase.

    im in vic and order through the app weekly and i didn't get this one.

    • order through the app weekly

      That's why you didn't get it lol

      • Well i almost never order, so I don't think that's the reason…. And see the comments below, seems regular users get it.

    • I got one last week and one this week. Both times it was the only time I'd opened the app recently.

  • I spend so much money at KFC and dont think ive ever been targetted for one of these :(

    • I think the trick is to not buy anything through the app for a while (at least a month) it's like uber eats the less you use it the more offers you get.
      Loyalty means nothing these days

      • Except UE is extremely stingy with offers; up until the recent UE tennis deal my last order on UE is July 2020 and I still can't redeem those targeted free delivery codes.

  • +1

    Got it (SA). Haven't had KFC since the 2:1 zingers dried up. Can't work out when the 7 days expiry is though (from first seeing it maybe?)

  • +1

    Last time i had this, it gave me the discount multiple times over the 7 days. Dangerous lol

  • I saw it this morning and wanted to get something for dinner. Now I check the app and it's gone…..WTF?

  • Haven't opened the app in months here, don't have it. Vic. Sad face.

  • I've never had any offers and there are usually months between my orders. :(

  • I eat kfc relatively regularly (once a week) and got targeted. Seems like it's worth to check your app even if you are a regular user.

    • Does it just pop up when you open the app?

      • Yep, should be on the main screen as soon as you go into the app

  • I ordered yesterday and got the $4 off. The banner is still there today and I can still get another $4 off $5 spend!

    • Nice! I used mine last week, but didn't get it this week.

  • Oh WoW! I forgot to use it last week and it's still showing for me as well! Hope it's still there on Friday (only time I'm near a KFC)
    Cheers for post, I wouldn't have looked again otherwise :)

  • I received this targeted offer few weeks ago and eat KFC almost weekly lol.

    The special thing, it not only let me use the one time $4 coupon, I used it 3 times that same week. It just popped up every day on my app and took advantage while it lasted. Yes, I consumed KFC 3 times in a row that week haha

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